The 2nd term 2016 classes are scheduled to begin the first week of May I'll again be teaching Renewing Fatherhood in both Dixon and Sheridan. The Discipleship will consists of two curriculum "What Did Jesus Do?: Understanding the Work of Christ" a 12 part teaching by Ligonier Ministry's Founder R. C. Sproul and "The Cross of Christ" a four part teachingby Secret Church's David Platt.

SOCPM is seeking God's blessing in current pursuits of ministry expansion and discernment on other areas of ministry, which I truly seek your prayers. 

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Prayers of Praise

I met the Executive Director of Radical at the T4G 2016 conference. He is eager to see how Radical can provide SOCPM with resources to teach in the jails and prisons.We have a phone call scheduled for May 10th.

SOCPM was blessed with financial resources to purchase 110 copies of 'Holiness of God" and 10 copies of "Chosen by God" from Ligonier Ministries as gift books for the graduating students of the just completed discipleship classes.

JD a long time SOCPM student shared it was while reading of "Holiness of God" (he received a copy in a previous class) that he came to know that he was a true sinner in need of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. 

My son Cameron has completed 90+ days of sobriety, working at Chipoltes and working the resident assistance desk in the halfway house where is living and receives free rent as compensation.

Clarence a current SOCPM student asked for help in getting his family and eventually himself connected to a church in the Rockford area. Pastor Jeremiah Griffen of Living Stones Church in Rockford, IL, whom I met at February's Plant Midwes has agreed to contact Clarence.

Prayers of Supplication

For my son Cameron's salvation and continued sobriety. If he maintains six month of sobriety he has the possibility to work in a local detox center as a counselor to others seeking sobriety. He has expressed a desire to be a drug counselor and this would be a big step in that direction prior to his beginning schooling in this area. Pray God will draw Cameron closer to Him each day and will do a great transforming work in Cameron's heart, soul and mind that someday Cameron will have a God glorifying testimony and to share his testimony in to others in detox and someday as a certified drug counselor .

I've inquired to Dixon about the possibility of my doing pastoral counsel. This typically is not allowed for a volunteer but there are exceptions. Please pray that my being an ordained minister of the Gospel will allow me to seen as an exception allowing pastoral counsel. The need is overwhelming.

Regardless of Dixon's decision I'm planning to pursue pastoral counseling in local county jails. Please pray for my knowing God's will and my obedience to His will.
I'm also seeking God's in my enrolling in Reformed Baptist Theological Seminary and take several online courses; hermeneutics, Introduction to OT and NT and OT & NT theology. These courses will be of great benefit in my own personal growth of knowing God's Word but also in my desire to do pastoral counseling.

I've also approached Dixon about presenting 1 or 2 day seminars on topics strongly focused on Christian living. I've had one individual already approach me about the possibility of volunteering. 

I'm in great need of volunteers in administrative roles; critiquing my fund raising presentations, the writing of the Barbed Wire newsletter, someone with Filemaker db software skills to get the full power of the software. God will reveal other areas I can delegate lessening my administrative workload.

I will be making a request for pastors to come forward at Plant Midwest Chicago May 2nd. Pray God will bring forth pastors from solid Bible teaching churches to partner with SOCPM in welcoming paroled SOCPM students into their church family.

In addition to seeking partnership with churches I'm working getting connected to a couple of Christian business men associations with the objective of forming partnerships with Christian business owners willing to employ paroled SOCPM students.