It seems time speeds up and has no mercy in slowing down. When I look at the calendar it seems what seemed like one month was two months.

It is a challenge to see the many administrative tasks related to the operational side of SOCPM that are delayed in favor of the administrative tasks related to the actual ministry; classroom preparation for 5 classes, record keeping, responding to student request for fathering and or doctrinal/theological questions.

It is a challenge but I am forever grateful for the call to steward SOCPM, hopefully to God's glory. All which would not be done without your prayers of support.  Thank you!

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Prayers of Praise

Recent nuclear stress test for heart came back with no concerns.

Connected with a prison ministry that goes into Newton County Jail (See Cameron below)

Bittersweet praise; Malachi Dads at Sheridan has become a 'hot' class. As the start of 4th quarter class (October 29), 39 dads are on the waitlist.

I was reunited with one of my former Sheridan students, JD, who is now discharged, walking solidly with the Lord. Though he lives in the city he expressed a desire to visit my church Redeemer Fellowship. A November 3rd date has been set.

James a student in Sheridan's Malachi Dads and Discipleship evening classes recently expressed his coming to faith through the discipleship of SOCPM.

A past visit to our mechanic and an inspection on Michelle's Saturn found the bottom of the car rusting where it resulted in the exhaust pipe to rest on the gas tank, made of plastic. Praise God, it was discovered before a tragic accident.  However, the mechanic found other issues where the cost would not be worth the value of the car and he advised we replace the car ASAP. Praise God, He provided in leading us to a 2015 Subaru where monthly payments are doable. 

Prayers of Supplication

A very long story in regards to Cameron, but his latest relapse journey has him incarcerated at Newton County Jail in Covington, GA. He is facing 1 - 5 years of incarceration. Though no parent takes joy in a child's incarceration I believe it is best for Cameron and his addiction issues. Please pray that Cameron gets a minimum of 1 year. Pray that God will use the incarceration to fully get a hold of Cameron's heart and bring him to salvation. Pray that Cameron hits his bottom and takes full accountability for his situation and full responsibility in facing the consequences and not look to anyone to rescue him.

Pray for his mother Anne Marie and me to remain strong in our not wanting to rescue Cameron and or provide finances to lessen his burden of being incarcerated.  

The Chaplin at Sheridan has been challenged with the many tasks and relationships with peers. Please pray that God will bring stability in her role as chaplain.

The Chaplain at Dixon has some health issues that are causing physical complications. Please pray for him in overcoming these physical ailments.

Please pray I can give time to fundraising, and be successful in achieving enough monthly support to pay myself a $1,500 monthly salary.

Michelle and I would very much like to move and rent a home that has no stairs. The three flights of stairs in our condo are very hard on Michelle's knees. However, there are many obstacles and or challenges to moving. Our current home is underwater, selling it would be too heavy of a loss to bear. Pray that through the fundraising I will be able to pay myself a salary to supplement personal finances enough to cover the mortgage on the condo if sits empty due to no renters. Also, my car has 250k+ miles and recently needed nearly 2k in repairs and still needs another 1k in non-urgent repairs. We very much like to replace that car. It is our hope my ministry salary could also allow us to make another car payment.

Continued development of church partners and other post-prison ministries.

Wisdom in SOCPM expanding into county jails. Pray the Sheriffs of either DeKalb, Kane, or Kendall will see a benefit in one of the various curriculum SOCPM will offer. Additionally, pray that SOCPM can raise up volunteers to assist me in the actual serving.