Discipleship Prayer Request February 28, 2015

You'll see several prayer requests for Stan Brooks and his family. Stan was the Director of Westcare an agency that provides counseling to Sheridan inmates.

He passed away unexpectedly Wednesday.
I never met him, but from what I've heard from many students he was admired and loved.

I also have a personal prayer request. My son twenty-five year old son Cameron, after approximately five months of sobriety relapsed. He is currently in DuPage County jail and  has no place to go if and when released. Please pray first and foremost for his salvation, but also that he can get entry into another rehab program and simply not released into the streets as has happened in the past.

To Him be the glory


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Discipleship: Soldier's Call to Defend His Faith - Part 1

Dixon Correctional Center

Richard - I have a court date coming up March 4th 9:00 am, please pray for me that the Lord will see me, win these court proceedings. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

ommy - I would like for you all to pray for the people that have not and let them know God and keep them in their life. Pray for me, Tommy, and can you all pray I get in the RITAS ministry. My out-date is 5/15/15 and can you all pray for Angela.

Jeff - My name is Jeff. I would like for you all to pray for my mother and my Felipe pray for my son Jeffrey Junior and Jeff Ron just Sean and my wife Sherry and my brother Tyler and pray that I would find a job when I go home I would really appreciate it thank you very much.

Hosea - Pray for my growth in the Lord.

Raymond - pray for my daughter Becky, for my fiancé Karen, for a stronger faith and patience, for my SSC (six-month good time), for Scott's son. Thank you.

Cody - Please pray for Stan Brook's family. He passed away this week. He was the director of Westcare. I'm sure his family is in need of prayer as possible. God bless.

Derrick - Please pray that my family knows that I am not the same man. Pray that my wife and my kids give me one more chance because I need my wife and kids. Pray that my mother, father, brothers and sisters are safe thank you father please give me back my wife and kids. Amen

Anthony - Can you please pray for Tressie and her health. She has C.P.D. and is suffering from complications. Her son Lavonte they needs prayer too, specifically in his decision-making in peer choices. And I would ask for prayer for myself, that I not continue to my indecisive choices of my relationship in who I want to consume me. Asking for God to allow her to be made clear to me who is choice is Tiffany or Sherita. Thank you and God bless you. For various reasons I'm confused I think/feel that I know who but I want to be godly sure.

Rodney - Pray for peace health for my mother and family and for myself let it be that I stay clean and sober with the job. Thank you.

Louguin - Please give me the willpower to overcome my addiction and give me the knowledge to help those who are still suffering in their addiction. Thank you for my prayer teacher from Crossroads Bible Institute.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Jesus - To keep us safe God's care. Can you please pray for me and my family asked God to keep me strong and persistent and his word and to live life abundantly as God for patients to help me be more. Thank you God bless you.

Name not given - I would like to pray so that my wife would write me back or even answer my calls. I want our relationship back, I miss her.

Jesus - Can you please ask God to keep my friend safe and to ask Him to bless them each and every way possible, to keep them in His Word and instruction, to protect them and their families, keep them safe. Thank you, God bless you.

Dominic - I first would like to pray for peace in Jerusalem as always, I also pray for Stan Brooks' family and loved ones to be comforted, him to have peace, as well for them to be drawn closer to the Lord with his passing. I also pray for the states and countries leaders to be filled with the Holy Spirit it to be convicted of the wrong in their hearts and their hearts to be changed, I also pray for my mom, little and big brother, mom's husband, my big brother's marriage, my little brother's court date and his case, my fiancé as well as my daughter, my fiancé's mom, dad, her brother and sister, may all of their hearts continue to be touched, changed, convicted and softened. My fiancé and me talked earlier today and she's just uncertain of what I'm going to be like. We haven't seen one another as well as my daughter since January 2013, so this is something we'll need prayer for and for the Lord to help us communicate with the Lord and one another, also for the Lord to reveal to us what lies in our heart that offends him I uplift brother Cameron. Scott's son, that the Lord will be done and allow us to sit back and let him work in both my and Scott's life.

Bruce - I would like for her to be said for my love to be kept well undergoing surgery and recovery. Thanks. My mom's name is Joanne

Wayne - My cousin Bobby just got out of rehab. Please keep him in your prayers, that he does well and does not relapse. Please keep my mom in your prayers, that she stays healthy and continues to grow in faith. Please keep my whole family in your prayer, that they all do well, spiritually physically and actually. Please pray for my girl Jessi, that she grows in faith comes back to me so we could be a complete Christian family. Please pray for my little boy Dillon, that he grows in faith, does well in school, calms down a little, doesn't have any more behavioral issues and continues to be a healthy growing little boy. Pray for me, that I continue to grow my faith keep walking closer to Christ. Please pray that I continue to do well in my welding class and I'm able to earn gainful employment upon my release and am able to support my self and my family, legally upon my release. Please pray that I am able to keep my calm and not snap in here under these trying circumstances. Please pray that I am able to work a lot harder at my resisted the temptation of sick I am trying.

Henry - please pray for me not to be so worldly and for the Holy Spirit open the eyes of my heart for my mother and family that they may be saved. Thank you God bless.

Julio - For me Julio, to be strong for God's forgiveness of my sins and all my offenses against my family, friends and loved ones and for my daughter Jasmine and my mother Maria. Thank you God bless you Amen.

Ronald - for me to lose these hateful demons of asking for strong prayer for the sick kids and Stan Brooks' family.

Michael - Please pray that Michael can only speak what is true, what is kind, what is necessary. One of my biggest fault is that I always want to feel important and so "be right." This, to me, is the manifestation of selfishness. Instead, help me to focus on how I may help others with my words. In my attempt to be heard, I often find myself criticizing my fellows order to feel my ego (easing God out) and be "better than." Help me be more conscience of my words and the thoughts that motivate them. Lord please help me to use the gift of language to be of service to you rather than to tear down others. Amen.

Jesus - My name is Jesus, God bless you all!! I would like to ask you to pray for my girls, my ex-girlfriend and her kids. Ask God to protect my family and give me patience and keep me calm. I love you all and God bless you. Thank you.

Kenneth - Pray for me, Kenneth, for work release and six months good time or any kind early release program the state may offer. Thank you, God bless you.

John - Please pray for me that my friends will have a change of heart and allow me to stay with them after my halfway house stay of 90 days.

Paco - Please pray that my kids Carmen, Linda and my son Daniel send their dad some money for his personal hygiene stuff.

Name not given - I want to pray so that my kids okay and for for baby Jacob to be born very healthy and for Abe to be okay and stay strong. Hopefully, I can talk to him Monday.

Pablo - I would like to pray for everything to go well when I am released. I get out in 60 days I got school and work already set up for me after I go out. I pray that I stay on track and allow my school and work not to interfere with my treatment hours, so I don't have problems at the halfway house. I pray for my two kids, their health and their well-being, I pray that their mothers are taking good care of them and welcome me in their life after these years. I pray for the best to stay in the path of the Lord.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

James - prayer please. My mom had a stroke please pray for her.

Name not given - I would like to pray for this class to stay strong God and don't stress about anything. But prayer and petition and give their requests to God. I pray that our teach, Inside Out Dad' keep doing his will of God and keep his head up that all time.

Anton - To pray for my family. To stay strong and believe that God will be there for them at all time. I pray to stay strong in my faith and know who God is and pray that their life will become a good person especially for their children. Especially for me to become a good dad. Thank you and God bless you. Love always, Twan

Sheridan Correctional Center

Channing - Pray for my mom and kids and me. Thanks.

Cedric - I ask in prayer for my and my family's health. For the Owen's family to reunite. Sheridan food-service get better, for Stan's family to lift them for their loss. Patterson family and Coviness family, homeless people to stay warm & eat, brothers in C-17 to come to unity, Jesse and Cedric's relationship commitment, my sister and brother, also my kids, C-11 and brothers going to court. Rosemary to walk and Frank family..

Matthew - I ask that prayers be sent out for the woman who is soon to be the mother of my son. That her pregnancy and my son is born safely and healthy and that she remains strong until I return home to her and the rest of my children, Zachary, Casten, Christopher, Katlyn and that my cousin and be at peace with the Lord as he battles his illness that is slowly taking his life here on earth. God bless and thank you for your prayers.

Meinardo - Please pray for me to have a better understanding of God's word thank you God bless you.

Fausto - pray for my marriage. I want to have a better relationship with my wife. My wife doesn't want me at her apartment when I get out.

Franky - My name is Francisco. I'm 24 years old and I have 14 months left here at Sheridan C. C. I have four children outside of this place waiting for me. I would like if you could please ask God to please allow me to get home to them sooner than those 14 months. I'm eligible for good time, if Springfield grants it to me, it could result in my early release. I also need guidance. Thank you.

Michael - pray that the Lord watches over my children and loved ones.

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