An area of discipline that I need growth is the sending of ministry prayer requests on a regular basis. One reason is simple forgetfulness but not also overwhelming the subscribers to SOCPM e-mailings.

I won't detain you with more words but ask you to pray. 

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Prayers of Praise

Michelle's leg fracture is healed and she was released from the doctor's care ending her short term disability and God has already blessed her with a new client Cleveland Clinic. She started November 17th.

SOCPM is now an official ministry of Redeemer Fellowship.

SOCPM has partnered with Sycamore Baptist Church in Sycamore, IL to preach the first Sunday of the month. The first message was in October.

It was a blessing of God's provision through Joe & Janet Jones & Tyndale House Publishers that Dixon's SOCPM students graduating from Discipleship "A Soldier's Call to Study the Bible" received a copy of Our Daily Bread Devotional Bibles published by Tyndale House.

Prayers of praise for the men who were recognized by receiving certificates for completing SOCPM classes the past two terms. 68 men for 'A Soldier's Call to Unlock the Bible.' 76 men for 'A Soldier's Call to Know How to Study the Bible' and 52men for 'A Soldier's Call to Renewing Fatherhood.'

Through generous giving and stewarding of those gifts, I've accumulated a little cushion in SOCPM's finances to start paying myself a salary of $200/month. This in return allowed me to quit my janitorial job and giving me the ability to travel downstate again and or other events that conflicted with my janitorial hours. 

One of the first blessings of the additional hours is my being able to attended the quarterly meetings of Plant Midwest's Chicago region, whose mission is to plant solid Bible teaching churches.  By attending these quarterly meetings I hope to partner with a number of churches who are willing to accept paroling SOCPM students in to their church families.

Prayers of Supplication

For my son Cameron's salvation. Pray God will draw Cameron closer to Him each day and will do a great transforming work in Cameron's heart, soul and mind that someday Cameron will have a God glorifying testimony. His continued sobriety and finding peace in is day to day activities.

That God will draw close and grant mercy to those students who are not saved.

To know Gods will in my pursuing to teach one or two day seminars at Sheridan and Dixon and possibly other IDOC facilities and or preach a message at Dixon or Sheridan on a reoccurring basis.

Wisdom and discernment on how to schedule SOCPM e-mailings mailings so as not be a disturbance to those who are subscribers.

A God glorifying relationship with staff in Illinois Department of Corrections.

Develop partnerships that God will bring forth a number of solid Bible teaching churches to partner with SOCPM building a wide range network throughout the state of Illinois to bless and be a vessel in the sanctification of paroling SOCPM students.

God will increase my faith and trust in Him to raise the monthly support from individuals, churches and businesses to cover increased ministry expenses including the funds to still pay myself a small salary when the financial reserve is depleted.

Faith, wisdom and organization in my preparation of the new discipleship course 'A Soldier's Call to Know the Attributes of God' starting January 2016.

The DVD player purchased by SOCPM for Sheridan made its way into the facility in June but has not found its way to the conference room for class use despite the efforts of Chaplain Phillips to locate it. Please pray the DVD will find its way to the conference room for future classes.

That SOCPM through it's partnership with Sycamore Baptist will find a means in addition to preaching the first Sunday of the month, to start teaching SOCPM classes in DeKalb County Jail and or start pastoral visits with the inmates.

SOCPM is looking to give the graduating students of 'A Soldier's Call to Pray' a copy of'Developing A Healthy Prayer Life' by James and Joel Beeke as gift books. Please pray God will provide the financial means.

That I personally continue to grow in my knowledge of God's Word to glorify Him personally, but that I will teach others what has been entrusted to me all for the glory of God.

If not a current SOCPM ministry partner please prayerfully consider on how you can help SOCPM equip inmates to be men of God and to respond to the charge to be a Soldier of Christ.

Donations Payable to - Redeemer Fellowship

Mail to - 1125 Oak St - St. Charles, IL 60174

Please note "Prison Ministry" in memo to direct the gift to Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries