The 1st term 2016 classes are underway. As always good to see the many returning students and meeting new students. Unfortunately, half of all the enrolled students are actually making it to class.

IDOC's new computer system that was the cause of a week lockdown back in early December is still not functionally properly, resulting in only half of the passes being printed. Those I've been working with have been very helpful and cooperative in trying to minimize the fallout but about 40% of the students are getting passes.

I'm thankful that I only have to endure the frustration of my one day at Dixon and one day at Sheridan, whereas Dixon and Sheridan staff had to endure the frustrations daily. 
To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Prayers of Praise

SOCPM has been given clearance from IDOC to recommend churches to paroling SOCPM students.

SOCPM attended Plant Midwest on February 1st. Plant Midwest meets quarterly to encourage and equip churches in the Chicagoland. I was briefly introduced and approached by a few pastors. I shared with one pastor from Rockford that a current SOCPM student will be paroling later this month to Rockford. He willing to welcome him to the church and feels he can help him get a job too.

SOCPM was blessed with financial resources to purchase 40 copies of 'Inside Out Dad Christian' the workbook used in Renewing Fatherhood.

All total 180 students registered for the five classes SOCPM is offering at Dion and Sheridan for 2016 1st term.

A last minute addition. My son Cameron was admitted to a 30-day inpatient program that is followed up by a 90-day halfway house program.

Prayers of Supplication

For my son Cameron's salvation. Pray God will draw Cameron closer to Him each day and will do a great transforming work in Cameron's heart, soul and mind that someday Cameron will have a God glorifying testimony.

Pray that Cameron's current inpatient program is the first step to an eternal sobriety.

That God will draw close and grant mercy to those students who are not saved.

I'm not getting all the potential and benefits with my limited skill set in db design and Filemaker. Please pray God will bring forth a person with experience in both the design and use of Filemaker.

A God glorifying relationship with staff in Illinois Department of Corrections.

For God to bring forth church partnerships with solid Bible teaching churches to partner with SOCPM in welcoming paroled SOCPM students into their church family.

God will increase my faith and trust in Him to raise the monthly support from individuals, churches and businesses to cover increased ministry expenses including the funds to still pay myself a small salary when the financial reserve is depleted.

Faith, wisdom and organization in my preparation of the 2016 2nd term discipleship course 'A Soldier's Call to Know the Works of Jesus Christ' scheduled for a late April early May start.

Through SOCPM's partnership with Sycamore Baptist I'm planning to teach a series of messages on spiritual disciplines. Pray God will bless my teachings and it will be used for His glory in maturing the men of DeKalb County Jail in their faith.

That I personally continue to grow in my knowledge of God's Word to glorify Him personally, but that I will teach others what has been entrusted to me all for the glory of God.