James W.

Scott, I want to thank you for showing me the way to Christ. I came down here last October and got lucky enough to hear the buzz about your classes you teach and lucky enough to get to be part of it (although it’s not luck). Your love for God and living in the walk of Christ inspired me since the first day to except Jesus as my savior and pursue a righteous life. I know Jesus now and it’s amazing. Thank you for helping me save my life. Your brother in Christ, God is good

Cody S.

Hi Scott, I first off to say thank you for taking your time to come and teach all of us defending our faith, & also how to be a better Christian father. I want you to know that by your sharing about Cameron help me with relationship with my mom. You helped me to see things from her perspective and I’ve been able to let go of resentments I’ve been holding onto. I think you’re doing a fine job sir and I am very grateful.

Eric R.

Brother Scott, thank you for taking the time to teach us this class. Since I've been in this class I’ve learned how to communicate with my children such as getting on their level and getting to know what they like to eat, toys they like, what their favorite color is!! I’ve learned how to get myself into their world so that they will know that I love them and understand them. I am going to take what you have taught me in this class home with me so thank you for helping me learn how to know what it truly means to be a father to my children!! I know that when I get out I as a father have to put my children first in all of my decisions!! God bless.

Brandon R.

This course has been such a wonderful blessing for me. It is the way I cope with my situation of being in prison. I find that through Christ is the only way to get my treatment here. through the study and fellowship of the word with my other Christian brothers, I am learning the correct way to walk as a Christian man and how to be a witness of my fate. I can’t wait until class begins again.

Brad N.

Mr. Scott has been very inspirational towards me in having a better understanding of the Bible.
I think this discipleship class was a very informational and inspirational class. Scott was very patient with the class and brought a lot of great informative pamphlets. I can’t wait to sign up for my third class. One area he really assisted me in was my method and way of praying and how to read the Bible correctly.

Armando G.

Dear Scott, I want to thank you for the Malachi Dads class and Soldiers of Christ Discipleship. I have been an absent Catholic most of my life. I came to your classes because of the fact that they are Christian based programs and I have rediscovered my relationship with Christ. I still lack in many areas of my Christianity, but I look forward to coming to your class every week. Through the fellowship of these classes, it keeps me balanced and focused. I don’t want this letter to sound impersonal, so from the bottom of my heart thank you, Scott for helping and caring for complete strangers especially in this God bless you, Scott.

Adam C

I take two classes of Scott’s, and they are wonderful. I get the material and skills I need to bring myself closer to God. I have learned ways to do uses this word to get closer to my wife and children, which I have been out of reach from for over a year. Soldiers of Christ, Scott, and the classes they offer and bring to Dixon prison has been a very tremendous and helpful tool towards my faith in God and the rebuilding of my relationship with my wife and kids.