Another lockdown, this time at Sheridan; I had already did my normal check for lockdowns not seeing any I was just about to pack-up and leave when the Chaplain called to inform me they were going on lockdown. Disappointed, especially since this means squeezing 2 weeks of teaching into one next week's graduation class, but Thankful for the Chaplain's call.

A good week in Dixon turnout and teaching

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Joey - Open with all glory and praise to our heavenly father. Amen! Amen! Amen! I pray for all those volunteers that dedicate their time to come with in these empty dark places to bring forth the light and Word of God to those seeking a path of redemption and reconciliation. Amen! I pray that the class in general has absorbed the teachings of the class and we as a union have grown spiritually. Amen! I pray for all those fighting for reforming the sentencing of juveniles to life terms. God bless all the lawyers, judges, prosecutors, advocates and family members who sacrifice their time, effort and beliefs that juveniles are redeemable and deserve a second chance at life. Amen! I pray for Ronnie, Modesto, David, Jose, Victor, Ricky, Renaldo, Manuel Renee & Mark, may God bless our struggles to regain our liberties and keep us all safe. Please God hear our prayers as we all celebrate your birth and coming. Amen!

Ronnie - I pray over those who continue in their vices that cause such turmoil in their lives. That God open the eyes of their spiritual understanding and that their lives be transformed. I pray over the body of Christ to know their authority in Christ, that they must engage the enemy in Jesus name, I pray over their courage, that they not bow in silence when confronted by the principality (enemy). The one who enjoys the degrading people, oppressing people and purposeful suppression which hampers the growth of the kingdom. I pray over the suppose to be soldiers of Christ that they've learned what a soldier does, a solider battles, Scripture says not to be ashamed of Jesus and He'll tell the father not to be ashamed of us.

Doug - I pray that my dad stays strong through his hard times, that he's having out there and pray that my family and loved ones will stay safe and no one gets hurt or dies.

Richard - Please remember me in prayer, I hope to get a visit from my family. Please pray God will make away for them to come. Also pray for me as I prepare to leave prison. Thank you.

Modesto - Pray to God Almighty raises a standard around the borders of the United States and Israel protecting us from domestic and foreign enemies. Pray that the body of Christ in the United States humble themselves before the throne of God in contrite repentance from all our sins, seeks God for leading and direction, seeks after biblical truth, walk in obedience to the word and live courageous lives standing firm for godly principles and virtues not giving into false doctrines and teachings. Pray for the body of Christ who have motions and petitions in front of earthly judges that God gives his children favor with the judge and He has the judges rule with grace and mercy. Pray for the body of Christ in hostile nations were they are being mistreated, persecuted and martyred that God protects His children delivers them from the enemy's grip.

Jose - Please can you put my family wife Socorro, sons,; Jose, Damian, Seymon, and Ivan that God show them the way to His path and to the truth and take care of them while I'm not there. Thank you for your good heart. Go bless you and your family.

No name - Prayer for the illumination of the Holy Spirit for the lay people over the following ministries in Peoria Illinois; Prayer Partnership - Minister Victor Hudson; Community Church - Pastor Anthony Randle; Servant of Christ Ministries - Pastor Aldisa Slaughter; Morning Glory - Pastor Marlon Young.

Jesus - Prayer for my brother Lorenzo, he's in bad health diabetes, prostate cancer.

James O. - I am asking you to pray for me and my wife she is having a hard time out there in the world, her job went out of business she doesn't have a place to live we need God to move on our behalf, please don't forget to pray for us, we have been married for 34 years we need your help. Amen.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Lockdown, class canceled.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Lockdown, class canceled.


Dixon Correctional Center

No name - Praise God! I am requesting prayer for my family and me in accordance with 16:31, I believe, please pray that God saves my family, amen. My mother and dad are old in order for them to rent the big house it has to be painted inside, I pray and ask you to pray that God would help them get the house painted and rented out with good people that pay and take care of their property. Thank you, Amen.

Bruce - I'm asking you father God protection and comfort for every man/woman and child to be compassionate and loving with understanding that is easy to make a choice of bad idea and decision but all of their wrong decisions and choices, can be corrected by You in their choice to change their living. Make it possible for them to change and see fit, that no matter how bad the storm seems, place Jesus first and always have faith in everything You do, ask for try. Please Lord, help them all to see and want better for themselves, their families and their children. Amen, we are God's children.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Lockdown, class canceled.

Ministry Partners

DeKalb County Jail

Prayer request were not taken.

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