I apologize for my lack of sending ministry prayer requests, no excuses other than poor tie management and organizational skills.

I'm sure there are more prayers of praise, but time has evaporated them from my memory like a fine mist.

As you will see, there are many ministry needs. There are more, but I didn't want to overwhelm you. The most significant prayer need is Michelle's employment situation.

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Prayers of Praise

Michelle was able to get a part-time assignment, but full-time assignment/job is still needed. See 'Prayers of Supplication' below

Cameron has moved into an apartment with a couple of individuals he met in rehab. Prayer of praise for his sobriety and healthy choices.

Cameron also got a new food serving position where the menu prices are higher, resulting in more significant tips, and the work environment is not that of a party atmosphere at his previous place.

Prayers of praise I've been able to sell a couple of items from the Cortland storage shed. The shed is showing a visible sign of being emptied.

A local Christian businessman has stepped forward to assist me with my fund-raising efforts.

Prayers of Supplication

Michelle lost her job of 14 years due to a lack of assignments. We are grateful for the part-time, but she requires full-time employment. Please pray she can secure a full-time position.

In the event, Michelle does not secure a full-time position; I'm looking into employment opportunities. Please pray I can find employment that does not result in my having to give up SOCPM.

I've been praying for God's will on going back to Inside Out Dad Christian as the primary curriculum for Christian Living's fatherhood classes. The reasons are too lengthy to detail here but pray God makes clear to me His will in this decision.

As mention in Prayers of Praise, someone has stepped forward to do the proofreading of The Barbed Wire, SOCPM's newsletter, but I'm struggling in finding time to develop and write the drafts. I could use a volunteer who will meet with me every month to hear what God is doing and then use their creative writing skills to write an interesting story.

Social media is a must to promote SOCPM, but my skills in how to bet use social media are nil. Pray for a volunteer to help with the use of social media and content management (develop print media, website content, etc.)

I want to begin a fatherhood program in DeKalb County Jail, but a prerequisite is to find volunteers to take on the overall teaching eventually. I had hoped to recruit one church in DeKalb, but the pastor thinks his church body is spread to thin to take on additional volunteering. Please pray he will reconsider my speaking to the congregation in seeking volunteers and or find another church in the area.

Dixon Correctional Centers is without a permanent full-time chaplain. Presently the position is being filled by a correctional officer who desires to become the permanent chaplain. He has been doing a great job temporarily and has been well received by inmates and volunteers. Pray he gets approved to become the permanent chaplain.

Likewise are being filled Pray for those positions to be filled sooner than later by chaplains with sound doctrine and theology, a willingness to champion volunteers requests.

I've made some progress on fundraising development but not quite there. Pray, I can manage time to complete and begin fundraising.

Cameron's salvation, continued sobriety, financial needs, and healthy friendships. Ideally, a group of solid Christians to befriend him. Not to merely preach the Gospel but accept him where he's at developing a bond of love and respect to share the Gospel.

Michelle's health, especially with her rheumatoid arthritis

Pray, God will open doors for Michelle and me to move closer to her family in St. Charles in a home without stairs. Because of her rheumatoid arthritis, her knees swell when she goes up and down the stairs in our 3rd-floor condo.

I've been working on emptying our storage shed in Cortland in reducing the stuff in St. Charles storage. Pray, I can continue to have motivation and time to accomplish.

For reasons unknown, many SOCPM students are not submitting prayer requests. Perhaps it's pride, shame nonetheless please pray they come to know the power of prayer and submit prayer requests and that God ll will answers those prayers thus motivating other students that God does desire for them to hear their prayers and will submit prayer requests.