I hope all of you had a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I was blessed to be with my wife  
Michelle, my mother Mary and my brother Dwight at Michelle's brother Joe's house where he and his wife, Jennifer, if my memory is right on, hosted, including themselves, twenty-two people for a bountiful dinner. I truly have much to be thankful for.

It was a joy to spend the day prior to Thanksgiving at Dixon and Sheridan the day after. However hearing from Sheridan student Michael that his mom passed away was sorrowful news. I do not know if she knew the Lord. I also received notification of the passing of a former Dixon student, James.

A topic of concern expressed by several was fear, the fear of what lies ahead once they are paroled, which a number of them will be doing in the coming months. I ask that you take note of those who are paroled each week and pray knowing for most if not all, as much as going home is blessing it can also be a time of fear and anxiety of what awaits them the day after parole.

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Jesus - Prayer for my loved ones; grandchildren, brothers.

Michael B. - Prayer for pain in my right shoulder.

Juan - thank you for the prayers and you can you please continue to pray for my family for their safety and can you please pray for the people in Paris.

Douglas - Prayer for my whole family that they will all stay strong during hard times and that they will keep their eyes on the prize, the Lord Jesus Christ and Savior, amen.

Jose - (Spanish) Bendiciones para udstedes y sus familias. Porfavor si podrian poner en su lista de peticiones a todas las personas que tengan influencia en las leyes, para que ballamos a casa con neustras familias que esas persona s hagan decision en las favor personas que por una razon o otra icimos una mala decision pero que no somas malas personas. Gracias senor Jesus por otro dia de vida.

Jose - (English) Blessings to you and your families. Please if you could put on your list of demands to all those who have influence on the laws so that ballamos home with families neustras such person s make decision on behalf people who for one reason or another bad decision but icimos somas not bad people. Thank you Lord Jesus for another day of life.

Keith - Praise God, saints. I pray this few lines find you in God's complete grace. My prayer request is that I stay about my Father's business. I really want to please God. Amen. I believe I am ready to do God's will through His divine grace. Please anoint my entire life to stay steadfast in Jesus Christ, amen. And please pray for my family. Acts 16:31. In Jesus name I agree amen. 
James - Prayers please, victory please in the appellate court to be able to serve God more fully.

Jesus - Kindly ask that you keep my wife (Rocio) in your prayers. She will be traveling to Qatar and Istanbul during the month of December. And with the conflicts in the middle east and now the situation with Russia and Turkey I am concerned for her safety. Please help me pray for her to have a safe trip and return back home. Thank you.

Modesto - Please pray giving thanks to our God and Father for his loving grace, mercy, and faithfulness in protecting our nation from all foreign and domestic terrorist attack. Thank you for providing all of our needs and blessing us with favor before those authority over us. Pray for the homeless, those in shelters, those in hospitals and those in hospice care, that the Lord God bless them all with a warm meal daily, warm shelter over their heads and healing... physical, mental and spiritual. Pray for all man, women and children in any country affected by the war and terrorism, especially the believers in Christ, that God Almighty raises a hedge around His children and keeps them from all evil, harm and danger for His glory.

Ronnie - Prayer for family members of the prisoner who suffer from having a male member incarcerated. Pray for all Christians to maintain their peace as the world riles itself via the mass output of information. Pray over the servants of God that they steward well the word of God with those around them. Pray over those is authority, that they're just in their decision.

Joey - Phil 4:6"With thanksgiving let your request be made known to God" I open with all praise and glory to our heavenly Father. May our Creator hear and bring relief to all our sufferings and prayers. Amen. I pray for all the volunteers coming in the institutions across America and overseas bringing the word of God, into our lives need they receive extra blessings for all their sacrifices. Amen. I pray for all those dearest to my heart, family and friends in prison and out. May they all be given the spirit of the Holy Ghost. May our petitions be heard and answered in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. I like to pray for my attorneys at all those advocates fighting for relief for 'juvenile lifers.' may all those seeking favoring reforms on their sentences receive them according to our Father's will. Amen!

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Jeffery - I have a prayer request for my friend Freddie who is in this discipleship class. He has a lot of pain and swelling in his leg. May he receive some relief and his spirit lifted up. Thanks your brother in Christ.

William - I pray today and always for the well-being of my aunt Helen and my daughter Emily. May they be in need of nothing. Let them remember me and my love for them. Lord please give me the patience I need to get through these first twp months. Please calm me and remind me that I serve you in this world. Ant (?)farm(?), fish tank, cockroaches (?)above(?) may be, but it is Yours.

Clyde - In the height of Thanksgiving I want to thank God for all you out there, all of your prayers and hearts, all of your faith and love, I want to thank God for my wife and kids and loved ones, for justice and peace, for the knowledge and wisdom, for each days breath, for hope and faith. Thank Him for his Son who was taken our sins forgiven us, though we still fall short God still forgives. Thank you Lord for all of life's good or bad. Thank you for being you God.

Anthony - Prayer for those who are lost, abandoned, ridiculed and dismayed for whatever reasons to come to past. Pray for Tiffany and her left knee along with the agony that it has given her. I pray her wellness and comfort. I also ask for prayer for me. I will be leaving Sheridan soon 1/15/16 and will be going back to work at Pactiv Corporation to start where He left off in workmanship and leadership. Also for God's hand in building into my purpose and areas to help others through prison ministry and recovery.

No name - my sanity in the executive I feel now that I am so close to going home. I need prayer for direction and the path I will be taking once released. That I stay close to our Lord was has never left my side no matter the trouble I've managed to get myself into. Pray for the marriages in my family, all marriages, for the health of my family and our continued relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pray for this country, this fallen world, for the leaders as well as the every day people. Pray that our Lord reveals himself to all and that we with the help of the Holy Spirit recognize our wrongs and come closer to our Lord.

Timothy - Please pray for first and foremost for my family and their well-being and for strength to overcome all trials and tribulations. Second, please pray for my faith. I have been feeling "abandoned" lately and have been feeling "loved" or better yet "blessed" lately. I find myself feeling weak or "stuck" in hard times. Please pray that God blesses me allows me to feel his presence once again not only in my life but also in my heart. Thank you. God bless! Happy belated Thanksgiving.

Joshua - Please pray for my walk in the Lord, my thoughts to be right at all times, then I will turn my life around him truly follow Jesus always. My love to be humble to all in all problems I face.

Randy - Please pray for my family, my mom and dad who are up in age going through some hard times. really sick right now. Also pray for all the sick babies, kids and all the people in the world who are going through bad times. Please say a prayer for me that everything goes good for me. Thank you, God bless you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Curtis - Bless you guys and good day. Please pray for Sheridan correctional center; inmates and staff. But what's been on my mind is that my mother has been ill and I have no way to get updates like I would like. But please pray for her that God heals her. I know I can't lose her while I'm here. I already lost my father while I've been incarcerated. Thank you.

John - I pray that all God's children have a blessed Thanksgiving and I hope they all have a Merry Christmas and a safe new year. I pray that I do well on my college class test November 30. I pray for Scott and his family. I pray that I may have the opportunity to minister to the inmates at McHenry county jail after I get released and off parole.

Richard - I need prayers to overcome the fears that I am feeling concerning my upcoming release back into society. I asked to be strengthened so I can follow God's will not get discouraged when I come across roadblocks, doubts and discouragement's. I ask for prayer for those who fight terrorism around the world. I asked that no one fall victim to the unnecessary(?) evil men in that they be brought to justice.

Paco - please pray that Paco receive the $500,000 from the government grant when he goes home on April 16 of 2016. Please pray that Paco advances to the computer class come December. Please pray that Paco still has a home to go to come April 16 of 2016. Please pray that Paco learns all about the computer savee(?) Thank you for your prayers over us God bless.

Thomas - Thanks for answered prayers on my parole location and for the positive feelings my sisters are projecting for me and that the Lord is opening doors where I never thought would happen. Thank you for the prayers to Scott and prayer teams. God bless. Prayer request for my family's safety, love, health prosperity. Prayer for my health preparing for returning to work and to keep fast all things for the Lord.

Martin - I want to pray for my friend Michael his mother just passed away. I want to pray for his family for the strength to get through this tough time.

Michael - Please pray for my mother Dianne, who passed away after fighting with cancer and kidney failure for the past five years. My daughter Abby, who's dealing with losing my mom who was your best friend. My brothers are going to fight bad with each other over the house and for my dad who has to deal with their fighting plus grieve his wife of 40+ years and deal with his knee. For the families of the people lost this month in France and in Africa to terrorist activity.

Avery - Hello my name is Avery and I would like for you to pray for my family and the families of my fellow inmates and your families as well and also for world peace. I also would like a prayer for me to receive my six months so I can get home and help my daughter with my granddaughter's childcare because she's in college and will need someone to help babysit. Thank you in advance for your prayers. May God bless you all. Thank you!

Julio - Please pray for my family. Thank God for his presence and glory. Also that God protects the people who are sick and suffering and dying from violence for world peace. Please. Prayer for myself for the strength to get me through tough times. Thank God for my blessings also that my mother be blessed and protected. Give my sister the strength to go forward. God bless amen!

Wayne - Please pray for my family, they're preparing for me to come home in 77 more days and I am sure they're nervous and anxious. Please pray that all of their needs are met and taken care of. Please pray for Jessiand our son Dillon. That they need for nothing that they aren't struggling out there, and that are reunion is a positive one for all of us. Please pray for me. I have been slipping, my focus has been diminished by thoughts of my release. And it is all good and positive thoughts in my head, I am slipping all the same. My parole site is approved and I'm going to a great place (mom's house) but I still have worries years about my release. Please pray that God send me relief from my fears and comfort my heart and the hearts of my family. Your brother in Christ.

Jamie - Pray that me and my wife's relation get better. Please pray that me and my cellie don't get into trouble. Please pray for our kids; Betty, Edwin, Jeyden and Vanessa. Please pray that everything goes well in the new apartment. Please pray for my mom and my wife's mom. Please pray for our sisters, brothers, nieces nephews and our son ??? ??? love.


Dixon Correctional Center

Travis - I would ask you to pray for me, I am trouble with my roommate over my military service.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Brad - I pray for help in spreading the message of Jesus. I pray for the right words to say and for God to open peoples hearts to hear what I have to say. I also pray for my mom, Loreen, whose stuck in her addiction to crack. I also pray for my soon-to-be ex-wife. She recently relapsed after a couple years sobriety. She is working hard to get back on track.

Brandon - I would like to have you help me pray for my family, my wife's name is Kristi and my son's name is Gavin. I have court December 16th because they are trying to take away my rights as a father. They are saying I'm unfit please help me pray. Thank you.

Jeff - A prayer for my mother named Kim. Her mind has been in worry and anxiety. Please relieve her of this let her have faith and hope that everything will work out for the better. Give her the strength to carry on bless her, put her mind to rest. Prayer for myself. Please let me be able to parole to my sisters house. Let me be able to go there so I can once again be with my son. Let there be a way for things to work out for the good of my son and the rest of the family. God bless you! Thank you. Your brother in Christ.

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DeKalb County Jail

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