I had a good turn out in Dixon for the first week of classes, however in my haste in getting things organized for class (reading material & participant guides for distribution, DVD set-up, etc) I forgot to put out the prayer request sheets for the Discipleship class. I truly apologize.

Once again as I was entering and praying the requests, my heart ached for the trials and hardships being endured by the men; mother on crack, not seeing a child for two years, missing mom whose passed away on Mother's Day, a father near death because of alcoholism, and the requests go on.

As one student stated 'the world is full of turmoil and in need of prayer much more than I...' How true, we live in a suffering and evil world. Praise God for those of us who have been blessed to be one of God's children and we will be rejoicing the day of His return, but let us not forget those who are still lost and in the snare of the evil one by are fervent prayer for them and give thanks for God's mercy and grace.

To Him be the glory.


PS - I will be attending a training class next week on cognitive-behavioral for substance abuse treatment and for criminal offenders. As such I will not be teaching in Dixon or Sheridan and unable to obtain prayer requests but will still submit prayers for SOCPM Alumni.

Currently there are only 182 subscriber to Disciple Prayer Requests, (it seems one subscribes and another opts out ;-( ). I'm still hoping to raise that number to 200, if you know a prayer warrior, invite them to subscribe by sending an e-mail to SOCPM@SOCPM with 'Subscribe Disciple Prayer Requests' as the subject.



Forgot to place prayer request sheets out on distribution table, sorry.


Jerame - Pray for the people in the world to find our Lord. Pray for my loved ones to love God and to love me. Pray for me to stay close to God and His word. Pray that I find the kingdom of God so all things I ask they should be added onto me. Also pray God's will be done. Amen.

Anthony - Can you please pray for Anthony Jr., he has been looking for employment and has been getting calls, but the jobs are out of his travel range of public transportation. Pray for someplace in his area, preferably with decent wages to be made. Can you also pray for Sherita and Kristie and mending their relationship, also Marla. Pray that Sherita practices forgiveness of herself and letting go of grudges. Also Joshua and his blatant disrespect and attitude towards his mom.

Cody - Please pray for me to get accepted to Saint Leonard's ministry transitional housing. I really truly believe that I would benefit greatly from that facility. It would be a great place to continue my walk with God to continue my recovery. Also please continue to pray for my daughter Raleigh's mom, Amie, for her to soften her heart towards me.  Let God's light Shine on her, I am getting close to release and I miss my daughter terribly.

William - Pray for my aunt Helen, suffers from dementia, 86 years old and going strong, daughter Emily, drug-free, sophomore in college with 4.0 grade point average, my two cats Gracie and Chloe who can't write me. My Lord has been for me. Thank you, God bless.

Leroy - Please pray for my family and I am still in the struggle of prayer with God as well as reading everyday. I find myself not reading my daily readings as I was for a few months. Also I pray that my father is well, he Is very sick. I also want to pray for my friend Nicole her grandma just died. Thank you very much.

Derrick - Please pray for every man in their family. Pray for my kids and kid's mothers. Please pray for me pray that I understand the Bible better. Pray for me. Pray for Scott's son and wife that they will be okay. Thank you.

Dontea - My prayer request is that my children may come into my life during my time in here or upon my release. I will also request that I get six months supplemental sentence credit and new doors may start to open and continue to open up on my release. I receive in Jesus name, amen.

Stephen - I pray that my walk with the Lord continues to be straightened other see it in our inspired.

Name not given - I need prayer that God's will for me is to either reunite with my ex-wife or for God to help me find a new woman to share my feelings in time was when I leave here.

Frank - Pray for me that it is God's will, that I will receive my six-month good time and will change my date of November 27 to an earlier date.

Joseph - Please keep me in prayer as I am expecting God's favor and being awarded the six months of supplemental sentence credit. This will make my release date April 2016 instead of October 2016. Also pray for me as I seek to grow in intimacy with God. I'm praying to grow in my reading of Gods word and prayer. Thank you.

Louguinn - Give me the wisdom that you have and the knowledge and wisdom to get my CADAC license (Certified Alcohol Drug Abue Counselor) and also help save those still suffering in this horrible addiction. Good Lord give Cameron strength to fight his situation with your power...

Charles - I haven't heard from my daughter Asia in about two years don't know what's wrong. Just pray that she's okay and that he finds it in her heart to write her bed.

Clyde - Peace be to God in all His glory. First, I would like to thank everyone for their prayers. Secondly, I asked all of you to see it in yourself to find the time to fit me in your prayers again, for my family and friends, sick and suffering, the poor and afflicted, those who are struggling with the loss from earthquakes and tornadoes, the violence that is taking place now a days. The world is full of turmoil that needs prayer far more than I do. I need you to pray for them. Thank you God bless you and peace be to you all as well.


Name not given - This week's prayer requests will be for my brother José. May he prosper in his job. Also in his life he's with a bad woman. He left her so I pray that he has the strength to stay away from her.

Lawrence - please pray for those that have lost one or both of their parents and that God give them the strength to conquer those feelings of wash and love during those times. I will be feeling the loss in love with my mother on Sunday for Mother's Day. Please pay for me and others like me.

Jeff - I would like for you guys to pray for my mom Ella and pray for my wife Shinita and pray for my son(s) Jeffron, Jeff Jr., and my brother Tyler and pray for my family. In all I would really appreciate very much in prayer that I keep my faith in God and that I find a job when I go home. So I could take care of my kids family. Keep me in your prayer.

Eric - Please pray for all my kids and my family that they're healthy!! Reeda, John, Judy, Harold, Harley, Karen, Kasten, Bryten, Jersey, Robin, Aaron, Dani, Arianna, Aarion & Todd. Please pray for me because I am struggling with learning math in GED classes. Please pray that I get blessed with the six months good time or part of it!! Please pray for all of 26-C-Hall for that everyone will get along and be respectful to one another. Thank you.

Julio - I would like you to pray for me for God's mercy and strength. I also would like for you to pray for my family. Especially my mother, Maria, also my sisters Janet, Yesenia, to have a great special Mother's Day ever. Although I will not be able to spend the special day with them (amen). I would like for you to pray for me. For God's mercy and strength. For Jesus Christ to help me with all my problems. I also would like to thank God for always watching over me all of my days in this world. My family, daughter and myself. Thank you may Almighty God bless us all. Amen.

Name not given - prayer request for my family patient and understanding. I would like special prayer for brother came and everyone here. Thank you God bless you.

Paco - Please pray for my fiancé Shirley, that she find it in her heart to make a concern call to Sheridan correctional Center about me please thank you and God bless you Scott and wife.

Michael M. - Thank you for the prayers for my mother Dianne, her cancer is now in remission. Please continue to pray for her as she still has to do three dialysis appointments per week and that is very hard on her but amen to her cancer being okay for now. My dad Ken, can still is in a nursing home for his complications to the surgery. Please pray that God will speed his recovery. Please pray for our lawmakers who are now preparing to vote on some key issues surrounding gay marriage that can help or hurt Christian churches and businesses. That our lawmakers also will vote in accord with God's will on whether or not to allow Iran to have nuclear capabilities or have sanctions lessened on them.

Wayne - Please pray for my family that they are all well, in good faith, healthy and all of their needs are taken care of and that they want for nothing. Please pray for my girl Jessi, that she is doing well out there, that all of her needs are met, that she grows closer to Christ every day, and that she's able to financially support her so her and our little boy Dillon, until I am released can help her. Please pray for my little boy Dillon, that he keeps doing well in school, grows and has all of the fun children are supposed to have, that he grows closer to Christ everyday and that he's a happy little boy. Also that he knows that I love him very much. Also one of my friends Cassondra got into a lot of legal trouble and is looking at a lot of time, please keep her in your heart and prayers. Please pray for me, that I continue to grow closer to Christ every day, that I keep doing great in the welding class and am able to support my family and myself upon my release. Also that if it is God's will, these people give me good time and I get to go home to my family this year. Thank you, your brother in Christ.

John - Can you please pray for me that I will be able to share Christ love with inmates in McHenry County Jail.

Richard - Pray for me that within eight weeks as I go back into the world I would not fall back into the same old thing I was on and I got me here. Pray that I've change for the good. Thank you, God bless you.



Jason - Please pray for my children Jaden and Amya. I'm in the process of trying to keep custody of them. And pray for my wife Laquita and our relationship's strength and prayer for my mother Janice.

Marlon - Pray for being a better man, father and neighbor.

Michael - Pray for my children, pray for my son Mikey to stay out of trouble and get off the drugs. Pray for my parents and my wife and pray that I do the right thing when I go home in September. Thank you and God bless you.

Jose - Can you please put my family on prayers. My wife and my four sons. They are in California state. Her name is Socorro, Jose (14), Damian (12), Syman (8) and Ivan (6). That God keep them safe. Pray for my mom she is having heart problems. Thank you.


Ferdinand - I would like a prayer for my mom's feet, so the pain can stop. Also for my whole family, a prayer for health and safety. Also a prayer for my dad's lower back pain. Thank you, God bless you.

Adrian - I want a prayer request. I would like for the church to please pray for me to help me be a better person and father and upbeat as bitter person. Please pray for my daughter (Leyani) and her mother (Jazzaline) for them to forgive me for all the pain I've caused him in so we could try to be a complete family when I come home. Thank you!

Travis - My mother, grandma and grandpa. Please pray that God will either heal them remove their suffering.

Matthew - Please pray for my father, Clarence. He is in the hospital with a tube in his lungs helping him breath. He is unconscious and unable to breathe on his own. He is also suffering from severe alcohol DTs. Pray that he will make it and not drink anymore. Pray that my ex-wife will pass her GED test. Pray for my son Gabriel's health and safety as well as my daughter Haley's.

Eric - Pray for my mom to stay on track and my grandma's heart to get better in for the sick and suffering. Please and thank you.

Brad - I pray that my wife and I stay on a positive note through a divorce and custody issue. I also pray that my mom stays healthy stops using crack. She doesn't know God I wish she would turn to him for help. I know that's what she needs.

Felix - Please pray for my family that they received their blessings. Pray for me that my family comes back in my life again. For me that I hear from my kids. Please pray for the sick and the ones that are out there running still. Pray our earth.

Paco - Please pray that I get the government grant when I get released next year. Please thank you and God bless


(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ

* Violated Parole ** Re-offended


Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Defend His Faith Part 1 - 08/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Defend His Faith Part 2 - 08/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Admitted to R&CC Northern Illinois 05/05/15

Western Illinois; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads  -03/2013 (G)
Transferred to Sheridan 05/06/15

Lawrence; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads  -03/2014 (G)
Transferred to Big Muddy 05/06/15


Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
One to One Discipleship - 10/2012 thru 02/2013 (P)
Paroled 05/06/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Seek Biblical Counsel - 05/2015 thru 07/2014 (P)
Defend His Faith Part 1 - 08/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Defend His Faith Part 2 - 01/2015 thru 04/2015 (G)
Unlock the Bible's Story - 05/2015 thru 05/2015 (P)
Paroled 05/06/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
One to One Discipleship - 10/2012 thru 02/2013 (P)
Paroled 05/08/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 01/2015 thru 01/2015 (D)
Paroled 05/08/2015


Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Know, Understand & Share the Gospel - 12/2013 thru 03/2014 (T)
Discharged 04/30/2015

Jacksonville; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 12/2011 (G)
Discharged 05/01/2015

Illinois River; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 01/2013 (G)
Discharged 05/08/2015



Helen - For Christians all over the world that are persecuted for being Christians. For my family's health and spiritual well being.  for those that make and change laws, even if it's not in the peoples wishes, and for us held in prisons that are over capacity by at least 12,000 individuals, a lot of tension in such over crowding. for the staff who work around such great stress.

Joann - Pray for my life in Christ and the peace that comes from knowing Him. That my family will write me so i know they forgive me and want me back in the family. for the pain that comes from a past life of my sinful life. For my friend Patricia's birthday. for my children.

Mickoold - For my sister's father in law's cancer treatment difficulties and for her stress over his struggle while she is pregnant. for the love in my family to not fade away. for my growth in knowledge of Christ. For Jesus, the great physician. Thank you

Shirley - For my family to stay strong. for peace in this world. Stop all the murders and kidnappings  and for the souls of those who do such evil. We must learn to love as Jesus taught us. for my friend Shirley golden who only has a week to live because of cancer. I will pray for you too.

Deann - That Jesus will keep a watchful eye over us and our families in these times of constant turmoil. Lord help me to not speak until Your spirit leads me. For the women in my room, that Jesus will teach me to forgive so i can receive the peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus name