I hope all of you are enjoying the Fall weather. It is hard to believe it is November.

I had hoped to get this ministry prayer request out earlier, but the months have been flying by.
Michelle and I were blessed with a much need rest in August. Both agreeing not to do anything related to work or ministry. We spent a few days visiting Michelle's and step-mother in Sayward, BC. Followed by a few days in Seattle.

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Through SOCPM's church partnerships, two recently paroled SOCPM students already had a home church. Joseph an SOCPM student since 12/2013 was connected to Charis in Normal, IL in 10/2014 and has had communication with them off and on. Anthony another SOCPM student since 01/2016 was connected with Living Stones in Rockford, IL in 02/2016. Anthony who after being connected stated, This is the fist time I have hope when my parole comes. Pastor Jeremiah Griffen told me Anthony contacted him the fist day of his parole. Prayers of praise that God provided these men with a church.

SOCPM has partnered with Awana Lifeline tobegin teaching Malachi Dads as the new curriculum, replacing InsideOut Dad in SOCPM's Christian Living:Fatherhood program. Malachi Dads is a program that originated at Louisiana State Penitentiary aka Angola and since has been implemented in numerous prisons throughout the US.

SOCPM students continue to praise SOCPM's discipleship curriculum. David shared that as a life-long Christian 'Exploring the Holy Spirit' was the best teaching he ever had on the Holy Spirit. Joseph, mentioned above, said he has never received the in-depth teaching, he received as an SOCPM student. Prayers praise as God brings forth the in-depth curriculum and the Holy Spirit continues to use SOCPM as a vessel in glorifying God.

My son Cameron is back in treatment after relapsing with nearly nine months sobriety. Pray for his salvation and sobriety. Pray God will have compassion and mercy on him. Pray he get long term counseling and by God's providence, it would be a Christian counselor.

In a recent conversation with a staff person at Dixon, he indirectly stated how he doesn't care for volunteers who come in and teach doctrine. Teaching sound theology and doctrine is the ministry of SOCPM (Romans 16:7; 1 Timothy 6:3-5, 20; 2 Timothy 1:13, 2:15, 4:2-4; Titus 1:9, 2:1). Please pray that nothing or no one would interfere with SOCPM fulfilling the ministry of SOCPM (2 Timothy 4:5). 

SOCPM will begin the aforementioned Malachi Dads and the three-part Discipleship curriculum, The Holiness of God, Fear and Trembling and The Assurance of Salvation. Please pray for the students who will be attending.

Please pray for continued growth in church partnerships not only in the Rockford area but also Chicago where the largest percentage of SOCPM students parole to and downstate. Blessing other men as God blessed Joseph and Anthony.

I'm auditing an online course in hermeneutics through Reformed Baptist Seminary but because of reoccurring unexpected issues I'm having a very difficult time to find the time to audit. Please pray I can find the time to audit and when auditing that I'm able to fully comprehend, retain, apply and teach all I learn.

Please pray for SOCPM volunteers in administrative roles; critiquing my fundraising presentations, the writing and or proofreading of the Barbed Wire newsletter to lessen the delay of publishing, someone with Filemaker dB software skills to get the full power of the software and that God will reveal other areas I can delegate lessening my administrative workload.

Please pray for discernment in whether God is may be calling SOCPM to new areas of ministry opportunities.

SOCPM was asked by a team ofmen from Harvest Bible to assist in starting up a weekly Saturday Bible study at Dixon. Please pray for that the men who enroll are seriously seeking lives to glorify God.

Please pray for both Michelle's and my health issues.

Please pray for my overall stewarding of SOCPM to God's glory.