Discipleship Prayer Request March 07, 2015

A week of sadness but also a humble joy.

The sadness came when I heard Carlos, who paroled in December was under house arrest for 60 days after becoming intoxicated. It is sad in that I had very high hopes for Carlos, not that it is all over for Carlos, but to see one leave with so much passion to 'do it right this time' Praise God he was not readmitted. I've come to know there are many who like Carlos, who will boldly say they're going to do it right but stumble shortly after going out the gate. It is hard for me who comes to love those God has put in my path but I keep my faith that Carlos will in do time 'do it right' by putting all he has in the hands of Christ.

The humble joy came with a note paroling student Ron gave me. In part he wrote '... Thank you so much for being with me in my darkest hour here in Sheridan. I cannot emphasize how much of a blessing you are to us here. May the Lord Jesus bless you and be your light in the darkness of this world. God bless you dear brother.'

It is the note of Ron and of other notes similar to Ron's that God uses for me to persevere through the stumbling of Carlos. There is no assurance Ron himself will not stumble, but I have faith that on that day, my heart will flood with tears when I see the fruit of my service and your prayers for the Kingdom, where Ron, Carlos and many more will not be stumbling but standing tall by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

To Him be the glory


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Richard - I went to court today, the judge told me I use the wrong motion. So now I will have to change it, my next court date is 4/8/15. I did a lot of prayer on this issue. Please remember me when you pray, amen. Thank you in him.


Anthony - Pray for Frederick my cellie and pain management for himself. He has a poor circulation problem and his legs ache like crazy at night, please pray for healing and comfort. And also for Brian, who will be leaving here next month. He's young, strong-willed, and minded,,, yet indecisive. So please use wisdom on his behalf in your prayer. Thanks again bless you.

Joseph - Please pray for my family that God will continue to watch over my family through health, through needs, food, monetary, spiritual place to stay. Please pray that I would learn how to worship God as He should be worshiped. I am praying for wisdom and the knowledge of God in the scripture.

Rodney - Pray for family, friends and loved ones, my enemies, my mother and son and most of all me that I stay blessed, find a job and stay in good health. I go home 3/27/15 that I will do God's will. pray for Scott and his family.

Name not given - I pray for the will and power to overcome my "addiction" to drugs. And have the wisdom and knowledge to help though still suffering. I pray for extra strength overcome by "addiction" and I help others overcome their addictions. Please, amen.

Cody - Please pray, or continue to pray, for my girlfriend Carrie's daughter Heather. She is on God's path for her, although that is staying in an abusive relationship as a young 19 year-old mother. Her son Isaiah is two. Please pray she will see she deserves better and that God stays with her and Isaiah. Light and love.

Tanorrio - I would ask you to pray for me and my family to remain in good health and spirits. I want to know if you can pray for my cousin Mr. Jones as he prepares to leave Sheridan and face the outside world. I ask that you can pray for me to succeed at whatever I put my mind to when I return to the outside world. Thank you, amen.

Tommy - My name is Tommy and thank you all for praying for me and the people that have not. Thank you for praying for Angela. I pray for you all.

Cliff - Everyday I pray continuously throughout the day. Asking only for the health, happiness, comfort and the need for God's love only for my Aunt Helen, daughter Emily and my two cats, Gracie and Chloe. These three are my priority for praying for. Occasionally I pray for those I'm not happy with because it is the right to do. I am trying to forgive, accept and grow as a human. For myself I pray for simple immediate desires, not needs, for my Lord Jesus has provided my needs for me. Once again the 12 steps are working for me. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. This time Jesus is driving the truck. Thank you.

Derek - Prayer that my wife and kids are okay and safe. Pray that Timara will get help and love herself. Pray for all the men in the class and that their families will be okay and safe. Pray that my wife will be okay . Please pray that my little girl and sons will always love me and that God will help me read the Bible better.

Fleming - I request you to pray for my six months good time so I can get home this year, for me to become a better man and become a child of God so I can live a clean and sober life. God bless you.

Richard - I need prayer for my success as a tutor, that I may be able to help those who choose to get their GEDs. I need help to get the next step of my liver treatment started. I finally received my biopsy and I need prayer that my disease may be treated and healed.

Leroy - My name is Leroy, my father Leroy Junior is sick, suffering from hepatitis C. My fiancé, Elise, is suffering from addiction and she is having a hard time with finding a job. She also is in court with your ex-husband with custody battle. And I pray that I get the six months good time thank you very much.

Raymond - Prayer request for my daughter Becky and ex-wife Donna, for my fiancé Karen, for Cameron. That I receive 'In Touch' from Scott. Thank you for your prayers, I received good time of 5 months 10 days going home 04/17/15.


Paco - Please pray for my fiancé Shirley to forgive me for what I have done. Please pray for my kids Carmen, Linda and Daniel that they think about their dad Paco and write to him. Please pray that Paco gets his good time of three months good time. Thank you.

Ron - Please pray for my relationship with my wife Robin in that I find a decent job soon in that I don't have no problems getting my drivers license back without delay.

Name not given - Would like all to please pray for my family, patience and for Scott and Cameron.

Kenneth - Pray for me to get work-release program and any good time. Thank you, God bless you.

Justin - Please bless the works of Linda and especially her books for children. Please bless her and then in every step from the ideas you give her, through their binding and marketing to the children they are meant to help. Please reveal to me Justin what do during my cursor ration. Take an electrical class or another or work as a peer educator or is it inmate librarian. Blessed me with open eyes ears to receive your provision and guidance and no it is You.

Michael - Please pray that I will continue to be a positive force within my sphere of influence. Help me to do God's will for others in my life. Where there is anger, please help me to bring love.

Dominic - My first prayer quest is for peace in Jerusalem, peace in the US and peace between Israel and the US, the leaders of our country's hearts to be touched, changed, softened and convicted to live for and establish a strong relationship with the Lord. My brother has a court date in the next few weeks, please pray for him to be given a chance not to go to prison, my brother and his marriage as well as my mother's marriage and my daughter just caught lice, please pray for her, my fiancé's mom is living with her and giving her a hard time, so please pray for peace between them too, we, meaning my fiancé and I have been talking and it's good. Meaning it's up and than sometimes it's down, so I just need prayer for our relationship and we need help trying to figure out what we are to do, we both come from dysfunctional families, we we need help. we know enough, but not enough. Please pray for us. Also please continue to touch and agree that her and the Lord really have a one-on-one and her to be really into Christ and help us to communicate with each other thank you God bless.

Lawrence - I would like some healing prayer sent out to my brothers for them to contact me, send a letter, if they still care about me. I've been incarcerated for about nine months and they have not returned any of my six letters or pray for me to be able to deal with it.

Martin - I would like to ask for God to reveal himself to me more and for me to be able to see his work more through and out the day. I also ask for more wisdom and understanding to carry out his work and will for me. For me to be mentally stronger for my future testings and sorrows. Want to pray for everyone at Sheridan inmates, Guard, Warden's in the kitchen workers so that their prayers and blessings become answered. Also I pray for my kids Abraham, Alex Zayra and soon to be here Jacob.

Jesus - Please ask God to walk with me in my faith, to keep my family in his safety and Grace to bless us in order so we can bless others, help me stay focused in his word and keep going forward in life even after my release in April 27, 2015. Thank you, God bless you.

Trent - Prayer request for my nephew. He is being deployed to Afghanistan on Sunday for nine months. I asked everyone to pray for his safe return. Thank you.

Wayne - Please pray for Carlos (former SOCPM student paroled Dec 26. 2014), he hit a rough patch it isn't doing so good out there. Please pray for my family, that they are all taken care of and all of their needs are met. Please pray for my mom. She's such a sweet and beautiful woman and she has always stuck by me throughout all of my struggles in life.
She has always been here for me and is my best friend and strongest advocate. Please pray for my girl Jessi, that she does well financially and is able to support herself and our little boy Dillon. And that she comes back to me so that we can become a complete Christian family. Please pray for my little boy Dillon, that the behavioral issues he's going through pass him by and that he continues to grow and become a healthy little boy and that he continues to grow closer to Christ every day. Please pray for me, that if it is God's will, I will get out sooner than I think I'm going to and I will be able to be a productive member of society through the welding class I am currently taking and I will be able to support myself and my family, legally and we will all be together. Growing always it our love and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Henry - Pray for me that my walk as a Christian may be one with faith and understanding of the word of God. And pray for my family as well that they may be safe.

Julio - Please pray for me to be forgiven for my sins. For I do repent for every single one (amen). I also would like for you to pray for my family, mom, daughter etc. also please a very special prayer for Sonia to think about me and please write to me. Thank you. I really appreciate you. God bless.

Derek - Please pray for a friend and former baby sitter, Charlotte's husband and daughters, as Charlotte went home to be with Jesus on 3/3/15. Please pray for my wife that she would find a job. That she would stop going better than thirty days without talking to me. As always please pray that my children and mother are safe and healthy. Pray that God gives the patience and wisdom when dealing with others. I don't always have that. My job here is that I'm a law clerk in the law library on the only person we here at the prison. It's challenging and very demanding. I also just want prayers for all the hungry and innocent children refugees in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. And for each and every Christian who is victimized for their belief in our Lord and Savior! May God bless you always!

Name not given - Pray for my sin, I would be more humble.



Anton - I will like y'all to pray for Dixon prison, I will like for you to pray for me to become a better dad and a faith person to God. So I can do what He want me to do for him. And let people see the good in me so they can know God is working in me. I just pray that I can be a blessing to everybody and show them God loves us and he care for us. Thank you and God bless you. I will like to pray for Tasah, La-La, my daughter, step daughter, sister, brother, niece, and myself to start strong in our faith in God.


Michael H. - I would like to send prayers and ask God for blessings to my children, family and loved ones. I asked God to give me the strength to make it through my hard times and also to continue to open my mind and cleanse my heart. In Jesus name I pray amen.

Leroy - my name is Lee Ron, I'm a new believer in Christ and I am starting to believe more. My aspect I continue to stay in the word, I stay away from trouble and away from drugs. Pray for my daughter Lily, that she is well and her mother is there protecting her and that we can come to a conclusion on what we will do once I'm home or even sooner. I want to fix our relationship for the better. Please pray for my family and my fiancé Elsie, my father Leroy is sick and not doing well and my fiancé is struggling with addiction and finding a job and custody with her daughter.. I would also like if you could pray for me to get six months good time. Thank you very much.

Michael M. - Please pray for me to be able to tell my daughter Abby the right things about God, Jesus and Bible topics. It is something she likes to ask about when we talk on the phone. This is a subject I prayed would touch Abby's heart and I've been teaching her Bible stories and Christian morals in my letters for the last two years. Please pray that I teach her the right things and that I glorify God in what I say and do to her. Also that she stays interested in hungry for the Bible. Pray for my parents help, that I get into school soon, that I continue to grow in my Christian faith. That I stay devoted to my Bible studies, some days I have to fight off being lazy or distraction. God bless you.

Richard - May God bless you! Please pray for all of us. I don't want to hear anything about brothers coming back and ????? to prison ones being released. Please pray that we get it this time.

Cedric - Going to court, lesser sentence, Jessie to visit Cedric or write. Stan and family, my mom,s financial situation, brothers in Inside
Out Dad, Poole family and Christy's health, my family to be strong in God, Johnson and Coviness family.

Francisco - pray for my son's mother Destiny, soften her heart.

Maybe that given - I pray for waking up this day, I pray that I have a family that loves me, I pray for my kids and my kid's mother, forgive me for my wrongs and past and I thank God for blessing me and putting me close to him and believing in Him.

Name not given - Pray for my plumbing teacher Mr. K that he may recover well from his surgery. Pray for marriage that my wife and me can resolve our differences. Pray for me that may still keep my job and that I may become humble everyday.

Jimmy - My family, my son being deployed, lost souls, authority, cold, flu going around here, COs, Pastor, missionary, sobriety for my brother.


(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ

* Violated Parole ** Re-offended


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Know God's Holiness - 07/2013 (I)
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 03/02/2015

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Admitted to R&CC Stateville 03/06/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 02/2015 thru 02/2015 (T)
Transferred to Robinson 03/06/2015


Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Paroled 03/03/2105

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Paroled 03/06/2015


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Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 10/2012 (G)
Discharged 03/02/2015

Southwestern; New Life Corrections
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Discharged 03/03/2015