A new chaplain has been hired at Sheridan, Chaplain Phillips. I met her yesterday Friday and invited her to sit in on the Renewing Fatherhood class and the afternoon Discipleship class which she accepted. Did not get an opportunity to talk with her at length but was encouraged by our short conversations. Please pray she will first and foremost be used for God's glory. Please pray she will find her position enriching to her own personal walk with Christ. Please pray that we both will submit to God's will and bring glory to Him in our serving the kingdom together.

To Him be the glory.


Currently there are only 182 subscriber to Disciple Prayer Requests, (it seems one subscribes and another opts out ;-( ). I'm still hoping to raise that number to 200, if you know a prayer warrior, invite them to subscribe by sending an e-mail to SOCPM@SOCPM with 'Subscribe Disciple Prayer Requests' as the subject.



Richard - I have court in Cambridge Illinois (Henry) county on June 29 my post conviction hearing. Please pray for me that the Lord will see me through. I am trying to change my MSR (Mandatory Supervised Release) time so I can be released sooner I have six months and 17 days after July 1.

Ronnie - Pray over the leadership of this country in that their decision-making measure up to Lords will versus the world of corporate interest groups who pawn on humanity for profit.

Modesto - Pray for Harry that Holy Spirit convicts his heart and brings into godly repentance. That he humbles himself before the Lord our God and respects his wife, the church family and his neighbors. Pray for Governor Rauner that he continues to have the courage, boldness and strength to stand firm against the norm (business as usual) in Springfield and continues to push for true prison reform - reform that addresses the moral and spiritual nature of man's wrongdoings (sin) with restoration as a  final goal. Pray for the wives, children, parents, grandparents and siblings of the incarcerated that God gives them peace and comfort - for they're all also affected in many ways as a result of their loved ones incarceration.

Anton - I would like to pray for my enemy, friends, family, cousin, daughter and everybody around the world to stay safe and stay strong in the Lord and believes that God loves them at all times. Thank you and God bless you. Take care, love always.

Jose - Can you please put my family, my wife Socorro and my four sons Jose, Damien, Symon and Ivan into your prayer list so God takes care of them like every day he is doing and for my mom that God take care of her for many years more in the most important reason so that I can find and follow His path. Thank you, God bless you all.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

Dontea - Please pray for me and my pride issue. My head is so big and I think that because I know scriptures that special or better than those who don't. Please also pray that I walk in maturity and the fellowship. Pray for the new chaplain at Sheridan correctional. Her wisdom, we are feeling needed direction to take the correctional center. Hoping that God will touch Madeline's heart so I can get to know my three-year-old daughter and she can get to know me upon my release.

Anthony. I ask that you pray for the churches and staying godly moral in dealing with being involved with same-sex marriage.

Frank - Pray for God to continue to answer our prayers for strength and courage to walk this path that he is laid out for us all, amen.

William - I asked for health and well-being with much happiness for my aunt Helen and daughter Emily. For myself I ask to be returned to "good time" status for I do not feel I am at any fault for trying to take out my health where others have failed. For my kitties Gracie and Chloie.

No name - Pray for my cellie Derek, God fill him with the fruits of God's righteousness and the fruits of Gods spirit and heal his mind, body, soul and spirit and also build healthy relationships in his life and heal his heart!

Cody - Please continue to pray for my daughter Ryleigh and her mom Amie. I know as a recovering alcoholic, I know I need to exhibit patients upon release so please pray I can stay patient and allow me to get my priorities right recovery being in first. Praise and glory to God I got excepted to the Saint Leonard's House Ministries transitional house! So excited and grateful! Please pray for me continuing my journey with God. Thank you, light and love

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Richard - Pray that I make it out here (paroles 07/14/15). Pray that I never do wrong again. Pray that I make the right choices in my life. Pray that I stay filled with the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Pray for me. Thank you God bless you.

John - Thank you for praying for me! I would like for you to pray for me that the Lord will bless me with a godly common sense instead of the worldly one I have become adapted to. That he will continue to open my heart and bring my faith in Him and His great works to life inside of me. May my walk be humble in the presence of sin and hate and may I be the light to others. Pray for my family's well-being, my fellowship in Christ to grow and my hunger for more godly things to take place in my life. Thank you again love you and God bless!

JD - Nick - salvation, Scott - salvation, Willis, Noah - Marina, family - salvation, lost souls, missionaries, COs, authority.

Michael - Please pray that our government does not use today's legalization of gay marriage to force the church to either marry gays 'or else', further advancing Satan's group on America. Please pray that the greed of Chicago teachers does not force the city to close even more schools and cut even more positive after school programs. Please pray that Obama stop on proceeding with nuclear negotiations with Iran. Please pray that ISIS is stopped before they take more and and execute the people and destroy holy sites throughout the Middle East.

Martin - I want to give thanks to the Lord this week for basically making me happy I don't have real issues just trying to stay focused and finish my time. Also I want to ask for more closeness to God and sanctification. I want to pray this week for the relationship between Maria and me to grow more. I truly love her and want to be with her to raise our kids together the way a family should because when I get out of here I want to live with her for it be my Father's will. If it is I would some sign. Yes I know selfish.

Lawrence - I am praying often that the safety and well-being of all the prisoners and their families and friends are cared for and seek God's word for guidance and security and safety for all of them that need assurance in the well-being of our family and friends. With love from your brother in Christ.

Dominic - Hello, my brother or sister in Christ, I first speak blessings into your life and your family members and loved ones, so you should tell the Lord you received those blessings in Jesus name, prayer is for peace in Jerusalem as well as the U.S. and may our country be restored to Christ's vision for us. The prayer for others are very powerful and revealing and I do once again thank you as the Lord knows how thankful I am for you to pray for my loved ones and me. Mothers marriage, my older brothers marriage, my little brothers life, my daughter to develop a heart, hunger and desire for Jesus and to be used by the kingdom as well as my family and my daughters mom and her family. My daughters mom and me have been talking on a continuous pace and we are getting somewhere as we prepare for my arrival and it keeps me in good spirits, so please continue or either pray for our relationship and family to be routed on Christ and not go the route we once traveled, that did not include Christ. I thank you and receive the answer to this prayer request. In Jesus name, God bless you, be blessed.

Eric - I ask for prayers for all my kids and family that there safe and healthy; Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Kasten, Bryten, Christian, Jersey, Harley, Karen, Aaron, Dani, Arianna, Aarion, Todd, Ed. I ask for prayer over my anger because I've been feeling really angry here lately. I ask for prayer for all the victims and families in South Carolina. I ask for prayer over making the right decisions on where to parole to when I get out.

Paco - Please pray that Paco has his house still to go to and may he get his drivers license and the love and respect from his family and fiancé Shirley and for my son Daniel and my daughters Carmen and Linda and my grandkids Tatianna and Jostlyn. Scott and his wife too. God bless you.

Richard - I would like to be prayed for for my relationship with Carolyn to be improved and that I can stay in my building, to continue my treatment. I need prayer for my liver to be healed and for my sister Tammy and her daughter Samantha to be healed from their MS. And prayer for my future both socially and prosperously; good job, good church, good fellowship, good community etc. Thank you.

Julio - Please pray for my family for God's love and mercy and for the goodness of our sins amen. Also for his loving kindness, for the protection that we need, but most of all just to thank him for everything and anything. I love my father thy God and Jesus Christ. God bless, amen.


Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer requests submitted

Sheridan Correctional Center

Paco - Please pray that I still have my home to go to when I am released come December of this year or next and blessed my family as well.

Matthew - Please pray for my father Clarence's continued health and recovery. Please pray for my wife Veronica and our reconnection. Please pray for my children Gabriel and Haley and my stepchildren Nathan, Olivia and Faith. Pray for their forgiveness love and safety. For my mother Sharon to take time for herself and care for herself. Thank you and God bless.

Travis - Please pray that God will provide for my wife and mother. They are struggling and need prayer. Please pray that God will give me courage and a higher self-esteem. Thank you!

Jerame - Dear brothers and sisters in Christ I asked for prayer over my kids, my 70-year-old mother, 69-year-old father as well as sisters, brothers and their kids. But my kids I miss you so much. The child's mother does not let me talk to them anymore. I don't know why but I really need to see them talk to them. Pray when I get out and I can provide for them and show them God's love etc.

Brad - I would like to pray for the families of the people who lost their lives in that church last week. I would also like to pray that my wife and we can come to an agreement on our divorce and custody situation so that it will be in the best interest of our daughter Tessa. I also pray for forgiveness for my sins.

Felix - Could you please pray for me that my family could understand what I'm going through I need them in my life please pray for me that God hears you. My family that they get what they want in life, I hope it is God. Thank you.

Candido - Can you please pray for my mother and family and friends can you pay for my daughters. Thank you.

Ferdinand - Prayer for my family and friends also a prayer for myself.

Jamie - Please pray for my mom, my step father and my brother. They are in Mexico City. Thank you God bless you. Please pray for my wife Alma, my sons Edwin and Yayden and my daughters Betty and Vanessa. They are going to Texas for vacation on July 2. Thank you God bless you. Pray for me, I have stomach problems real bad. Thank you God bless you.

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