Sorry for lateness. It was a very busy weekend.

Well worth the wait as Matthew, (Renewing Fatherhood, Sheridan) gives a praise of answered prayer of his son visiting after 21 months and as does Dominic (Discipleship, Sheridan) on an apparent reconciliation with his daughter's mother.

May Jerame (Renewing Fatherhood, Sheridan) be blessed with an answer of prayer as he struggles in missing his daughter's birthday and not seeing his children in 30 months.

Another prayer of praise, Kent, a long time SOCPM student, who was paroled on November 17, 2014 has successfully completed parole.

To Him be the glory.


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Robert - I would ask that you pray for my family and me. Pray for my well-being while I am inside this gate. I asked for God to come into my life help me understand that he is my Lord and Savior. And I believe that Jesus laid down his life and placed me in the hand of God in my life became better in Jesus name amen!

James - I pray that my family grows closer and pray for my sister Carolyn that she don't have another heart attack and for me James to grow stronger in Christ. Pray for the brothers and Dixon Correctional Center.

Anton - I would like to pray for my family, friends, enemies, daughter and everybody around the world to stay faith and believe that God loves them at all time and he wants to help them. Thank you and God bless you take care love always

Jose - Please can you put me on your prayer list so I find the way to Jesus. And to my family my sons and my wife. Jose, Damien, Symon, Ivan and my wife Socorro, so God take care of them why I'm not with them. Please thank you God bless you all.

Ronnie - Keep in prayer the programs afforded here at Dickson, that they continue on through the unbalanced times in government, because their decisions affect us greatly. Pray that the Christian body stands up to the times and pioneer what Scripture says for Christians to do.

Modesto - Please pray for please pray for Chaplain and Rojas, Ms. Schneider, Julian and Mr. Davis. Thank God for healing them and restoring their bodies to wholeness. Pray that the peace and joy of God permeate their whole being. Please pray for Harry that he seeks God's face in all his decisions, humbles himself before God and honors God in every area of his life. Pray that he uses wisdom and discernment in all his doings. Please pray that God gives me favor with Judge Goeber and the state that my petition be granted to the glory of God. Pray for all the men who have cases in court; the God's mercy be with His children.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

Leroy - Please pray for me and my family that they are safe and they stay healthy. I pray that I do continue to follow Jesus Christ and that I am shown why I am here on this earth. I want to find out how much I must go through until the pain will go away and also I will pray that people come back into my life and come see me again. And I ask what will become of me and Nikki, she's here in my life but not as I want. We don't talk as much is this a sign?

Frank - Ask that you pray for the family and loved ones killed by the man Mr. Roof in South Carolina this week, total of nine people, pray also for the family of Mr. Roof they also are losing someone.

No Name - Praying for fathers and for the wisdom that only you can give, they may be providers and protectors, teachers and ministers of their families. Praying the "war" between Democrats and Republicans that they come to agreement to help the "people" and not their pockets. Pray for the violence in Chicago and the Chicagoland. The youngsters and the old guys alike.

William - nothing for myself. The Lord has answered my few simple prayers. I am grateful. I asked for help, sanity and happy days for my aunt Helen who suffers from dementia she's 86 1/2 years old. I have written her and sent money to put on the phone but my siblings are interjecting wrongly because I know my aunt wishes to speak with me. For my 20-year-old daughter Emily and her journey into adulthood, she will be fine. I pray to keep evil away from her. Thank you.

Himself - Pray that God keep Briana with a good paying job and heal her and help her get an apartment of her own and hopefully she gets in a church and meet and have relationships with the Saints of God. Pray for my family and friends and enemies to receive the fruits of his righteousness and the Fruit of His spirit.

Willie - I pray that God through the Holy Spirit start to strengthen me and continue to give me the desire to learn and live God's way, that is acceptable in God's sight and in mine others that look upon me.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Richard 1 - I need prayer to stay in my billing to continue my treatment with Maurice. I ask that my fears of the future be removed along with my addiction nature. I need prayer to remove the two major strongholds that I struggle with in my life. I need prayer for doors to be open in my future. Thank you.

Richard 2 - Pray that I stay in recovery as long as it takes me to recover. Thank you God bless!

Michael - My daughter's mother has cut off communication with me over the last two months after we were finally talking again with regularity. Please pray that avenues of communication will be open between my daughter, Abby, and me. My dad, Ken, has been going through a big ordeal over his knee and now he's finally on the right track to getting his knee put back in so he can walk again. Please pray that things keep going in the right direction. The media in my opinion (especially CNN) seems to be fanning the flames on racial issues all of a sudden. It seems to me that they are almost stirring people up so that they will have something to report. Please pray that they will not try to create chaos to bolster their ratings.

JD - Pray for my mom, health; Nick, salvation; Nick, Missionary Haiti and family first time; Peck (my cellie), salvation; My family and lost souls.

No Name - I want to pay for my cellie, Michael, that he gets all the time back from his sentencing because the judge was too harsh. Also I want to ask for us remaining prison to have us get a good time for us to get back to our families.

Lawrence - I like to ask prayers and blessings to those that are imprisoned both in the physical, emotional sense. Also those of us that are struggling with the daemonic beasts that are controlling or tempting our spirit to stay away from God. May you pray for all to come to Christ to find His forgiving love and light and warmth that heels are cold heart. I like to ask that more denominations of Christ would come together to fellowship on the outside without prejudice like we inmates do in here. Please pray for this to happen! I like to ask that blessings be prayed for those inmates that are and will have the prison or jail that they seek and continue to our blessings of the Lord. Maybe they find forgiving church to help them with that. I would like to ask for prayers for those that pray and go into prisons and jails to teach and share the word to inmates.Thank you from your brother in Christ.

Dominic - I first pray for the individual or individuals that intercede on my and my family's behalf may God bless you and your families as well as your loved ones and anything that you would yours may be going through. I speak victory into your situation in Jesus name! I pray for peace of Jerusalem as well as piece in the US, I also pray for the family members of the victims of the shooting in the church in South Carolina, I speak peace, strength and love into their lives in Jesus name. A praise, my daughter's mother and me have spoken as well as my daughter too, and let me tell you that it, meaning the conversation, was something only imagine. We had a few conversations that were really powerful and meaningful and I praise God for that I pray that he continues to go well for us and not fall back into an emotional roller coaster. I told her I was done with the relationship and in faith gave it to the Lord and trust in Him. A while later this is the result, I'm very happy and look forward to seeing what else the Lord has for us as a family in store, I thank you for your prayers. It means a lot it really does work so I think God for your prayers and I will keep you in mind, the Lord knows who's interceded on our behalf and I trust and have faith that if we that we will meet in heaven or on earth.

John - Thank you for paying me and help me grow spiritually. James 5:19-20. I would like for you to pray for my family here in out there. That I will have the courage and bravery to walk in the shadows of death and fear no evil. That I will go to another present that has good faith based programs for me.

Cedric - For the family this past week for the death in the family. My family's protection and finances, phone, C 17 building, IDOC and counselors, brothers here in Scott's class and guys going home this month.  Johnson family and their kids, Jessie and me to stay strong, also protection and more communication on the phone and letters. Habick's and family protection and a visit; Sheridan chow hall workers and food, Seawood, Suggs, Bruce and love. Also Alexander family. Also my dad, protection and health, Poole family protection, from Christie. To let Jessie know I miss her and love her. Help us to be patient, her health and our future together, better relationship spiritually. Monday night Bible study class, also Bill's AA, fellowship, Williams family and for me to be more patient and receive 3 month EGCC in Sheridan. our children, to hear from them. In Jesus name.

Eric - I pray for my brother Erin that he does good finds a job. I pray for my family and kids that they're healthy and safe from any harm; Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Ed, Harley and Karen, Todd, Kasten Bryten, Christian, Jersey, Aaron, Dani, Arianna, Aarion, Robin, Rob, Matthew, Brandon, Robin, Hunter and John. Please pray for my teacher Robin for she's getting knee surgery done. Please pray that I get blessed with some of the good time so I can get home to my family sooner. Please pray that I stay travel to manage my anger. Please and thank you.

Julio - Please pray for my mother Maria, my nephew Jacob, she needs God strength and blessings because she just recently lost her sister Luz. Now my nephew just recently got shot. God watch over my family. For me, Julio, for God's strength and blessings to forgive me for my sins and trespasses and all offenses. Forgot to fill me with the Holy Spirit, also to keep me safe as well as my family. I thank you all in God's name Jesus Christ, amen. I love you God, Lord Jesus.

Jesus - Pray for the families the people who got shot in the church in South Carolina and for the young man who did it. For peace.

Henry - Pray for my faith it has been waving like a wave in the sea as I get shorter to going home. Please pray I find a good church to have as a whole.

Richard - Pray for the family that lost their family in the church it's a shame when we are on the right track in life for something bad like that to happen. Also pray for the killer that he gets his life to Christ. Thank you God bless.

Paco - please pray for my big toe on the right foot to heal. Please pray that my loved ones will forgive me and except me with lots of love and I gain the respect again. Plus it my drivers license, Thank you.


Dixon Correctional Center

Lewis - I want a relationship with my daughter. She's grown and lives out of state. I've never had a conversation with her. I've been told she wants nothing to do with me because of her grandmother and my ex-wife. Also that my fiancé would start writing me and let me call her at least once a month. Thank you.

No name - Please pray for my wife, mother and children back in Memphis and safety of my return home to them soon!!! Prayer names; Laquita, Janice, Jaden, Amya, Tierany, LaClaysha, Jahari & Nautica. Thank you and God bless.

Michael - Please pray for my son Michael Junior a.k.a. likely that he stays out of trouble it off the drugs. Pray for my other children Aaron, Haley, Kayla, and Kelsey that they stay safe and healthy and also for my parents Marcy and Dave. Thank you and God bless

Sheridan Correctional Center

Ferdinand - Prayer for family's health and for my self, work-release and good time.

Paco - please pray that my fiancé surely will forgive me also pray that I will get the million dollar grant from the government for you that Paco will get his drivers license. Thank you and God bless you as well.

Felix - Please pray that I stay focused on my walk with God, pray for the family out there struggling, pray for Zuri that she finds God. Amen.

Candio - Can you please send prayers for my mother, my daughters and for my friends and family for their health and safety.

Matthew - Thank you for your prayers. My son who I have not seen in 21 months visited me last week. He will be coming again soon. Also my father who was sick is getting a lot better. God is great God bless you all!!! Please continue to pray for my son Gabriel and my daughter Haley. I would like to see them both again soon. Pray for my father Clarence's continued recovery and my continued growth to God. Also my wife Veronica and I are trying to make it work,  bless us and watch over her, help her get a better job and car. Thank you all God bless.

Jerame - Dear Lord, and or brothers and sisters in Christ. Today is 6/19/15 time 10:20 AM I have not been feeling good about my life, my outcome. But the good Book says that my best days are ahead. Where I am at feel down, even more so today. My seven-year-old daughter's birthday is tomorrow on top of that Father's Day is the day after that. Plus I really don't feel as happy about my outcome. I believe with God all things are possible. Things have not changed right now for me. God bless all, help me here God first of other things shall be added unto me. I don't know what's ahead only God knows. I ask if I may prosper in life. Make my kids happy, my mother happy, God happy. My baby mother has not let me talk to my kids for a month or two I missed them I have not seen them for 30 months. I want to be a good dad to them and a good son to God and my earthly mother. And in ???? my ??? God help ???? God is with us.

Eryc - I just want to pray that my family come see me on Father's Day and that the mother of my child open up your heart and see that I am becoming a better father and let my daughter come see me and I pray my grandmother keeps getting well and I just pray for the well-being, the sick and the suffering and that everyone keep faith in God and know he is on their side no matter what. Please and thank you.

Brad - Please pray that my wife Becky will negotiate with our divorce and custody agreement. So our families won't have to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers. I pray that whatever happens, that it be what is best for my daughter Tessa.

Travis - Please pray for my family to be protected and for my wife to find it in her heart to be more forgiving and grateful

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