A sad note, I received notice this week Steve a former student at Dixon until his transfer to East Moline has passed away. Steve was 65.

On the better side of things a full class at long last in Renewing Fatherhood at Sheridan. Going to have to put a heavy teaching on the power of prayer as only two students, one returning and one a new, submitted prayer requests.

It was a confirming joy to get notice that Eric indeed did get paroled yesterday (Friday). One of the most encouraging and affirming things for me in prison ministry is to have a student share what SOCPM has meant to them. I share a note I received from Eric at the end of last week's class.

Scott it’s such a joy to see you here week after week because it takes a lot of faith in God and hard to do with you so faithfully do. I thank you for teaching me what it takes to live a Christian life. I’m far from perfect and I’m still growing in my new walk of life. I know that I think about you and keep you first. So again thank you and may God bless you richly. Take Care, Eric

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Douglas - My loved ones, for my younger brother, my dad, that his leg heals right and put a hedge of protection and on my loved ones. The holidays are coming and there are going to be a lot of drunk people on the roads, keep my loved ones safe on the roads. My friend Maurice safe.

Sergio - Pray for my mother, her health is getting worse. Thank you.

Jose - Please can you put my family (Jose 15 years old, Damien 12 years old, Simon eight years old, Ivan seven years old), on your prayer so God take care of themand for my mom to to get healed and my brother Alejandro. He was a accident two weeks ago and got hurt. Please God help them to get healed and to my family please God give them all that is necessary to survive well I got home and give me strength to go through all this time tribulations. Thank you God. I love you Jesus.

Claude - My prayer is that every man that goes home or wherever he goes that he takes the Lord with him and for those who are coming in, that they find the Lord, or at least get to know Him, also may the Lord bless all the young men going and coming. Amen.

Jesus - Prayer for my sister-in-law Rita, she's not in the best of health. God bless you!

Richard - Please keep me in prayer, my days are getting shorter and shorter. I now have 105 days left to do please pray the Lord will keep me humble as he has been. Love you.

Ronnie - Keep in prayer those who are taking care of by caretakers, that God keep them in courage and strength to the endure the hardships of not being able to do for self. Keep in prayer the upcoming financial battle this month in Springfield. That the new governor can overcome those holding in harden hearts to keep the states of usary(?) instead of grace.

Joey - A special request may God bless the legal team at College of Law are fighting to restore the life of Joey the juvenile life. May the heavenly father give them wisdom, knowledge and determination to find the key elements for Joe's liberty if it be in the will of God. Amen.

Steven - Pray for my ministry to open up in my life. I believe that God has called me for His ministry in my life and my family as well.

Juan - Can you please pray for my mother Avelina, stepfather Rosendo and my sisters, that God may keep them safe. Can you please keep me in prayer that my faith stay strong and please pray for my lustful thoughts.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Joseph - Pray for the Saints of God in Sheridan Correctional Center to see God's grace in the fullness of God's Holy Spirit! Thanks!

Norman - Please pray for my two kids Lilryan and Jamisen that they are OK and healthy. Please pray for my girlfriend who is raising my kids and my sick mother and all of my family. God bless you! Thank you!

No Name - Pray for Tiffany and her ability to be able to have her needs met both mentally, spiritually and financially. Can you please also pray for William and his depressed state of mind and be. He lost a friend to gun violence and is really bad off. Also those who are suffering from cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

Randy - Please pray for my mom and my twin brother who are going through some life treating issues. Also pray for me and the rest of my family. Thank you God bless all of you.

Alomondos - I would like for you to pray that everyone in this place has peace in their heart over this holiday time when they will be missing their family. That my mother-in-law find peace in the love of God, that my wife Kim come to an understanding of a better life in God and that He guide our hearts in the right direction in our life together.

William - Dear Lord, I pray for my daughter Emily and aunt Helen for their health, happiness and general well-being. For myself, please give me strength and guidance in my sobriety and Christianity. Thank you.

Frank - I pray for others as they parole out of prison going home and to different halfway houses, they give God a chance in their life and put everything before Him. Amen.

Clyde - These prayers go out to the families and to the fallen youth in the city of Chicago and all over the United States. Hold the families together, give them the strength to make it through these trying times, keep their faith in you strong dear Lord and have mercy on those committing these horrific crimes, have mercy in us all and help us all to find You, cleansed by You, praise Your Name and walk in hope, faith and love. Amen.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

No name - God the Father of our Lord Jesus the Christ, please bless my wife Lisha and my sister-in-law Jackie and all of the children. Reconcile and reunite our family in spirit, body and truth. Bless and keep my brothers and sisters and my nieces and nephews and my work family. They are Yours and You blessed me with them and I give them to You. Thank you Jesus.

Paco - Please pray that Paco's fiancé Shirley hold onto our house and that she drops the order of the protection charges by the time Paco goes home with the Lords blessings. Amen. Please pray that Paco's oldest daughters Carmen sends her father Paco $20 for hygiene and some snack for bedtime TV. Please pray for Paco's son Daniel Ricky that he stay safe and sound and financially secure and that he comes to live with his father amen. Thanks for Scott wife and family, God bless them as well. From Paco's heart amen to that.

John - Please pray for me that I pass my business communication test on Monday November 9, 2015. I pray that I would be able to minister to McHenry County Jail when I am released July 2016

No name - This week I want to pray for the world, everything that's evil or just wrong also for the corruption that goes on, also all the bad cops out there, I just want to lift the evil off the earth for our kids, our families, mothers, brothers and sisters so it will be a safe world.

Richard - I would like to thank God for deliverance of the physical side effects of my treatment. I feel great! I would like to pray for peace in those streets and neighborhoods where gang violence is running wild. I ask the Lord to protect the innocent and bring the guilty to justice. And I pray to be placed next to the right people, the right church and be led to my true calling.

Michael - Please pray as tension builds in Egypt and Syria, please pray that all sides involved to be open to peaceful solutions and not be so quick to use violence as a tool. England has erupted into violent protests over economic issues today, please pray that those protests do not escalate and that a resolution can be reached between the wealthy and people who just what job so they can feed and house their families.

JD - Daisy - grieving, my mom, my brother George Michael Pablo for salvation, my sisters Judy, Jackie, Daisy, Maria, & Lucille salvation COs, authority, lost souls, homeless, Drummond my celli for salvation.

Julio - Please send a special prayer for my family for God to protect them and bless them as always. I would like to send a prayer for our leaders in position to run the world right, the sick and suffering, the people who died from violence, the homeless. God bless them all. Amen!

Thomas - That my parole site is revealed. That my family continues to be safe and healthy and prosperous. That I continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior. That I'm blessed with positive outlook of my future and seek to please God. Thank you.

Fausto - Pray that my marriage may be restored. Pray that peace may aboudn between my cellie and me. Pray that I may do the will of God and not mine. Pray that I may seriously be a disciple to my Lord. May the good Lord touch the heart of my cellie Taylor. I wish him nothing but the best. Pray for my mom.

Jamie - Please pray God help my wife. She doesn't know what to do. Please God she needs your help and good people around her. Please pray for our kids Jayden, Betty, Edwin and Vanessa, please God bless all the people who come to work in this prison, officers, teachers, doctors, nurses Mayor, ??? and watch over all their families. Please God help our mothers and families.


Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer request submitted.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Woody - Pray for my children Trevor, Alison and Isaac, also for release to go well next month. I need help with my patience and anxiety. I must find a good church and stay sober. Thank you.

Brad - I pray for my mom Loreen and her addiction. She is addicted to crack and it's really affecting her health and mind. I pray that she stays healthy and her eyes and heart could be open to receive God. I also pray for my kids Caleb and Tessa and my grandpa Frank's health.

Ministry Partners

DeKalb County Jail

Mark - Please bless my children and family. I am lost and confused, balancing on the tip of good, bad and right, wrong and life and death. Bless me with understanding and knowledge. Amen.

A. J. - Lord, help me to repent and give me the strength to do what's right. Help me rejoin my family, my church and my hometown. Guide me and help me to make the right decisions. Teach me to forgive myself and the ones I love. Forgive me for all I've done as I've strayed from the path in front of me. In your name I pray, amen.

Rick - Please pray that God's will is done in my life. That he may have mercy on me and give me another chance. Also that He allows me to spread His word and love. Thank God for coming in to my children's lives! Thank God for his day of fellowship with Pastor Phil & Scott.

Drew - I prayed to help me stay on the way of the righteousness and that I'd never go back wicked. I pray every inmate is blessed and I thank God for showing me the right way. Amen.

Jeremiah - To keep me humble and accepting of all people to show God through me, to stay focused on Christ in my entire being.

Andre - Bless me to keep my mind and bless my family and also bless me where I can keep my faith in God and also walk by faith and not by sight.

Anthony - Bless my family, children every man in this jail come closer and believe that God is real, put leniency on the heart of the judge and the State's Attorney to give people help not just time, give me strength, faith in God to endure everything You have in store for me. Amen.

Tyler - Difficult times are coming for the church in here and have already come. Pray for our church body so we will have minds and hearts stayed on Jesus and there by overcome the temptation to abandon the way. Pray that God will break the chains by which we are bound in our attitudes and thoughts. Pray that He will open up our eyes and ears so that we will understand how greatly God has loved us in Christ. Pray that he will intensify the passion we have for Him and His word and for good works that bring praise to His name. Thank you!

Matthew - Pray for the health of my mother and my three beautiful children and pray for my short journey and to stay in the guidance of God.

Justin - Lord you know what I need, and who needs what needs in my family. Just open up their eyes ears and hearts show them that you are with them.

Henry - My prayer request is for family and friends that the Lord would shine that light in their hearts so they can come into faith. I pray for the nonbelievers for the Lord to touch their heart so they can seek the Lord. I pray for my lawyer that on my new next court date the Lord to guide him on saying the right words for my defense and the motion that he filed to go in my way but not in my way but all to glorify God and His name. Thank you.

K'Ron - Pray for the health and safety of all our families, friends, loved ones, enemies and strangers alike. Pray that God forgives all of his children for our sins in the past, present and future. Pray that God continues to bless all of His children and continue to have mercy on all of His children in Jesus name.

Alejandro - The reason I am here is because I've violated the order of protection against my baby mama. The police got there once I was leaving her house from dropping off my kids to her. She called them and told them what time I'd be there.

Quinton - Lord I ask that you cover me in this time of need. I pray You grant me strength to resist temptation, grant me strengthto judge wise, honor my brother. Lord help me love you more and deter from evil. In Jesus name. Amen.

SOCPM Student Alumni

G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ
* Violated Parole ** Re-Offended


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Received notice of his death 11/2/2015

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Transferred Jacksonville 11/04/2015

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Admitted to R&CC Stateville 11/05/2015


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Renewing Fatherhood - 05/2015 thru 07/2015 (G)
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Discharged 11/06/2015