Because of a personal family obligation classes were at Sheridan were cancelled Friday but Lord willing I'll be going in next Friday.

Those I partner with in DeKalb County Jail did not visit the jail this past week, so I did not get any prayer requests from DeKalb County Jail either.

Be mindful as we celebrate Thanksgiving and begin the Christmas season it is a very difficult time for those incarcerated and their families.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Steven - For my family to continue to stay strong in the Word of God and myself to stay rooted and grounded the Word of God in my life and for God to work in my ministry for teaching and evangelize ?? proclaim ??? I believe God has called me to teach His word to my people.

Dennis - Please pray for my oldest daughter whom is working in a strip club. It rips my heart in two, so painful! My youngest daughter is having her first baby in six days so that is happier news. So please pray for a healthy mom and baby! Also continue to pray for Cameron that he would stay sober and stay focused on treatment, pray for a great support team!!

Douglas - I praise God and thank God for taking my addiction of drugs and alcohol away from me also I thank God for taking the taste of alcohol and drugs from my mouth.

James - Prayers please for victory in 2nd appellate district, that I could serve more fully in God's victory.

Modesto - Give praise and glory to God for his love, faithfulness, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Also, give Him praise and glory for giving Ronnie favor with the judge and having the judge ruled in his favor. To God be all the glory! Please pray for Yolanda that God heals her kidneys, ulcer and Heart restoring her to wholeness and health for His glory. Please pray for Melissa that the judge has mercy on her and God makes away for your prompt release. Pray for the church of Jesus Christ in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China and North Korea where they're being persecuted, that God protects and delivers them from all persecution and and enemy attack. Also, that the peace and comfort of God be always with them. Please pray for the children, wives, parents and loved ones of the incarcerated. That God's loving grace, peace, comfort and abounding love overflows in them; especially during this coming holiday seasons. Please continue to pray for true comprehensive and dynamic reform to not only the prison policies but the judicial system as a whole in our state and across the nation. That the reforms be centered, rooted and founded on values and principles of forgiveness,  transformation and restoration. Please pray for the nation of Israel and our country the USofA That Hod's hand of protection and shield be always be surrounding out two great nations from all enemy attack. Pray that our nation's leaders seek God's face with humility and seek His consul for every decision making. Give thanks, glory and praise to God for hearing our prayers and granting us these prayers,  petitions, supplications, and request according to His perfect will. Amen!

Ronnie - Pray over the minds of those who say Christians that the principalities of the air issue disinformation to lead the masses. Let the eyes of the Christian understanding be open. Thank God that we can see his divine intervention throughout the states to have a compassionate about a prisoner, that we see manifest scripture that says "to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all that mourn. It is the year now! Pray over the judges who have on their plate the weight to overrule past judgments, that interest groups the status quo do not prevail. Pray these judges see the intent of God to bring we reformed judgments, commonsense judgments that follow historical laws which have the key concern being - helping the offender be a better citizen. Pray over the judges heart to focus on how to help bring to an end punishment, that punishment has a finality, where good comes out of the bad, where punishment has death as its finality (as is currently sold and pushed). Pray over the ministries and ministers who think it is not their scriptural agenda to engage in the whole process of prison, entry, reforms and release. Amen!

No name - I wish to send holy praises to our heavenly Father, our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit - asking them to continue to bring His teachings to me and others seeking to know more about our Creator. I pray for Scott and other volunteers sacrificing their time to come inside Dixon Correctional Center getting lost souls, sharing that faith and trust in God that unites all the true believers through the Scriptures and love which is a ??? inspiration to us all. I pray for all those dearest to my heart in prison out of prison. May our heavenly Father bless each one of us with the Holy Spirit bringing us closer to his Holiness. God knows all our needs and I pray he answers those certain requests, petitions that are with in our reach, whether it be relief in our dire situations, health complications, drug addictions, sentencing relief, those who lost hope in Jesus. May God forgive all our sinful acts and guide us according to His will. I asked for these requests be heard and answered in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ! Amen, amen, amen!!!

Jesus - Prayer for my brother Larry he's not in the best of health.

Juan - Can you please pray for the people in France that God may protect him, the Christian brothers and sisters that God may give them all their spiritual needs for the day. Pray for me that I may have a healthy prayer life, my lustful desires of our Father may give me the strength to overcome that sin and please pray for my family as a whole, that God may protect them and give them their spiritual and physical needs.

Rod - Praise, my son, that I asked for prayer for in the past, was rightly exonerated with much grace. Thank you for your prayers on my son's behalf. Family relations, continue to pray for submission, healing, love and unity to be tenderly nurtured by God's Spirit in the life of my family. Praise God a better paying job here at Dixon, sanitation, cleaning showers. I have been doing the responsibilities for five months. Glad my efforts have been rewarded. Purity, pray for a strong desire for me to shun evil particularly in areas of sexual purity. Pray that a love for God will overcome the flesh, like Joseph of old.

Mike - Prayer for prostate & Hep C virus. Pray for healing and deliverance as I receive that healing. Thank you!

Richard - algae 90 days of my sentence. Please remember me in for this week, I have an appeal going on in the appellate court. I am trying to get released before 2/18/16, I'm praying for a break in the legal system. Also please remember my family for the holidays without my dad, I am sure it is hard on them without him being around. Thank you.

Larry - I would like God to bless my recovery and help me become a better person. So that he can use me for his will. Drugs and candy are my problems. I'm praying for all.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Class cancelled due to personal family commitment

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Class cancelled due to personal family commitment


Dixon Correctional Center

Keith - I pray that these few lines of requested prayer will really touch your hearts to really pray for me. I need to start working out to lose weight it will truly help me live a better healthy life. I pray that God will bless this prayer group because I know and believe you are very powerful. Amen.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Class cancelled due to personal family commitment

Ministry Partners

DeKalb County Jail

No prayer requests received via ministry partner

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