To say the need for prayer is plenty is an understatement. Truly, need your prayers.

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Prayers of Praise

My son Cameron is back on the track of sobriety.and is working and though not a Christian therapist as best I know he is getting therapy an answer to last November's ministry prayer request.

As I write this I'm at Central DuPage Hospital, after my wife Michelle suffered a hemorrhagic stroke January 3rd. Prayers of praise it was caught early and the bleeding was minimal and on the surface of the brain. Additionally we were blessed with great medical care.

A prayer of praise for my own health. An emergency hospitalization for an abdominal obstruction in early December brought to my attention other health issues that if not diagnosed could have resulted in a permanent disability. A subsequent MRI of my prostate showed no indications of cancer.

The team of from Harvest who SOCPM has assisted in implementing a men's program "Stepping Up" have had the team members approved and will begin Stepping Up January 7th.

Prayers of Supplication

My son Cameron's continued sobriety but most important of all his salvation. Pray God will have compassion and mercy on him.

I don't mean to make this sound like a medical prayer request versus a prison ministry prayer request but both Michelle and I have had recent health issues that will require rehabilitation including possible surgery for myself. Please pray for complete recovery and healing in our health.
Please pray for the "Stepping Up" team Kent, Ken, Dick, and Steve. In having met and served with the team is a blessing to see a group of men with a great passion for serving God in the prisons.

Please pray for Steve who in addition to being a team member in 'Stepping Up' has been called to lead Wayside Cross' New Life Corrections. He has a challenge in following in the leadership footsteps of Tom Beatty who went home to be with Jesus last September.

Please pray for SOCPM's continued teaching of Malachi Dads and the next to teaching series in Discipleship, Fear and Trembling and The Assurance of Salvation. Please pray for the students who will be attending.

For reasons I can't fully understand the Chaplain at Dixon (not the same chaplain in the same prayer request a couple of years ago) has asked me not to bring in monthly devotionals. He claims they receive enough through other sources. The students, however, have told me they are getting 'In Touch' and I'm okay of withholding those, but my students are still asking for Our Daily Bread, Today in the Word and Tabletalk. I'm not aware of any other ministry or Ligonier Ministries, publishers of Tabletalk, bringing or sending Tabletalk into Dixon. I can respect not having unwanted copies lying around, but what the men don't take I bring home with me. Please pray the chaplain will reconsider my bring in these monthly magazines.

Please pray for SOCPM volunteers in administrative roles; critiquing my fundraising presentations, the writing and or proofreading of the Barbed Wire newsletter to lessen the delay of publishing, someone with Filemaker dB software skills to get the full power of the software and that God will reveal other areas I can delegate lessening my administrative workload.

Please pray for discernment in how God may be calling SOCPM to new areas of ministry opportunities (pastoral visits and teaching classes in county jails or other areas).

Please pray for my overall stewarding of SOCPM to God's glory. The managing of my time for preparing weekly classes, developing church partnerships, fundraising, and other administrative tasks has been very challenging Especially with Michelle's and my health issues. There are times I feel simply overwhelmed, and I'm not stewarding SOCPM to God's glory.