My forgetfulness was noted Wednesday. I drove to Dixon Correctional Center about an one hour plus drive, only to be reminded because of Veteran's Day and it being a holiday all volunteer programs were cancelled. Oh well, at least I got to catch up on listening to past podcasts of 'The White Horse Inn.'

Friday saw a good turn out in all three Sheridan classes, though prayer request were down, and several new students in the evening discipleship class.

Because of the likely cancellation of next week's classes due to my mom visiting it was a farewell to two longtime afternoon discipleship class students, Lougwin and Frank, who are scheduled to be paroled the week of Thanksgiving.

Please be sure to click on the link for additional prayer request on the SOCPM website.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Class cancelled due to Veteran's Day holiday

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Cliff - Lord please give me the patience to tolerate those who try to anger me. The strength to carry that burden entrusted to me. The knowledge to know when something good happens and the common sense to smile. My teeth hurt and the dentist stinks. Lord take care of my daughter Emily and my aunt Helen, so that they are well of health, happy with loved ones, tummies are full, that they are warm. Lord I love you, please guide me.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Avery - Please pray for my family and the families of my fellow inmates, also pray for the restoration of the six months good time. I would also like everyone to pray for world peace. Thank you and God bless you all also your families.

Curtis - Please pray for my family, especially for my mother. The last time I spoke with her she wasn't feeling well, headache and lack of energy. She doesn't like taking medicine. But does trust in God. Well I haven't been able to speak with her in a while I pray that everything is OK with her. That's my worst fear to lose her while I'm here in Sheridan .C C. I lost my father that way in 2012 while I was locked up. Thank you for your prayers.

Julio - Please pray for the people out there dying from violence and starvation, the homeless that God helps them in there tough times and needs. Also for my family and for my friends. For the people all over the world, sick and suffering. Like to send a special prayer for my sister Janet. She is now clean and sober that God keep her like that in that she finds God and be filled with the Holy Spirit. God bless, amen, hallelujah.

Roberto - Tonya for health, her back is injured, Augustin, Mario, James, Felix, Augustin Junior, to open their eyes and heart remove them from alcohol addiction.

Richard - I need prayer for my sister Tammy. She is having a relapse with her MS along with some social problems. I pray that she would be comforted and her pain eased. I pray for her doctors and the professional involved with MS. I also need prayer for doors to be open in my future to be placed next to the proper people and employment.

Jamie - Please pray for my wife and our kids. Please pray for our moms. Please God pray for my daughter Vanessa. Please pray for all the people that come to work in this prison. Please pray for my mom's husband. Please pray for my teacher. Please pray for all our families and my wife and me.

Paco - Please pray that Paco may go to his home in Hammond Indiana. Please pray that Paco's son Daniel Ricky comes to live with his father Paco. Please pray that Paco gets the government grant of $500,000 to get the two properties and start up his home repair business plus supplies too. Please pray that Paco's family will forgive him.

Fausto - Pray for restoration of my marriage. Pray that I may become a true disciple of the Lord. Pray that the good Lord give me mental capacities to learn the NEC and UPC codes. Pray for my cellie Jones.

John - I pray for my Cursillo friends, especially Nick and Mary. I hope I do well on my next business communication test. I pray for Scott and his family. I pray for all my family members. I pray that I would be excepted to be in the jail ministry at McHenry County Jail when I am released.

JD - Daisy, Catalina, Michael, Pablo, Jimmy, direction where to go when I get out, Rita, Karen and Tony, drug addiction, Mr. Drummond my cellie situation.

Michael - Please pray for my wife Jenny's Aunt Jes, who had surgery to remove skin cancer from her back please pray that she recovers quickly and that the cancer is all gone. My wife is not answering the phone for me for over two weeks. Please pray that everything is OK and that I will be able to talk to my daughter Abby soon. For the victims of the terror attacks in France today. Thank you.

No name - Pray for my ex-wife to allow my youngest son Brett to come visit me here in Sheridan. Also to remove stress from her life and to know I still care about her.

Randall - Father the name of your Son the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, thank you for blessing and keeping the family you have blessed me with. You, our Son and the Holy Spirit of are mine and I am Your's. Glory to God. Father if it is your will please reunite us, reconcile us place us together geographically and physically. In he name of Jesus.

Thomas - Prayer for Scott and family support to continue God's ministry and continued blessings to them. For my family and loved ones; prosperity, peace, health and continue to have a charitable heart, safety and God's grace, mercy and love be bountiful for them. Pray for Darwin and his family Keith and his family. That the Lord's guidance for my parole plans come together in positive timing. That my communication with my family increases ASAP. Please Lord and an extra blessing of patience, faith, love and hope. Thank you and Godspeed.


Dixon Correctional Center

Class cancelled due to Veteran's Day holiday

Sheridan Correctional Center

Brad - I have just been put in a position where I have to speak in front of groups almost daily. I pray for guidance and what to say that I may help someone else and be a good example of a Christian. I also pray for my mom, Lori, is really struggling with her addiction.

Ministry Partners

DeKalb County Jail

Drew - Dear Father, I pray every inmate is blessed. I think you forgot me down a better path. Thank you Jesus name, amen.

Tyler - Pray for the church in here. That the hearts of the believers here will be stirred up in the Holy Spirit to love, fellowship and good works! Thank you!

Justin - Please pray for the things I need not the things I want. Pray that I continue to walk the right path.

Jeremiah - I have court tomorrow and I'm anxious about it. Pray also for our church on B-block to help it grow more, for me to keep focused on Christ. Help me to find answers about God that I can relate to buy four year old daughters.

K'ron - Prayer that God continues to bless us all so we could be a blessing to one another and others. Pray that we can forgive those who sin against us so that God can forgive us our sins. Pray that God continues to have mercy on us all that He blessed us all with spiritual wisdom, spiritual knowledge and spiritual understanding. Amen!

Rick - Please play that the Spirit helps me with my conviction and help me with my faith that it may not waver if I have an unfavorable outcome. Please give thanks that Jesus has come into my children's life. Please give thanks for the fellowship with Pastor Phil and Wright.

Andy - Please pray for peace, comfort and hope for my family and loved ones. Also please pray that the Holy Spirit Will continue to work with in my life to make me a better person in Christ. Thank you! Do.

Keegan - Please pray for comfort and peace within the hearts of everyone's family through these trials we face. Please pray for the ability to open our hearts and minds to good orderly direction.

Anthony - Father God, I ask and pray that you give me the strength to endure this trial and the righteous in everything I do and think. Also caps father please give my family and children the means to survive and bring them closer to caps you. Amen.

Brandon - My hearing on appeal is coming up on January 6. That God is willing, He would give me victory. In Jesus name, amen.

Andre - Bless my soul while I am away from my family and guide me to walk by faith not by my sight.

Chris - I ask that you give me the strength to make it through this situation that I'm in and to bless me and my family and bring us together soon. Amen.

Jake - I ask that you help me make sure that this situation is it ongoing if I get enough out of this to turn my life around give me knowledge and strength to be the best person I can be and who I was meant to be and also watch over my family. Even.

Henry - My prayer request is for family and friends that the Lord touch their hearts so they can come to the word. I pray for the nonbelievers as well for the Lord to touch their hearts. I pray for my lawyer that God gives him words he needs so he can defend me on November 23 on a motion hearing that if it is God's will and for the Lord to touch the judge as well in the motion goes in my favor, might have a good chance of going home if the motion goes in my favor. Thank you and God Bless.

SOCPM Student Alumni

G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ
* Violated Parole ** Re-Offended


Client of ministry partner Koinonia House
Transferred to Centralia 11/10/2015

Dixon; a Soldier's Call to...
Defend His Faith Part 1 - 08/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Renewing Fatherhood - 09/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Transferred Menard 11/10/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 02/2013 thru 02/2013 (G)
Know, Understand & Share the Gospel - 01/2014 thru 05/2014 (I)
Know Sound Doctrine - 05/2014 thru 07/2014 (G)
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 11/13/2015


Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Know, Understand & Share the Gospel - 12/2013 thru 12/2013 (D)
Paroled 11/09/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Unlock the Bible's Story - 05/2015 - 07/2015 (G)
Know How to Study the Bible - 08/2015 thru 10/2015 (G)
Paroled 11/09/2015

Robinson; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 10/2011 (G)
Paroled 11/10/2015

South Western; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 10/2012 (G)
Paroled 11/10/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2012 thru 02/2013 (G)
Paroled 11/12/2015


Menard MSU; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 06/2012 (G)
Discharged 11/10/2015

Sheridan; a Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 03/2013 thru 05/2013 (G)
Discharged 11/12/2015