It  was recognition day at Dixon. In Renewing Fatherhood 13 dads were issued certificates and 20 certificates were issue to students in the Discipleship class.

A couple of prayers of praise; First for David in the afternoon Discipleship class at Sheridan where a reuniting in communication took place between him and his former wife. Second a part time (Tuesdays) Chaplain has been brought in at Dixon, Chaplain Weber. He is Chaplain full time at East Moline and I've met him a couple of times and see him as a strong Christian. Please pray a man of his Christian character will be hired on full time.

Please pray for my wife Michelle's continued healing of her broken leg and for me to have patience in serving her needs.

To Him be the glory.


Currently there are only 182 subscriber to Disciple Prayer Requests, (it seems one subscribes and another opts out ;-( ). I'm still hoping to raise that number to 200, if you know a prayer warrior, invite them to subscribe by sending an e-mail to SOCPM@SOCPM with 'Subscribe Disciple Prayer Requests' as the subject.



Richard - I have a court date coming up July 23, in Rock Island (Quad Cities) for my dissolution of my marriage. Should be done because my wife has been with another man for 25 years, "I don't want to live in sin" once I am released from prison I have a new life to live. 2/18/16. Please remember me in your prayers.

James - God's favor spoken through many of freedom and the hearing in time served with no registration or supervision. In Jesus name. Blessings and thanks.

No name - Can you put my family on your prayers so God keep them safe from evil and guide them to the right path and my mom' Enedina so God heals her and keeps her many years safe and healthy. Thank you, God bless your family.

Anton - I would like to pray for my family, friends, enemies, daughter, mom and everybody around the world to stay stronger and always believe that God is with them at all time. I would like to pray for Tasha, La-La and stay(?) kid to stay healthy in faith with God at all times and I also would like to pray that I hear from them one day. Like to pray for everybody in this prison to stay stronger and God and state health peace, love and may the Lord be with all of us. I would like to pray for Scott's wife to stay healthy and I pray that God will be with both of them at all times. I also pray that the Lord gives peace, will always bless them with peace. Middle Lord be with all of them his son and family. Thank you, take care and God bless you.

Ronnie - Pray for proper healing in the home Minister Scott, that all things work together for those who believe in and love Christ Jesus.

No Name - For everybody's family also for Scott' wife and him. For Modesto 's father and mother that are here from Florida and for Ronnie, that the Lord will give him the freedom that he deserves and get to live with his family in Puerto Rica. Thank you my Lord for giving me the salvation you have given me through my King, Jesus Christ

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

David - I asked you to pray for me early on in this 10 week study to reunite me and my ex-wife. Last night I talk to her on the phone for the first time since 2014! It went very well, very calm , and she said she is willing to be friends when I get out in four months. Thank you for your prayers. Last night was an answer to prayers! Praise the Lord!

Frank - I pray that God continue to answer my prayers and use me in the name of Jesus, amen.

No name - Prayer for selfless and ambition for the church and its members. Prayer for the leaders of this country, churches and entities of authority and worship. Pray for the state budget and what needs to be done in accordance to Christ, the people, and there needs to be met. Please pray also for all nonviolent offenders to be released with in the next couple of months are eligible and deserving.

William - Please pray for the well-being and happiness of my aunt Helen and my daughter Emily until I can return to them on approximately 1/24/16. Thank you.

Joseph M. - Pray for me that God will stay my strength and also pray that my children and all my baby mamas be filled with the Holy Spirit and also Brianna and my family members.

Clyde - Today through Christ Jesus I ask for all of those whom will see it fit to pray for the family of Clyde. I ask that you pray for my wife and kids as they are out in the world without me. I ask that you pray for their safety and my safe return to them. As you pray I also ask that you include your family as well for God loves us all. I want to thank you all for your prayers and thank God for all of you saints who walk with me in Christianity. God bless you all and thank you.

Tubbie - prayer request for my children, grandchildren my parents and wife and my siblings and help me pray for some good time, so that I can get home to my family. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Julio - I would like for you to pray for me that my daughter Jasmine that she writes to be here in the prison and that God watches over her and that she forgives me for all my past mistakes I have made in her life as well as mine and I love her very much. Please pray for my family to be blessed that God watch over them especially my mother Maria. Also that God forgives them of their transgressions and sins that they commit throughout their daily lives. God bless. Amen.

Paco - Please pray that I'm able to return home without any problems of my release date. Please pray for my son Daniel Ricky to be able to write to his dad and that he safe and sound.

Lawrence - Please pray for one of our brothers that is having an issue with his counselor. Please pray for him not to get in a deeper and not go to segregation. God guide his path and may he become aware of God's guidance and follow it faithfully. Amen. Your brother in Christ.

Richard - Pray that I make it in this Stepping Stone program once I'm out. Pray that I have the support I need to be successful in my new way of life. I love the Lord because he heard my cry. Thank you.Take care of your selves.

Wayne - Please pray for my family. That they are all OK in need for nothing. Please pray for Jessi, that she is doing well and is able to support herself and our son. Please pray for my little boy Dillon, that he continues to grow and be a healthy little boy and that he grows closer to Jesus. Please pray for me, that I continue to do well in welding class and able to earn a career in the trade upon my release. I am also struggling a little with my anger issues and find myself very impatient lately. Also, I would go home next month if I were to receive the six-month good time, please pray that it is God's will that I may receive the good time, that I get it soon so that I can go home with my family and get on with my life. Thank you, your brother in Christ.

Derek - I would like to praise God and my Savior Jesus for all the blessings I received! I would ask you prayer for my wife. She can find a job. She is looking at her aunts house with our three children. I want to live with them. They are my family. Pray that my wife can find a place to live so I leave in 73 days I could be with them. I would pray for my wife also as the Lord has blessed me with her! She has me paroling with her. Pray for my son Dylan, that he quits drinking and pot. He is 16! And for my 13-year-old daughter Jenna she is cussing at my wife now and is very disrespectful. May God bless you!

Eric - Please pray for all of my kids and family my kids are; Kasten, Bryten, Christian, Jersey. My family is Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Todd, Harley, Karen, Aaron, Danni, Arianna, Aarion, Ed, Brenda. Please pray that they all are healthy, safe and are blessed. Please pray over me because I've been dealing with anger because I've been getting angry a lot more easily. Please pray over parole site that it gets approved to go to. Please pray over my cellie Aaron is he tends to anger me by his stupidity. I am really trying to except him for the way he is!! But I can't stand him. Please keep the state budget in prayer as well as Sheridan C. C.!! Thank you.

Cedric - Prayer request for Uncle Bo, to get better, health, family reunite to loved one from prison. The kids out of school to be safe and healthy. Holmes, Bruce, Caviness, Johnson family protection. Jessie and Cedric relationship staying strong, hear from her and parole site to be approved. Scott coming out, his wife's situation, Jessie's health financially, Rosemary to walk(?) her and Jessie get along better. Cedric to have my faith Jessie, also phone stay on. My niece to have healthy, baby to hear from them. Stay focused and strong with our relationship. Seawood family staying strong and healthy. Young guys at Sheridan Correctional Center to keep in touch with their family and kids. God's will be in Jessie and Cedric's relationship, trust, Bradley family, also Patterson, health stay strong in God. Brewer family to reunite and Lily, our governor to pass the budget, believe in my spouse, trusting what she says to me, Bill, AA member, and his family sharing, to forgive my enemies, counselors at Sheridan, court judges, doctors, lawyers, state DEA. In Jesus name.

John - Thanks for praying for me, I need it. Could you pray that I have the patience to pray more so my relationship with my Father in heaven will grow stronger. Also that I will continuously be aware that I need Jesus in my life. That with my own will I can't live this life for everyone else and Him. These things in Jesus name. One more thing, pray that I will will love everyone first before any type of judgment.

Michael - Scott's wife, Michelle, for her leg to heal quickly without complication. My dad, Ken Sr., that his infection in his knee finish healing so we can have the new knee put back in and he can walk again. That my daughter's mother will let me talk to her. It's been almost 3 months since I talk to Abby last and I miss her a lot.

Tim - I want to pray for me to stop doubting God. I really am sorry for that, that he forgive me and also continue to bless me and my family. Also he changes my brother's heart and looks out for me. One more thing I really miss my son that he contact me in any way. Thank you.

Richard - need prayer for my hip seed to be treated in my liver here. I need prayer for my relationship with Carolyn to be hands. I need prayer for doors to be open ports good Christian fellowship in my future. I need prayer for my family to be kept safe and sound.

Fausto - Please pray for my marriage.


Dixon Correctional Center

Michael - Please pray for me and my family that we stay healthy and pray that I stay out of trouble once I am released in September. Thank you and God bless.

Jason - Please pray for my family! That we may have the courage and strength to make it through this rough patch in my life! Pray for Laquita, Jaden, Amya, Tieranny, Laclasha, Jahari, Nautica, and me Jason & my mother Janice. Thanks and be blessed from my family.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Ferdinand - Pray for family health and a prayer for me so I can get work release or good time.

Candido - Can you please pray for my mother and her health and for the rest of my family and friends. And can you pray for me so I can go home in March of next.

Felix - Please pray for me for my father to get stronger in the walk with Jesus. Pray for my family and that they forgive me. Thank you.

Travis - Please pray for my wife and kids to be safe this summer and please pray for my grandma who has emphysema pray that she doesn't suffer.

Paco - Please pray that my fiancĂ© Shirley still hold on to the house in Hammond and that she forgives me and except me back into her heart. Thank you. Scott's wife  heal fast God bless.

Matthew - Please continue to pray for my father Clarence son Gabriel, daughter Haley, step kids Nathan, Olivia, Faith, for their health, safety and well-being. Please pray for me to see them all again soon. Pray for my wife Veronica and our love to grow with God. Pray for Patricia's and my relationship to improve (mother-in-law) I wanted to tell you that my father's health has improved he's now out of the hospital thank you and God bless.

Brad - First I want to thank God for all his blessings. I pray that he guides me in the right direction, according to His will for me while I'm still in this prison.

Jerame - Pray that God through Jesus grant me again the "verbal vision" he has given me this week but I believe the devil won't let me remember it. Also pray I may stay content in waiting on Him, God to reveal His plan, purpose and vision amen I ask that pray for my future, my life, my kids life, my mother, sisters, brothers, dad, child's mother and her family. Also pray for this evil, but lovely world of our's to overcome the evil days. Amen.

SOCPM Student Alumni

(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ
* Violated Parole ** Re-Offended


Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Proper Bible Interpretation - 03/2013 thru 03/2013 (I)
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 07/09/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 03/2013 thru 05/2013 (G)
Admitted to R&CC Menard 07/09/2015

Shawnee; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 09/2012 (G)
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 07/10/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Proper Bible Interpretation - 03/2013 thru 03/2013 (I)
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 07/10/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Know, Understand & Share the Gospel - 12/2013 thru 12/2013 (I)
Know Sound Doctrine - 05/2014 thru 05/2014 (D)
Transferred to Hill  07/10/2015


Dixon; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 02/2013 thru 02/2012 (I)
Paroled 07/7/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Defend His Faith Part 2 - 01/2015 thru 04/2015 (G)
Unlock the Bible's Story - 05/2015 thru 07/2015 (P)
Paroled 07/09/2015


Dixon; A Soldier's Call to...
One to One Discipleship -  02/2013 thru 05/2013 (D)
Discharged 07/10/2015

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