A new look to SOCPM prayer request. Brian Malcolm did a great job in the designing of the SOCPM website and print media, I figured it was time to put away my archaic e-mail designs and had Constant Contact design a new one. I’d appreciate your feedback.

SOCPM has started preaching the fist Sunday of the month at DeKalb County Jail. The person I’m serving is their weekly and has been collecting prayer requests, I’ve started them with this e-mail. Knowing the prayer lists is getting long and for some may be overwhelming. If the number of prayer requests is becoming a stumbling block, may I suggest you adopt one or two classes, a facility or just lift up a certain number from each block of prayer requests


Dixon Correctional Center; 'Know How to Pray'

Ulysses - For a reformed justice system. Peace love and embrace all nations.

Richard - I had a visit from my little brother, this week and the visit was good. The last time I saw him was summer of 2011, he's going to help me as much as he can. His name is Tom please pray for him as he prepares for my release, also pray that God will move over Tom's art for Tom to be a part of God's family as well. Thank you.

Douglas - Please pray that my younger brother comes back into my life and pray that my loved ones come back into my life my cousins, my aunts, my uncles and pray when I get out of here I stay clean and sober and pray to keep my loved ones safe my cousins, my youger brother, my aunts, my uncles and pray my friends stay safe.

Keith - My prayer request is that God will save my family according to Acts 16:31. I am asking God to send me a wife, my soulmate. I also be prayer in my habeas corpus petition before the courts. I want to prove my innocence. I also need prayer for getting my veterans business taken care of. I pray and ask for prayer in the ministry God has called me too. To open the churches God has called me to open. I ask that God will open my eyes and my soul and my spirit to his total will. Amen. Start exercising again the right way with running. Thank you In Jesus name, amen. May God's will be done, amen.

Dominique - Pray for my mother Ana to be healed from the pain she suffers due to nerve damage. Pray for my uncle Melcon to turn back to God and to help him with alcohol addiction. Pray my son Devin is safe and healthy. That his mom Lindsey's heart softens to me for old behaviors and allows my son to be a part of my life. Pray for Chelsy and Ray for their health.

Michael - Pray for Loretta, generational curse, illness, physical illness, thyroid. Deliverance for son Nick, also a hedge to be put around him for protection.

Juan - Can you please pray for me with my lustful ways and my evil thoughts.

 Anthony – Father you know what is in my heart and I am not sure what to pray for myself. For others families, neighbors in prison, bro and sis in Christ, domestic violence, abuse of children, the sick and shut in. Dixon admin, Warden, Asst. Wardens, officers, nursing staff, Roll review board, parolees. My wife's health recovery from the surgery. Reconciliation in my family. Thank you God positive change in staff and cell mates for my faith to be stronger.

Steven - Family ministries I want God to use me in a mighty way to serve Him. I believe that God has called me into ministries and pray for me to and God to use me as His servant.

James - court on Monday, October 19. I don't believe much will happen on my first court date, but I need all the prayers I can be blessed with for the duration of the process up until the conclusion. My court date is for visitation for my five-year-old son and my nine-year-old daughter while I am incarcerated. Please pray for a positive outcome. Thank you! God bless. Ready for my son James III for you for my daughter Taylor.

Jesus - Prayer for my loved ones, grand-kids, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and their mothers.

James - Prayers please for victory in the appellate court and restore life to serve Him more fully. Blessings and thanks.

Bruce - For my wife Linda, during her surgery December 11. My granddaughter Miss Trisha and her journey into the Air Force after graduation next year. My mother Bobbie for strength and comfort and a sound peace of mind.

Jose - God I asked you to give me strength to go in Your way to be better in this world. Help me to forgive the persons who are tending to be my friends and all they want is to hurt me. Also please God keep taking care of my four sons and my wife like you have been. Help me to go through this time without my family and help all of us to go home soon. Don't do my will but Your's. Thank you God for being there for me all my life especially in this torment. Thank you God. I love you God. God bless all the people that help preach Your Word.

David - Daughter Jasmine will make better "Christ led "decisions concerning work, her three children, and degree of surrender to the Word of God.

Richard - In prayer I ask that we pray for the inmates and their families. And that we pray everyone to live a better and prosperous life, now, in the future after release. I ask that we pray for God to get a stronghold on me today after I am released. We should pray for thanks for every individual and their families, for are visitors and followers who spend there every waking moment to do things for us to come share with us their life. And I asked for prayer for my little sister named January to have a successful life and great pregnancy. God bless you and thank you.

Regan - Father God, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, please forgive me for my clumsiness in life. From prison: please help if possible my elderly mother, my life incarcerated prevents me from doing so. Thank you Jesus and also our father God. A special prayer of help for Cameron!

Terrell - Please pray for my strength to remain steadfast and focused on God's will for my life that He may be glorified through me. I've been struggling with lust in my walk in it's a major obstacle. I need prayer to overcome. I love the world with all my heart but my desires at time overwhelm me. I haven't acted on those desires but they are present and I find myself watching programs to feed these desires and I don't want fall back into my previous ways or make excuses for the shortcomings. I appreciate any prayers focused on my service in His Kingdom and strength to keep fighting.

Ronnie - Pray over all those who have petitions before the courts in that all authority belongs to God, therefore we uplift supplication that the judgment be according to God's will. Pray over all those who are ignorant to the fact that they are bought with a price, that we are not our own, therefore eliminating selfishness in conscious living the me, me, me, life.

Modesto - Please pray for the families of the incarcerated that God gives them peace to overcome their pain, and comforts their heart as they walk out and endure the journey of having a child or loved one in prison. Please pray for the victims of crime that God comforts their soul and heals from all pain and wounds that they harbor, no hate or un-forgiveness in their heart. Praying for all the homeless, the abuse, the hungry, the needy, the sick that God's grace and mercy falls upon them and all their needs be provided for them that they may experience true healing and wholeness to the glory of God. Please pray for Cecilio that God works through the heart surgeons and he may have a successful and blessed heart transplant his glory. Please pray that the Holy Spirit ministers to his heart that he be open to hear from God and obey God's guidance in leading His path of righteousness.

Joseph - I pray for Catherine, my sister who has been the pillar of my life and her family's lives through the grace of God. May God keep her strong and determined through all her tribulations and trials in life. I asked God to protect all those dear to our hearts and guide according to his will. I like to pray for Mr. Matthew Daniels, Professor Daniel Coyne, Mrs. Betty White at Kent College of Law for all their dedication helping Joey a juvenile lifer who is seeking redemption and a second chance at life. May God give these professionals the abilities to regain Joey's liberty. I ask this through Christ Jesus. God bless you.

Rod - Pray God helps me to find joy and contentment even while in a broken estate with my family and a cold prison context. Pray for this, I can keep my focus on serving my family and not being served by them at this time. Pray for strength, wisdom and healing for my wife and kids and a sense of God's hope and a plan for our good.

Claude - My prayer request is to get to know my kids, I have four of them three girls and one son. I have not seen my girls since they were born. Please pray for us, I need to know them. To find me a place to live, I am homeless, I will be leaving this place in about six months. There's a place called Master's Touch I am trying to go there, it is a faith based program, so please pray for me, that I may find a place to live, please and thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon: 'Know if He's Saved'

Frank - Pray for the homeless that God keep a hedge of protection over them and around them and that He will provide for their every need. Amen.

Travis - Pray for my grandma, she's sick. Please pray for my wife as we go through this divorce. Pray for our two-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter. Ask God to use me for good things.

No name - Pray for the lost, abandoned, sick, blind, persecuted and hungry. Those who are treated in an inhumane manner. Pray for my family and loved ones; their struggles, inhibitions and worries. Pray for this upcoming devils holiday. The righteous need the covering of Jesus and the absence of partaking in its defilement.

William - Please pray for the well-being of my Aunt Helen and daughter Emily. I've had no contact with either into months. Please pray for me because I've become very short tempered with this zoo. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening; 'Know if He's Saved'

Thomas - For Cameron to find his identity in Christ as a man worthy of a purposeful life. That the Lord direct me and reveal to me the direction He wants me to go geographically for my release. That my "stuff" is received in good shape and personal belongings be returned to me upon release. That my children know Christ and his love for them and that we can reconcile his father and children. That my family stays healthy, as do I and alive and well, prosperous in Christ.

Julio - Please send out a special prayer for my family. Pray for our Lord Jesus Christ to bless and watch over them. Also to touch their hearts, to forgive me for my trespasses and transgression; as well as everyone else I've caused harm or hurt during my addiction (amen). I mostly like for you to pray for me, for God give me for any and every I offended the period of trying to serve him as best I could. Thank you, God bless, amen.

Ryan - Pray that my next two weeks go by as the last 13 months did and pray that I'm doing God's will and stay as good as it has and that when I get out that things will go good so please pray that my mom will get better soon.

Martin - I really want my prayer lifted up so bad so that I can start school for my GED while in prison. I'm taking a college class and I want to get my GED for when I get home I can continue more college classes but I need my GED. That's where our heavily father comes in. I need to be put on the list for school so the power of prayer comes in.

Michael - Please pray for my dad Ken, who is still dealing with his knee and has now been told that they may have to redo the knee replacement for a third time. He is starting to really get depressed because this has been going on for a year since he is able to walk last. That all of the kids that will participate in the trick-or-treating next week will be safe. That all the area farmers will have a safe and beautiful harvest season. Pray that Martin from our 5 o'clock class will get in the GED class so that his life will be able easier in that he will be able to get a good paying job when he goes home. Please pray for Martin from our 5 o'clock class that he will get in the GED class so that his life will be easier and that he will be able to get a good paying job when he goes home.

Eric - Please pray for all of my kids and family that they're healthy and safe. Kasten, Bryten, Christian, Jersey, Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Ed, Todd, Aaron, Dani, Arianna, Aarion, Wendy, Cheaana, Dustyn. Please pray over my mother Reeda she's having problems with your neck and some other problems. My mothers' old man John's cancer came back please pray for that also. I get out in about three weeks and I need a lot of prayer as well.

John - I pray for Scott and his family especially his son Cameron. I pray that I can change and let God run my life better. I want to deepen my relationship with Jesus and I pray that I can be like Jesus to others.

Paco - Please pray that Paco could override or beat his order of protection by the time he goes home with the good Lord's blessing. Please pray for Paco's son Daniel Ricky that he be safe so as to where he is and come and live with his dad. Thank you for your prayers.


Dixon Correctional Center

Woody - Please pray for my kids Allison and Trevor to resist the temptation of drugs. Also for me and my high anxiety and for my release in 68 days to go the best it can. For me to stay sober and not come back, be a good father.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Steve - Pray for my family to come back together and to be able to be a part of my kids lives.

Brad - I pray that God will continue to show me His will and lead me in the right direction so that I could be a better father and a better person altogether. I also pray for my grandpa's health.

Derrick - Pray for my kids and my family. For that I get a job when I get out of prison. Pray that God give me back my wife please thank you I love you. (Derrick took the dad's class five times. He so desperately wants to be a godly Christian husband and dad. He shared with me prior to class. "My wife told my kids 'In order for your daddy to really love you, he needs to love God first' blew me away man, ain't that great" He goes home next week. I love this man, I'm going to miss him.)

Ministry Partnerships

DeKalb County Jail

Duane - Prayers for my court case 10/15 and 10/19 15. Let the Lord's will be done. Thank the Lord for another birthday prayerful family and kids and lady. Amen

Ron - Prayers that through the grace of God cast out all demons, mercy and favor on all God's children and forgive us for our sins in the past and future, while thanking God for his many blessings. Amen!

Anthony - Father God I pray that you give me the strength to endure these hard times in my life and also keep my family and children out of harms way and closer to You. Help me understand it all things happen through You. Amen.

Andre - Bless my family and me on my court date on 2 November and pray for me to keep my mind strong and not give in.

Tyler - Lately God has really been demanding that I step into a pastoral roll again. Fear has been holding me back for the past year or so. Mostly the fear of persecution and betrayal. Please pray that God will give me the strength to overcome the fear. Pray also that he will keep me focused.

A J - Mercy from God and from the court system. Also, pray for complete healing and restoration for anyone being affected by my situation/circumstances. Thank you!

Rick - Please pray that God's will is done in my life, give thanks that God has come into my children's lives! Please give thanks for the fellowship with Pastors Wright and Phil. Thanks to God for his many blessings in our lives.

Cody - Please pray that I will change my life. Please pray for my kid on the way and give me a blessing.

Roger - Pray I may walk the right path this time and be strong standing in the faith that I not only can but I shall! Stand strong in this faith.

Henry - My prayer request is for family and friends for the Lord can touch their hearts like he has touched mine. I pray for my lawyer that the next three motions that he files will go in my favor. I pray for those nonbelievers for the Lord to touch their hearts, please pray for me and my trials that I'm going in ??? ???. I pray that all should go in God's way, not mine and that He will keep me faithful. Thank you and God bless.

Justin - Please pray for me as I have slowly been given up on my faith. It's not something I want to happen but it is. Help me please.

Drew - Pray for everybody's case, I pray for my anger and my family all of my loved ones and my son especially and Friday I go home Tuesday. Amen.

Keith - Please pray that the Lord continues to mold us into the person He designed us to be and give us the strength to accomplish His task. Amen!

Jeremiah - I've been asked questions by my twins about God and I need God's help to answer the questions (Why if there is a God... why did Grandma die and why can't they come see me or I come home?)

SOCPM Student Alumni

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