A stressful couple of months are in the past and I am looking forward to pursuing the 1st term of 2018.  But your prayer support is needed and very much appreciated  

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Prayers of Praise

Cameron is back in Phoenix, AZ not without stress and prayers but back nonetheless. He claims he is reading his Bible and has shown evidence in recent conversations.

With all that has been going on with Cameron, my stress has been at a max but I was able to find a couple of support groups through A Man in Recovery Recovery Foundation. The same organization that has helped Cameron in the past. I'm not one who is big on support groups but have found AMIRF's support groups helpful.

A potential total enrollment of  220+ enrollees in the upcoming term. Though I expect the actual number to be less, it is the largest pre-enrollment number in SOCPM history.

Michelle and I were able to purchase a 2015 Subaru that met the requirements of our budget.

A couple of year-end gifts has allowed SOPCM to purchase the books for Malachi Dads.

Prayers of Supplication

Cameron's salvation and sobriety but also that he will find the therapy he needs to deal with a lot of emotional issues. His overall health. He claims he was told in his last hospital stay that he has health issues that can turn life-threatening serious if he does not remain sober. Please pray for his health issues as well.

Recent bloodwork I had done shows low iron levels, and I'm scheduled to have an EGD to look for possible bleeding.  Please pray that results show no need for surgery.

I hope to expand into DeKalb County jail after July 1st when new DeKalb County Jail is open. Please pray I'm shown favor by Chief of Corrections Susan Klein and that I will be able to find volunteers to serve.

With a lot of personal issues, primarily Cameron, I have fallen behind schedule in fundraising efforts. Please pray I can get back on track and start making presentations with success in bringing on new monthly support. The goal is $3,000; I'm currently at $425.

SOCPM would like to begin a program in a third IDOC facility by Fall 2018. Please pray for wisdom in strategizing, finding a sound Bible teaching church to recruit volunteers.

I've was reminded lately of my needing to find an individual to continue the mission and SOCPM vision after the Lord calls me home. Please pray that God would bring forth such a person.

One of my biggest struggles is pride. I see the need to bring in volunteers to Sheridan and Dixon for SOCPM to expand, but my pride tells me I will not find a person with the not just a passion for prison ministry but a passion for teaching sound doctrine and theology.  Plus it would be a struggle to leave the classroom. Pray that I can overcome pride and earnestly seek volunteers and that God will show me how I can do what is required to grow SOCPM to His glory while not sacrificing the classroom presence.

A common factor in the obstacles I encounter in strategizing is finding someone who is gifted in entrepreneurship is willing and has the time to assist me in the long-term development of  SOCPM.