Disciples Prayer Requests - December 20, 2014

The final class season of 2014 continues to draw to a close. This week saw the conclusion of Discipleship at Dixon and Renewing Fatherhood at Sheridan. Next week will closeout the 2014 year with the final Discipleship classes at Sheridan.

Though the evening Discipleship class does not end until next week it was a bittersweet evening this Friday as we commissioned Carlos into the mission field beyond the Sheridan gatehouse. 

I was blessed to have Carlos come into my life in July 2013 and watch God's transforming work. I can't say for certain but when Carlos attended his first SOCPM Discipleship class 'A Soldier's Call to Know God's Holiness' he was very young in Christ and perhaps not even in Christ, but over the coming months I saw a man very new to God's Word but with an unquenchable thirst for God's Word. God has brought many men into my life through SOCPM and if I was to list the men who I saw the greatest maturity in Christ, Carlos, without a doubt would be on the list and only God truly knows, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Carlos was not on the top of the list. 

Carlos, my eyes are filled with tears as I say to you, what Paul said to Timothy, 'share in the suffering as a good Soldier of Christ' 

Carlos, you were an inspiration to me and i' certain to many of your peers at Sheridan.

To Him be the glory,

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Discipleship - Soldier's Call to Defend His Faith - Part 1

Dixon Correctional Center

Richard - Remember me this coming year and prayers, I hope to win something in my court dates coming up 1/7/15 and 1/26/15. Gods will I am praying to be released. God bless you and keep you.

Ronnie - Keep in prayer over the new new regime entering governmental seats, that they be righteous leaders understanding reforms Illinois.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

Tommy - Hi may God bless you. My name is Tommy and I would love for you to pray for me to stay clean when I go home and can you pray for my family and a good pray for Angela and pray for the people that have not. Thank you.

Victor - God I would like to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I love you with all my heart. I trust in You God to take care of me so please pray for my family God give me the strength to make me strong in your faith.

Jesus - Prayer for my cellie Donte. Please ask God to help him each and every way possible to help him stop thinking negative, to help him believe and trust more in God. To help him find God, to help his family, keep all of them safe. Prayer for a friend Mr. Warner. Please pray for God to bless him and keep him strong in faith to believe that God can and will be there for all of us who trust in him. Keep him and his family safe and strong and healthy this Christmas gift for them is God's love and care and his release from prison and April 2015. Prayer for those praying for us. Than you for always praying for us. I pray for you also. Please remember that all of our children and families as well, that we appreciate you guys or persons for helping us with the power of prayer. Thank you and I thank God for being able to participate in this class so I can learn more about Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father God. Please remember we wish you a very Merry Christmas you and all your family and loved ones. Thank you, God bless. Merry Christmas got bless us all.

Michael S. - Please pray for my dad and step-mom Willy and Joyce. They are trying to get a loan so they could buy a house. Please pray for my sister Amanda. She's in rehab or I hope she still is. But please pray for her to have the strength to stay clean from drugs and that God gives her the help she needs. Please pray for my brother Brian. He's been struggling with addiction I just hope that he has a place to live and is in good health and that he can come to the Lord for guidance. Please pray for my mom Angie she isn't in the best of health. I just pray that she is okay and she tries to make good choices.Thank you.

Antwan - Pray for my family. Pray that I continue with my Christian walk. Pray that I stop arguing with my fiancé. Pray that I stay faithful to God. Pray for Scott and his family. Pray for the mothers of my children and their family. Pray for those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for me that I will let God's will be done and not my own. Pray that we all have a nice holiday. Pray that I receive inner peace and that I displayed the love for others that God displays for me.

Lon - Happy holidays and Merry Christmas. Please pray for my brothers Linn and Barthel. That they will be continually used by God unto good works. Also pray for my mother Minister Newton, that she will always be in full spirit of the Lord, for she is 84 years-old.

Name not given - I want to pray for my friends and all the inmates at Sheridan correctional center. Also the guards so that we have the strength to keep pushing to get through the holidays and for each and everyone of us to receive a blessing from the Lord throughout the holidays. I want to thank God for putting the firm gentleness around me this holiday to get through this time. Thank you Lord.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Bernardo - I want to pray for my family and friends and to keep them safe while I'm gone and help me stay out of trouble and pray for me to get good time.

Derek - Please pray my family has a great Christmas. Pray that God may continue to reveal to me the goals and paths I should go down when I parole next year and for the trip down to Alabama that my mom and sister are taking on 12/30/14. Can you pray that I get the problem with my college credits taken care of. 

Carlos - Please pray that I may continue to study the Word and to get a clearer understanding of what is truly in my heart. Why I feel the way I feel. To be able to have faith through facts and understanding and not because I just assume that through faith that my foundation lies.  Please continue to pray for all the brothers in the class. Thank you.

Kevin - Pray for Tonya Marie, to God lead her life, Kevin Junior, to find his way in God's will, Jesse that God will bless him with favor to win his appeal he is in prison for 83 years. Velus, to stay out of prison and let God show him the path in life, for me, Kevin Senior, to grow in God's will, His grace and His love. Learn how to study His Word better! Thank you, God bless you and happy holidays.

Charles - I need you to pray for me and my wife, son, be in total unity with one another, also that God will bring, salvation to my whole family. My son will be saved and my daughter as well and doors will be open the first day I step out of this place. All my sisters will be saved and my niece and nephew. Pray for my whole family. Thank you so much.

Name not given - My prayer is for you who read my prayer. My prayer for you is instead of shame you shall have double honor, instead of confusion, you rejoice in your portion, that you will give the Lord your ashes of wife, emotionally, mentally and receive HIs beauty. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises do you use a condemn. For you are blessed in the city in the country. Blessed is the fruit of your body you are blessed coming and and going out, bless you in the name of Jesus our Lord amen.

Dominic - I first just thank God for you and for praying for my needs that are very dear to me, please join me in prayer, I always have Jerusalem on my heart and for peace to fill them, as well as our leaders of our countries, states as well as the wardens, staff and the rest of the inmates as well as their families and loved ones, that they all be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be led by the Holy Spirit and to develop a hunger and thirst like never before for the Lord and may their hearts be changed to reflect the heart of God. A guy asked me to pray for his girlfriend and their family do to a death in her family and he said to please pray for him, his name is Adam, a staff members here is dealing with a death of her son, so I will lift her and her family in prayer, my mom, my daughter, daughter's mother, locked my little brother, my mom's husband, my older brother, as well both my daughter's and mother's family.

Michael - Please pray for my mom Dianne and her health both physical and spiritual. Also please pray for my daughter Abby and her mom Jenny are safe and provided for during the holidays.

Name not given - I would like a prayer for the brothers that have paroled out in those about to parole out, specifically Carlos. I pray he continues with the Word of the Lord and walks with the Lord. Also I would like a prayer for Beatrice (spouse) that her faith grows in the Holy Spirit jumps into her heart works with her as well as myself.

James - I ask for prayer for myself, I go home January 23, 2015 and I asked for courage, strength, patience and wisdom that I stay faithful to God and HIs Word and that I become the man, son, father and friend that he has made me to be. I'm tired of doing wrong, god teach me to love him do right.

Wayne - Please pray for Carlos, that he does great things upon his release. Please pray for my family, that they are all together for the holidays and happy. Please pray for my girl Jessi, that she knows that I love her and our son, Dillon. Please pray that she is doing well financially and is able to support herself and our son, Dillon, until I come home and able to support them both. Please pray for my little boy, Dillon, that he continues to grow and be a healthy little boy and he continues to grow in Christ. Please pray that he knows that I love him. Pray for me, that I continue to grow in Christ. Please pray that I am able to get A good job upon my release and start my new life off great. Please pray that I do great while I am here and that I learn what I was put here to learn. Thank you your brother in Christ.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer request submitted

Sheridan Correctional Center

Gerald - Dear Lord Jesus, heavenly Father, first off I just want to say thank you for being in my life and trying your best to keep me humble so I won't stumble anymore in life, Jesus Lord, I want to say thank you for blessing me and my family and daughter Mariah. Lord to me you are a wonderful God A wise person and with that being said, I love you with all of my heart, mind, body and soul. And the name of the son and the Holy Spirit could you please show me and help me be successful and wealthy person, amen.

Name not given - I pray for my wife to respond and put dollars on the phone to talk to my son and respond to my letters and that I keep pushing forward with my faith in for my kids to have a good Christmas.

Paquito - Pray that I get my early release papers soon and that I return home to my loved ones. Amen.

Carlos - Please pray for my transition to the new place next week I will be leaving here in starting a new chapter in my life with God in my life. Thank you.

Name not given - Would you guys please pray for my mother and my kids and my wife and pray that I would find a job when I go home. Thank you very much.

Todd - Please pray for favor for my family and me. Please pray for patience and spiritual growth. Thank you and God bless. Merry Christmas.

Jesus - Can you please pray for Mr. Scott, ask God to bless him and his family each and every day of their lives, especially on Christmas. Thank you, God bless you.

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