Disciples' Prayer Request - January 31, 2015

The 1st quarter of 2015 classes have begun, well 3 of 5 have begun as Dixon was on lockdown. 

It was to see many returning faces at Sheridan and a good number of new students. As expected several no shows, some of whom I was told, did not get a pass. Others who because of other commitments, mostly school, would prefer being transferred from the afternoon to the evening discipleship class. 

Please pray that I can resolve with Sheridan's staff to get those who did not get a pass to get passes and those who would like to be transferred for legitimate reasons get approved for transfer.
Thanks for you commitment to a new season of prayer
To Him be the glory


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Discipleship: Defending Your Faith Part 2

Dixon Correctional Center

Lockdown, class cancelled

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

Jesus - Would like to ask you if you all can pray for my daughter's mother (Sharita) and my twin girls (Chloe, Camille). I left her while pregnant and she hates me. So can you all pray we could get united and that her and my daughters are doing great. Thank you, God bless you all.

Fleming - My prayer request is to get my six months in getting out of jail and finding a good job that I like and keeping myself clean and sober and getting myself a place to stay and start spending much time with my kids and family. Thank you, God bless.

Jeff - I would like for you all to pray for my mom and my family and you pray for my kids and my wife and pray that I would find God in my life and keep God and my life and that I find a job I go home. Thank you very much. I would really appreciate it.

Tommy - Thank you God. God is good to me and us all. Can you pray for the ones that have not. Pray for Angela and her family that God keep them and can you all pray for my family that God keep them and pray for me Tommy, that God keep me. Thank you so much.

Rodney - Pray for mom, Ruthie, that God bless her health.

Justin - Pray that Linda's book (get) written and published to teach used to be accountable reach all you would benefit from it and help them.

Raymond - May I please request prayer to be admitted to warehouse class and to receive good time and to obtain gainful employment upon my release. Thank you.
Anthony - My son, Joshua, is 11 years old and he is going through some attitude, behavioral and emotional problems and occurrences. Please pray for non-impulsive actions/reactions to things and people. Call me and respect. Also for Tiffany and her bout with cancer. Play for healing and strength for her. Thanks again.

Lougwin - I pray for my "recovery" of "addiction"drugs and alcohol. I pray for those who are out there in the rain still suffering in alcohol and street dangers. God please forgive me for my sinful behavior. To my family, mother, sis Judith. Oh how much I love the Lord.

Joseph - I've been praying the prayer of just does first Chronicles 4:9-10 please pray for me as I pray it. Please pray for my wife, Tracy, her health is not good. My daughter Courtney is in school down in Bloomington Illinois. My son is struggling with life chronic drug use is the father of four kids he has no job. Please keep us in prayer, thank you.

Antwan - Pray that I have a successful marriage. Pray that I become the man of God made me to be. Pray that I be spiritually blessed and financially blessed. Pray that my spouse and myself find employment. Pray that we be happy through Christ Jesus. Pray for my family and the other inmates families also. Pray that I received peace in my life from within. Pray that I never stop trusting my God Jesus Christ. Pray that inmates that haven't seek(ed) Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior do so.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Derek - Please pray God and Jesus except my thanks and praise for all the blessings they give me! Through them I've just seen my 19-year-old son Zack who came to visit me. I've not seen him since 2007. We had???? type of close relationship. My wife came also we are doing well. I've also My Associates degree in liberal studies. I was given a job here in the prison as the only law clerk for all of us 2000 inmates. Now in testing to be certified by the state as a law clerk. Just been blessed beyond understanding and I'm so thankful. Please pray for my wife she lost her job and my children, that they stay healthy and in school. And for my mother Anna, that her trip home from Alabama is safe. And pray for the persecuted Christians all over the world! God bless and thank you!

Wayne - Please pray for my family. That they're all doing well. Please pray for my girl Jessi, that she decides to come back to me and be a complete family with our son. Please pray that she does well, financially and spiritually. Please pray for my little boy Dillon, that he continues to grow and be the healthy little boy he should be in that he continues to grow closer to Christ. Please pray for me, and I continue to do well in advance for the welding class and I'm able to earn a career in the wall between upon my release. Please pray that I continue to grow closer to Jesus and my journey through life please pray that I make good decisions and able to control my anger. Your brother in Christ.

Ricardo - I will like for you to pray for my faith to stay strong in God and His Son. My wife to stay loyal in our marriage plus the poor people that don't have no place to stay and the unbelievers!! Thank you!!

Todd - Thank you for coming today. Today I am thankful for life and everything in it. I would like to request favor, patience, understanding and willingness. I asked for prayers for my family and friends for protection and favor. Thanks again for all you do.
Mose - The Lord has really been blessing me. Everything that I need I have. I've learned to pray about everything and worry about nothing. I go home in 102 days. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers. Hopefully I can continue to stay focused and continue to educate myself so that when I get out I can inspire other people to do the same.

Dominic - I first pray for peace of Jerusalem, as well as blessings for the TBN network, the different pastors and guests they have, really has touched my life. I pray for Scott to find a job with a pay that not too much or too less, but enough for his family to live comfortable in the ministry or for the Lord to expose a new job in any field that ???? him to serve you. As well for Cameron to be straighten, not to give into temptation to vices again. My little brother is still fighting his case in the county and I am praying that he doesn't go to prison and his heart be changed. My big brother is having a rough time in his marriage and he doesn't want to be walked all over so please pray for his relationship and family. I don't know what my mom and her marriage is at but I pray you please touch and agree for her to be blessed and used by the Lord in her relationship I've been taking to my daughter's mom. I stopped for three almost four weeks and I broke up with her, then she contacted me and are back together. I'm going home in six months and I pray that the Lord reveal what he wants to happen with the relationship. It means a lot because her and my daughter loves of my life! Thank you God bless!

Lazarus - My son Landen (who I have not heard from or seen since my incarceration) has somehow become a ward of the state of Michigan. I have been waiting for the Michigan Department of Human Services to contact me with information on Landen's circumstances for nearly 2 months now. Pray for Landen's safety/protection and pray that I hear something from Michigan Department human services.

Michael - Please pray for my mother and father, Diane and Ken. My mom is fighting cancer and kidney failure. My dad had knee surgery and now his knee will not heal properly and had to be re-operated on. Also please add Jennie and Abby that they are happy and healthy. Thank you and God bless.

Pablo - I would like for you to pray for my release in May. That I'd be successful without criminal actions. That I don't ever come back. Stay close to Christ and strengthen my faith I would also like to pray for my family. That I get out regain their relationship, for my kids, and to make me make all the right choices upon release, stay away from all negativity, drugs, alcohol and cries. Thank you for praying for me.

Name not given - I want the Lord to forgive me for being so distant this last week and for him to keep baby Jacob safe for his birth in for Mari to be okay after the birth, for her to have a safe recovery and for Him to give me the strength to love the child just as mine. For my mom and brothers to turn their lives over to God and for the inmates at Sheridan also for Lilly to respond to my letters and that she is safe and happy, also for Mari to bring my brothers when she comes
Jesus - Ask God to touch the hearts of my friends and brothers, to bless me in order to bless others, to keep us motivated and faithful to God's instruction, to keep all of our families safe and away from any harm or evil, to protect us all, bless my cellie. He's asked God to keep my family safe and secure way from evil or harm. He protect them each and every day of our lifeIn Jesus name, amen.

Earl - I have a daughter that I only seen once. I ask that you pray for us to be reunited, I think about her a lot! Her mother's name is Sqeak.

Travis - I pray for my mother and her financial situation. Her job cheated her out of nine hours. I pray she gets a better job. I like to pray for my brother's sobriety. I pray the rest of my journey here incarcerated is safe and that I gain improvement with my procrastination, self-esteem, confidence, perseverance and that I may find a faith that I can take comfort in believing in. I pray for the volunteers who come here and the counselors and COs. As well as for the inmates. I'd also like to pray for my grandmother's health, safety and peace. As well as for all my family, friends and loved ones.

Trent - Pray for my friend Johnny and his family as he just lost his father the day after Christmas. Pray for my grandparents. He is 97 and she is 94. Their health is declining.

Name not given - My request is that the Lord will clearly show me what decisions to make about my wife.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

Lockdown, classes canceled 

Sheridan Correctional Center

Matthew - I ask that you pray for my family. We have lost five family members starting from December 20, 2014 through January 26, 2015 with the most recent being a suicide death. My family needs prayers to stay strong. We now recently found out my 32 yr-old cuz has colin cancer stage four and has a short time to live, this will be our six Moss and such short amount of time. God bless you and your families sincerely

Jimmy - My family, authority - law, lost souls, God's will for my life, divine LeRoy's (fellow inmate) family, marines safety, Michael (fellow inmate), extra prayers please.

LeRoy - Pray for my whole family and Elsie that she finds a job and stays doing the right thing. As well as for my daughter Lily that she is well and blessed. All the people in prison. That I follow God's Word and change my life and that I eventually get in barber school.

Cedric - Ebony and her goals (1-30-15). Prayer for Christy health, legal support. Play for Jessie and family and Cedric. Cell family A, B, C, D halls and staff. For mail to come more and phone lines. All the brother that we get our six-month good time. Cedric and Jesse, healthy, legal finances, peoples in Sheridan and health care, for my family needs, niece, me in Jesus name, for my kids and their mom, Pheo. Cedric and Jessie to get married.

Fausto - Prayer for my marriage. We (Fausto & Maria) are having marital issues.

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SOCPM Ministry Partners

Logan Correctional Center - Pekin 1st Church of God

Patricia - That my study in the bible be more focused and connected to the Holy Spirit and that my patience grow along with my faith. for my children to be kept under God's wing (ps 91), she's wanting early release, but is it at right time?

Ollie - That my family will allow me to call them, for my kids to get better grades in school.

Alicia - That the younger and older ladies here will try to get along and keep pure heart and develop a relationship w/Christ.

Lynnesia - Please keep me and my family, those are sick, the elderly, those with incurable disorders and for ms fisher who's in hospital in your prayers.

Sonya - For my declining health, for God to guide our staff as they care for us, for race to not be used as tool by the devil to divide the ladies here at logan