In the midst of the 2nd term 2016 classes with continued challenges in the enrolling of students and there getting the passes and approvals to attend class when they are enrolled.

Trying to maintain everything as husband, father and steward of SOCPM has been challenging in the prioritizing and strategizing with out becoming overwhelmed and having lost of energy and then lost of motivation is an area I strongly need your prayers. 
To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Prayers of Praise

In my phone conversation with Chris Hunsberger Executive Director of Radical has agreed to partner with SOCPM to provide resources Radical's featured source library as resources from Secret Church providing and an extensive library of teaching curriculum as SOCPM seeks to expand it's teaching base into county jails and other facilities in IDOC.

SOCPM has connected with Mike Broyels Executive Director of Awana Lifeline to use their new Malachi Dads curriculum in IDOC and county jails.

Randy Jahns of Crossway blessed SOCPM with 33 copies of ESV Study Bibles for distribution in Dixon Correctional Center. Many of these Bibles were high quality leather bound. Dixon will distribute them to men who have shown a sincere and strong desire to grow in their knowledge of God's Word.

Through SOCPM's existing church partnership Living Stones in Rockford, IL, I met with the new John Evans Executive Director of Rockford Reachout and discussed numerous ways to partnerin serving Gods Kingdom for men paroling to Winnebago County and or entering IDOC from Winnebago County.

I was able to connect with another pastor Adron Robinson of Hillcrest Baptist Church in County Club Hills who agreed to welcome paroled SOCPM students to his church. Curtis a current student in Sheridan's evening discipleship class has already connected with Hillcrest.

My son Cameron has completed 130+ days of sobriety, and continues to work at Chipolte and as a resident assistance in the halfway house where is living

Prayers of Supplication

Pray for my son Cameron's salvation and continued sobriety. If he maintains six month of sobriety he has the possibility to work in a local detox center as a counselor to others seeking sobriety. He also is He is also investigating employment at Phoenix Children's Hospital where he will bring meals and friendship to the children. Cameron even as young boy exhibited a heart for children with health and leaning disabilities. Pray God will draw Cameron closer to Him each day giving Cameron guidance in his next steps to salvation, a lifetime of sobriety and will do a great transforming work in Cameron's heart, soul and mind that someday Cameron will have a God glorifying testimony.

Please pray for a prison ministry colleague and friend Tom, whose been diagnosed with stage four cancer. Please pray for comfort for him and his wife Laurie and reconciliation among various relationships within the family and the reconciliation of family and loved ones with God. 

A new head warden has been assigned to Sheridan Correctional Center. I've met him previously and he is a believer. Please pray that I'll have an opportunity to meet with him and together we can discern God's will in how to best serve God's Kingdom in Sheridan.

A new head wardenhas been assigned to Dixon Correctional Center. I've not met him but ask for prayers that he is open to Christian programming any my meeting with him.

I'll be joining a gathering of pastors from Rockford, IL area June 7th. Please pray this will lead to more church partnerships for SOCPM students paroling to and or who has family members in the Rockford, IL area.

I continue to seek God's will in my enrolling in Reformed Baptist Seminary or similar program of theological studies. I'm struggling with my ability to dedicate the time that will be required and my ability to fully comprehend the course material. I've never been a great student and now at the age of 60 I'm struggling with the potential challenges.

I'm in great need of volunteers in administrative roles; critiquing my fund raising presentations, the writing of the Barbed Wire newsletter, someone with Filemaker db software skills to get the full power of the software and that God will reveal other areas I can delegate lessening my administrative workload.

I'm planning to attend a meeting with Christian Business Fellowship in July seeking to partner with Christian business owners who would be willing to employ paroled SOCPM students. Please pray I'll be able to make the scheduled meeting and be warmly received by a good number of Christian Business owners.

I'm also planning to connect with Christian Business Men's Connect a national organization of Christian business owners with a number of chapters in the Chicagoland area. Please pray I can connect with one or more of these chapters to also partner with Christian Business owners willing to employ paroling SOCPM students.

As you have read there seems to be a lot of potential opportunities in SOCPM serving the Kingdom. My deepest desire is to steward SOCPM well. Please pray I trust in God and not myself in making it all happen by my discerning what God's will is in what to pursue and my being continuous in motivation and trusting God. To be open to all that God is calling me to do in my stewardship. An area that might come about is my stepping down in some capacity of my current teaching workload. An area I'd truly struggle with if it were to be God's will as I've come to truly love my interaction and forming relationships with the men.