Another season through God's blessings was been completed Friday when forty-five students received a certificate of completion for 'A Soldier's Call to Defend His Faith Part 2' and a copy of either 'Defending Your Faith' by  R. C. Sproul or 'Saved Without a Doubt' by John MacArthur.

Thanks to SOCPM's ministry partners, who through God's call to give, made the purchase of the books possible. Thanks to all of you for your support in prayer.

I'm very much looking forward to the start of a new season at Dixon April 29th and at Sheridan May 1st and hope to contiune to be blessed with your onging prayer support.

To Him be the glory.

Currently there are only 182 subscriber to Disciple Prayer Requests, (it seems one subscribes and another opts out ;-( ). I'm still hoping to raise that number to 200, if you know a prayer warrior, invite them to subscribe by sending an e-mail to SOCPM@SOCPM with 'Subscribe Disciple Prayer Requests' as the subject.



Class scheduled to resume April 29th


Willie - May God bless us, every inmate in the world that choose and have decided to serve, trust, believe in love God for us to be a blessing to our family's instead of the third.

Cody - please continue to pray for my daughter and her mother. Her mother has a very negative opinion of me and she has not allowed any contact between my daughter and I. I love my daughter very much and I feel for her opinion of me is unjust. Be that as it may I hope the best for her because I know she is a good mom, I just am leaving soon and I pray she let's me be the father I know I can be to her.

Tanarrio - I ask that I'd be able to fully understand the knowledge of the teachings that comes my way. I asked that God bless me to continue to stay focused and strive for goodness. I asked that my family remain in good health and spirits. Upon my release I ask that God keeps me on the right path to greatness. I asked that he gives me strength to be the man and father I know I can be. Amen

Derek - Please pray for my kids and my kid's mother that my kids and kid's mothers are safe. Please pray that I learn I need faith in my heart. Pray that I learn to read the Bible better. Please pray for Scott's son and his family. Please pray that God will give me a beautiful wife. Please I need a wife. Thank you.

Anthony - Fred has some health issues and particular circulation in his legs in very bad pain in his legs. He's about to be released so I would like to ask for pain management or removal God's will but yet prayer. I was denied work release so I'm asking for God to open a window, door, roof or something :-) need be released way before 1/14/16. Prayer also for the strength and health of Mary B. Thank you and God bless you.

Joseph - I have been submitted for 180 days of supplemental sentence credit. if these days are awarded it will make my release date April 2016. Please pray that God will favor me before those the decision concerning this and award.

Jimmy - Lost souls, my mom, Noah, missionary, COs and staff, counselors, family of inmates, nursing homes, Nick's calling, Daisy, Rita and Harvey.

Tommy - My name is Tommy and may God bless you and thank God for you all and I will keep praying for you all and keep you keep praying for the people that have not. I pray that they come to know God and will you keep praying for me and keep praying for Angela and may God keep blessing you

Lougwin - To whomever reads this!! May God Lord bless you in anyway you may need assistance to stay strong and also be blessed you, your family and your daily life outside of spiritual and volunteer work. Power, will, knowledge to help save lives. License Certified Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselor (CADAC). God lead me to save myself the addicts still suffering from this 'horrible' addiction. Lord, please touch Cameron, he is in desperate need of help. Lord, please guide him as you did for myself and others. God please help Cameron.

Name not given - I now have a new lease on life, so now I need some doors open towards my future. I want to do service work for special needs people offering a real jobs and a art in greeting card business. I would also like to meet a good woman to make a real wife for me and maybe a child with her. I also pray for the staff that work work in this prison. I asked to have the harassing spirits removed and a spirit of truth to be given. I also pray for the counselors that are trying to help us get our lives together.

Leroy - Please pray for my family and friends I am hoping for my six-month good time. My father's health is bad. My fiancé and I are having a rocky relationship to my incarceration. I pray God shows me the truth in what I should do about her and me. I pray that every is going to get the good time they deserve. Thank you very much. Also pray for Nicole and her family and they recently lost a family member.Class not held.


Michael B. - Please pray that I can lose my judgment of others. Please pray that the gift of speech can be used by me in accordance to God's will rather then run by my fear and ego (as it is often seems to be). Let the Lord guide my tongue to be a source of love to those around me. Need to decrease so He may increase! Thank you!

Michael M. - my daughter Abby Ray she has really been asking some hard questions and telling me she misses me a lot. This is so hard on her please pray that she could hang in for these last 15 months. My cousin Gina is in a bad place and is not a believer. I try to evangelize to her and tell her how Jesus will help her in her pain and trials. Pray for my dad, Ken. He is still in the nursing home which is the affected. They have is like in an accident boot and have him immobilize until he heals. My mom and her health is improving but she needs my dad back. It is hard on her to do chemo in dialysis by herself. Thank you.Thank you.

Jesus - I go home April 27 please ask God to walk with me towards his goals His will and ask God to bless me and my family in order so we can bless others and please ask God to keep us safe and healthy each and every day of our lives. Please look after my friends and keep all of us strong in our faith and love in Jesus Christ. God bless Scott and his family. Thank you Scott. Thank you Douglas.

Pablo - I get released in three weeks I want to pray that I get blessed with a good job or find a good school where I can continue my studies. I pray that God keeps me on the right path and surround me around positive people who encourage me to live the right way. I pray that I can fix relationships that I destroyed before my incarceration. I pray for a friend of mine in the penitentiary who recently caught a bacterial infection and is under close watch. I pray that what he has isn't contagious and can interact with us once again. I pray for the health of my family, friends and children. I pray in Jesus name, amen.

Julio - I have been really stressing very in hard prison, I know I've done wrong in my life and I've asked God to forgive me. I know deep down in my heart He does. I'm being taught tough love I can't afford TV and I pray for one daily. For my family to help me as well as God and yet get nothing in return.

Name not given - I want to pray for things to our Savior Jesus Christ and give him 1 million thanks for answering all my prayers to this day. Thank you so much please be patient he does answer prayers. In proof I would like to ask that he blessed me and my friends and family.

John - For a prayer of thanksgiving. I passed my type one EPA technicians license exam. I pray for the response of the soul of Cardinal Francis George passed away today 4/17/15.

Paco - Please pray that my fiancé Shirley and will give forgive me for leaving her stuck with bills that when I get home I will pay her back every penny with love.

Eric - Please pray for all of my kids and family; Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Harley, Karen, Aaron, Dani, Arinna,  Aarian, Christian, Jersey, Kasten, Bryten, Robin, John T. (that they're all healthy and taking care of). Please pray that I'll get blessed with the six-month good time. I wrote the director of IDOC about me being reviewed. Please pray that I'll get to know all this math that I've got to learn to get my GED. Please pray that God may open my eyes and open up doors of my life he would like me to go through. Please and thank you.

Rain - Please pray for all the people that lost their homes and the two people that lost their lives in the tornadoes in Fairdale in Belvedere last week. Please pray for my family, that they're all okay and God helps them through all of their needs. Please pray for my girl Jessi, that she does well and is able to support herself and our son Dillon. Please pray for my son Dillon, that he does well in school and has less behavioral issues. Please pray that my mom, Jessi and Dillon have a safe trip here and back home 4/28/15 and that we have a great and productive visit with lots of love. Please pray for me that I continue to grow closer to Christ every day and that I do well in welding school so that I can earn a good career in the trade upon my release to support myself and my family. Please pray that it's God's will that I receive the six-month good time so that I can go home to my family in August this year. Thank you for your thoughts in time. Your brother in Christ.

Justin - May I be released early from prison. May I be guided into God's perfect place to parole. May God soften Shinae''s heart and enable her to forgive and not resent others. May Joy be saved.

Name not given - Prayer for Iris and kids. I'm praying that we stay together in peace. Prayer for Scott and Cameron, God protect and guide Cameron to salvation.

Derek - Can you please pray for my daughter Sarah. She is really hurting for the mistakes I made over her entire life and she's 26. She wrote me a truly horrible letter, very sad. I never really understood how much I've hurt her, my wife still hasn't or visited since 1/24/15. She is supposed to visit with my mom next weekend. I'm a little bitter, but I'm just wanting her to talk to me. I'm sure full joy from the forgiveness and grace from Jesus! My mother Anna is our angel! Old people together exclamation she is a true servant of the Lord! I would like prayers for her as she says her energy is not like it used to be. I am 157 days from six years in prison and will be leaving then. Please pray for me too! May God forever be with you and bless you!Class not held.



Class scheduled to resume April 29th


Class scheduled to resume May 1st, 2015


(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ

* Violated Parole ** Re-offended


Western Illinois; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads 03/2013 (G)
Transferred to Jacksonville 04/15/2015

Southwestern Illinois; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads 10/2012 (G)
Transferred to Jacksonville 04/15/2015

Stevie Dixon; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 02/2015 (D)
Transferred to Centralia 04/15/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 01/2015 (D)
Transferred to Stateville MSU 04/15/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 01/2015 (D)
Transferred to Big Muddy River on 04/15/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Defend His Faith Part 1 - 08/2015 (D)
Transferred to Big Muddy River on 04/15/2015


Dixon; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 11/2011 thru 01/2012 - (G)
Paroled 04/15/15

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Defend His Faith Part 2 - 01/2015 thru 04/2015 (G)
Paroled 04/17/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Defend His Faith Part 2 - 01/2015 thru 04/2015 (G)
Paroled 04/17/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 03/2013 thru 05/2013 - (G)
Know God's Holiness - 07/2013 (I)
Paroled 04/06/15

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Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2014 thru 10/2014 - (I)
Paroled 04/16/15


Dixon; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - November 2014 (I)
Discharged 04/05/2015