A week of pain and sorrow as I read and transcribe this weeks prayer request. Richard's (Dixon) father passed away, Steven's (Sheridan) mother passed away. Pablo (Sheridan) who was recently paroled was hospitalized after a beating from members of his former gang, the cry of pain from Jermae's and the prayers of others penetrated my heart deeply.

Bill, a fellow prison ministry colleague, who was serving at Logan Correctional Center (female) told me this week, they have stopped all Bible studies and other volunteer programs. For a lot of ladies, Bill's Bible study with other members of his church was the highlight of these ladies' week, but no more do they have that highlight of God's people bringing them love and God's Word.

Prison is a very lonely and dark place where one is surrounded by evil. Your prayers, for many of these individuals is one of the few hopes they have. On their behalf I give praises of joy and gratitude to God for you and your prayers.
To Him be the glory.


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Richard - Please remember my family in prayer, my dad has passed he died May 31 at home. The arrangements are going to cost $10,000, my family doesn't have the $1,500 to pay the prison to bring me to the service. Please pray for me also.In Him.

Earl - Prayer for today. My attitude strength and faith I help...

Modesto - Please pray for Stephany, Julia, Larry, that the Lord heal them from their infirmities and restore them to full strength and wholeness. Please pray for my attorney, Richard, that God gives him wisdom, knowledge and guidance in his preparing to defend and argue my case of actual innocence before the court. Please pray for our nation that God never takes his hand of protection away from our land. Also, that he appoints courageous leaders to lead our nation, and each state in a godly manner. Please pray for my wife, my children, and my parents well being, peace and protection thank you!


Cody - Please continue prayer for my situation with my daughter, Ryleigh and her mom, Amie. According to my mom, Amie is forbidding for billing contact between my mom and my daughter now. Amie is seemingly brainwashing Ryleigh into referring to me by my first name. Ryleigh feeling ashamed to have my last name, she has been using her new step-dad's last name, I feel very confused and sad about the situation. I'm a very loving father and always have been. It feels unfair. Please pray for all of us, please. God bless you.

Frank - Pray for my brother, he had his second heart surgery. Pray for his strength and recovery and also for his wife and kids.

Fleming - My prayer request is for me to become a good father and son and stay clean and sober for life and find a good job to take care of my family and live the way God intended me to live and find me a good church, God bless you.

Dontea - I am hoping and believing that God will open new doors and close all doors.

No name - My prayer request goes out for Fred and his health. He goes home next week and I would ask that he's covered by the blood (he's lost family to death) and his new endeavors, adventures and beginnings. I'm also asking prayer for Dontea and his fate and need to be validated through people/woman. May he instead feel God's presence and want to be in God's presence.

Joseph - Please pray with me and for me as I seek to develop asking God for a greater capacity to fear and trust Him. I pray that God would make my heart do what it ought to do and wants to do. Thank you.


Cedric - Bill and friend coming to share his story and safe trip. Cedric,  protection and better future with Jessie and jobs, finances piece. Bradley family in spirit, Neel family in spirit, Williams family, Chatman family safety, Sheridan mail system and Habick family. More wisdom, knowledge, understanding and faith to be strong in God, relationship. God be in my life more showing to others. Right better letters/Poole family safety. For C-17-C hall to run the phones better and showers, also IDOC and staff. Jessie continue and her faith to be strong and protection and family. My family protection, staying healthy. Cedric and Jessie to reunite soon, spiritual guidance and relationship and health. All kids to have a safe summer while out of school eating healthy. Brothers in Sheridan and back in county jail. Brothers who left Sheridan 6/5/15 staying positive. In Jesus name

Richard - I ask that you pray for every man here throughout the joints. I asked every man walk away from drugs and their life style. I ask that everyman know of their sin and walk away from them and repent. Thank you God bless!

Wayne - Please pray for my mom, that she's doing well out there and has a safe trip here and back home when she comes to visit me tomorrow. Please pray that my family is taken care of and needs for nothing. Please pray for my girl Jessi, that she is able to support herself and our son Dillon financially until I am able to come home and help her. Pray for my little boy Dillon, that he continues to do great in school, continues to be a healthy little boy and grows closer to Christ every day. Please pray for me, that I continue to do great in the welding class I am in, so that I can earn legal appointment with my new skills upon my release to support myself and my family. Please pray that my bad temper goes away. That I learned to be more forgiving. Also, please pray that if it's God's will, that I get the six months good times so that I can go home on August 12, 2015. Thank you. Your brother in Christ, Wayne.

Michael - That Michael's sisters Katie and Teresa will find forgiveness in their hearts for their big brothers mistakes of the past. Please pray that fences can be mended and a fruitful relationship may grow thank you.

Ryan - Pray that I do good with my walk with God and that my son is doing good with school and my mom's blood sugar will get better!!

Eric - Please pray that I can get control of my anger. My anger is starting to get the best of me. Please pray that my blood pressure go back to normal because it has been high. Please pray that I learned this map that I'm doing in school. Please pray for my kids and family that they're healthy and safe, kids: Jersey, Christian, Kasten, Bryten, family: Reeda, John, Judy, Harold, Harley, Karen, Ed, Toss, Aaron, Dani, Arrianne, Asrion, Robin, Rob, Matthew, Brandon. Please pray that I need to get blessed with the six-month or a part of it. Please pray that I'll figure out where I want to parole to when I get out. Please and thank you.

Jimmy - Nick for salvation, Noah, my mom for surgery recovery, Daisy, Nick missionaries.

Michael M. - Please pray for, our president who's negotiating with her Iran and won't include American hostages be held there. Please pray for the release of Saeed Abedini and the other three men being held for no reason. Please pray that we also do not turn our backs on God as a nation by legalizing gay marriage. Please pray for my dad, Ken who is still struggling to recover from knee surgery three months ago. As of now he has a cement implant for a need that can't be replaced until the infection clears. He is in a wheelchair until then. Please pray for Pablo that just went home. We got into some trouble with old gang friends and they beat him bad enough to put him in the hospital.

No name - I want to pray that my anxiety and mental anguish goes away. I have problems sleeping at night because of me being impatient with issues for my divorce but I guess I just need to be prayed for.

Julio - Pray for my mother, Maria, she just lost her sister, Luz, and pray for my mother to be strong and my family. Thank you and God bless, amen.

Woody - I need prayer for the strength and knowledge to defeat my remaining strongholds. I need prayer for my future that God leads me to a proper church, fellowship and a good Christian wife. I need prayer for the restoration of my relationship with Carolyn. I need prayer for my mother and my sister Tammy. Thank you.

Dominic - Hello saints, first may God bless the work you do for God and the righteousness you present for Christ. I first pray for  peace in Jerusalem, I pray for the world to see the world that's being pulled over their eyes and for more people be awakened and see who Christ really is and just how loving he is and be open to receive what he has to offer, I also pray for my brother John he asked for me to pray for something going on with his eye. He's concerned about as well for his life and family to be all joined to Christ and continue to live for Christ. I pray for protection, strength, direction, conviction, peace, comfort and some sort of established or reestablish relationship with Christ, for my family and loved ones. I still haven't talk to Lorie my daughter's mom or my daughter. She's not put money on the phone since I told her I told her we are not together, so please pray continually for us as a family for one another. More importantly his will not mine. Love you, thank you.



Michael - Please pray for my son Michael Junior that he doesn't get sent to juvenile prison. Pray that he can get some type of rehab. He is a good kid just makes wrong choices. Thank you and God bless you.


Brad - Two weeks ago I was served with divorce papers and my wife is going for sole custody. I pray that in the end we can agree upon joint custody for our daughter Tessa.

Paco - Please pray that my fiance Shirley will forgive me and except the new me to start fresh and pray for non-violence in the world that everything will be okay. Thank you.

Fernando - Family health.

Felix - Pray for my family. Pray for peace on earth. Pray for me, that my family comes back in my life. Pray for Zuri that she gets clean soon. Pray for me that my walk with God stay straight. Pray for everybody here at Sheridan Correctional Center. My name is Felix and I need prayer in my life and thank you for your prayers.

Jermae - Dear prayer people, dear God, I'm lost how so you might ask first off no ???? in lockup? My age is 24, two lovely kids, not with the child's mother. And my mother is 70 years old having problems to the point she do not want to tell me. I don't see my outcome. I only went to my second year of high school. But I love God, I feel like I am on my own. I have so many problems this sheet of paper is not enough I believe in the power prayer, I believe the power in the name of Jesus. God help me fix things. God bless all thanks to all. I ask that you pray for a lot of Christian brothers in the world and here at Sheridan Correctional Center. We are not made to walk as Christians alone, pray God is with us. I would like us godly people to pray for the world and God will be God's will be done on earth as in heaven, amen. we need you God, I need you, amen. My brother in Christ Stephen has said to me his mother died and he is worried about his kids and wife. Also I would like us godly people to pray for God's will to be done, also grant his family happiness. God is good, amen.


(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ

* Violated Parole ** Re-offended


Sheridan; Malachi Dad's
The Gospel Wheel - 10/2010 thru 10/2010 (G)
Experiencing God - 10/2010 thru 01/2011 (P)
Transferred to Vienna 06/05/15

Sheridan; a Soldier's Call to...
One to One Discipleship - 10/202 thru 02/2013 (G)
Know Proper Bible Interpretation - 03/2013 thru 05/2013 (G)
Know God's Holiness - 07/2013 thru 09/2013 (G)
Illinois River; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 01/2013 (G)
Admitted to R&CC Northern Illinois 06/05/15


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Defend His Faith part 1 - 08/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2014 thru 12/2014 (G
Defend His Faith part 2 - 01/2015 thru 01/2015 (P)
Paroled 06/01/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Defend His Faith part 2 - 01/2015 thru 04/2015 (I)
Unlock the Bible's Story - 05/2015 thru 05/2015 (P)
Paroled 06/05/2015

Sheridan; a Soldier's Call to...
Know God's Holiness - 07/2013 thru 07/2013 (I)
Paroled 06/05/2015

Sheridan; Malachi Dad's
The Gospel Wheel - 10/2010 thru 10/2010 (G)
Experiencing God - 10/2010 thru 01/2011 (P)
Detainer by other Jurisdiction  06/05/2015


Dixon; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood -  02/2012 thru 05/2012 (G)
Discharged 06/04/2015