Distribution Table

Correspondent Bible Studies

Crossroads Prison Ministries

Crossroads Prison Ministries offers a curriculum of Bible studies for the prisoner to enroll in and build Christ-centered mentoring relationships between prisoners and volunteers from churches throughout the world by studying the Bible together and exchanging letters.

Metanoia Prison Ministries

Metanoia Ministries provides prisoners connection to church ministries located in the prisoner's communities offering evangelism, discipleship, and reintegration of prisoners. Metanoia Ministries develops correspondence courses and represent a biblical study in the reformed tradition, taking the student from the very basics of the faith to advanced levels.

Set Free Prison Ministries

Set Free Prison Ministries has an excellent curriculum of Bible courses published by NavPress, Emmaus Bible School and Moody Bible Institute. The courses present teachings on salvation, Christian growth, book studies, and discipleship. Courses provide students with a balanced view of the Scriptures in a systematic manner. Set Free also provide a series of studies for those who have difficulty reading.

Monthly Devotions

Our Daily Bread

Today in the Word

A ministry of Moody Bible Institute, 'Today in the Word' has been proclaiming the truth of God's Word through daily devotionals for 30-years. In addition to daily studies of Scripture, 'Today in the Word' has monthly articles and Q&A’s from Bible experts, with the objective to help readers grow a deeper understanding of God’s Word.