Disciple's Prayer Requests - December 27, 2014

I hope you all had a joyful and glorious Christmas with family, friends and other loved ones. It was for me, as my son Cameron was with Michelle and I. It was the first time in a long time.

Another season came to close last night (Friday). We commissioned two more disciples into the mission field. Both will be paroled prior to the start of the next class session, James who will parole 01/18/2015 and Kevin who will parole 01/19/15.

This class season saw fifteen disciples being paroled during class session, twelve alone in the Friday evening class. Last night instead of spreading out the men sat next to each other, leaving three tables empty and I remarked 'this must be parole row.'

I can write much on this past year but this is for prayer requests but I'll share my thoughts on the class season in the SOCPM newsletter 'The Barbed Wire' in a couple of weeks. If you don't currently receive the newsletter you can sign-up by clicking here: 'The Barbed Wire' 

Though there won't be any personal prayer request in the next few weeks, I'll be sending weekly prayer reminders for those who are moved within or out of IDOC. I feel in my heart it is important we remember the men in prayer as much as possible, just not when they are in the classroom.

Personally but even more so on behalf of the students thank you for your faithfulness in praying for them. 

Happy New Year & To Him be the glory,

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Discipleship: Soldier's Call to Defend His Faith - Part 1

Dixon Correctional Center

Class resumes January 28, 2015

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

Victor - I just want to say thank you. You been so good to me for keeping my family in your loving arms I am happy for having seen my kids and wife.

Antwan - Pray for brother Scott and his prison ministry. Pray for the inmates and their families. Pray for me to have a blessed and prosperous marriage. Pray that I've become more like Christ. Pray for me to do God's will and not my own. Pray for me to continue to grow closer to God. Pray for me to bring others closer to God or to introduce them to God. Pray that my faith become stronger for God.

Fleming - That I get my good time for my six months and get back with my stepmom and get my relationship back with my kids and when I leave, I get a good job, find my old apartment and get me a car to get back and forth to work and go to church on Sundays.

Richard - I need prayer towards the healing of my lover in getting back to treat me. They are stalling due to the cost of the treatment. I need for your porch doors being open for my future and being led to a good church, job and friends. I need prayer for my sister Tammy and her daughter Samantha they have MS and financial problems.

Tommy - hi and prayers for the Lord. Can I ask you to pray for me in the ones that have not. Pray for Angela that she get well and pray for my family.

Michael - Please pray for my sister Amanda. She's out of rehab and is staying at my dads house. Please pray that she stay strong and sober that she finds a job and put her faith in the Lord. Please pray that my dad Willie gives my sister Amanda a chance to prove herself. She just got out of rehab and is trying to get a job and trying to get back on the right track. I hope that my dad has patience with her and gives her a chance. Please pray for my brother Bryan. He's an addict and I just hope that he has a place to live and is healthy. The last time I heard he was living in his car and wasn't in that good of shape. I just hope that he looks to the Lord for strength and guidance.Please pray for my parents Willie and Joyce. They are renting a house in the lease is up in February. I need to get a loan to get a house to call their own. Please pray that they get it. Please and thank you.

Name not given - I would like to pray for my friend Scott to get a very good paying job and also for him to stay strong in his recovery also for my son Abraham to walk on his own and for the baby Marie is carrying to be born healthy and for me to be able to fully love him like he was even though he's not but I'm sure will be fine.

Jesus - Can you please pray for me to not worry. Can you please pray for me to receive blessings. Blessings for my children and family and for God to bless me with more patience and self-control, for God to keep all of us safe and away from evil or harm. Thank you God bless you.

Henry - Please pray for my wife and children that God provides a home for them in a safe environment. For reasons out of her control my family has been evicted from our apartment and are in need of a home. Please pray that the fact that the bitches on her report is not a problem.

Derrick - That my kids and my wife had a good Christmas. That my kids' mothers were good too. Pray that my kids and kids mothers are okay and safe. Pray for me and my kids and kids' mothers. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Dominic - Hello there Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May this new year be a Spirit filled, Christ fulfilled year for you and your family. Blessings to you in Jesus name. My prayer is for peace in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as the US and the other countries, my family, my daughters mom's family. Your family and every person the Lord has in our lives, may this upcoming year be something like no other. I pray that we live, think, breathe, hunger, thirst, witness and love for the Lord this year. I pray the power of the Holy Spirit fills us each and leads us to righteousness and holiness and may we each be more this upcoming year to be used by the Kingdom. I pray that the ones in our lives that don't want to submit an surrender comfortably. Pray that they receive salvation and be cleanse to be anointed, in Jesus name. I am agreement with you and all the ones we love that our prayers be answered and hearts changed. In Jesus name. Micah 7:9, Romans 12:2

Michael - I pray for the people that go to the unsaved and try to bring them to Christ. I pray that this upcoming year will see a huge increase in people giving their lives to Jesus and fighting to restore Christian values to our nation.

Kevin - Pray for Tanya, my beautiful wife, that she will let Him in her life and be the Lord of her life. Kevin Junior, to let God show him the way to live and walk. Jesse, for God to open doors to bring him to His grace, so God will show him how to walk through the door home. He is waiting for his appeal. Velus, he feel like he is not all alone, because he has not found how to let Jesus be his friend. Kevin Senior, pray that the gift that God has given me, I will grow in it and do his will always. Today I have retired this old life, this number old number K53844. Hey for my marriage if not talk to my wife over a year. Thank you for your prayers! God bless you.

Wayne - Please pray for my family. That they're all okay and doing well in life and that they got to be near each other for the holidays. Please pray for my girl Jessi, that she is doing well, financially, physically, as well as spiritually. That she is doing well in life and is able support herself and our son until I come home and able to help her. Please pray that she is able to bring our son Dillon to visit me next month. Please pray for my little boy, that he continues to grow and be a healthy little boy, that he grows closer to Christ and is well taken care of. Please pray for me, continue to do well in the welding class and am able to earn a career in the field upon my release, support myself and my family. And please pray that I stay healthy and continue to grow closer to Christ every day. Thank you for all of your prayers your brother in Christ.

Derek - Just want to wish you a Happy New Year. Pray for my mom, sister and brother-in-law as they travel to Alabama on 12/30/14. Also my son Dylan goes to court on 1/6/15 for breaking to the school. They are wanting to lock him up until he is 21. Lastly pray for me and my wife. She just doesn't make any effort to communicate with me and I'm almost at the end of my rope as she will not listen. I (received) one letter all year. Anyway thank you and God bless you.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

Class resumes January 28, 2015

Sheridan Correctional Center

Class resumes January 30, 2015

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