It was a joyful end to another class term at Sheridan Friday. However, this morning that joy has been dissipated with an e-mail that SOCPM alumni Thomas Keen had passed away. I Googled his name and found the obituary of his passing June 5th. Sadly there was no mention of family or visitation.
It has been a couple of years since Thomas was in a SOCPM class and he's been paroled since January 2014. I wish I can say with certainty that Thomas knew the Lord, but I can only say he professed to be and as best I can say he did show some evidence, but only God knew his heart.

Candido another SOCPM student's mother passed away Monday. I happened to have lunch with the new Sheridan Chaplin Friday and she mentioned there were two family deaths and one inmate death this past week. I did not know one of the family deaths was Candido's mother until reading Julio's prayer request.

Please lift the families of those who passed away this week in prayer.

To Him be the glory.

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Though there are usually not many I was  puzzled last week when I didn't see any prayer request from Dixon's Discipleship class. However,  when I later was clearing my class folders, they were there. I've included them in this weeks request.

 Richard - I have a court date coming up July 23, in Rock Island (Quad Cities) for my dissolution of my marriage. Should be done because my wife has been with another man for 25 years, "I don't want to live in sin" once I am released from prison I have a new life to live. 2/18/16. Please remember me in your prayers.

James - God's favor spoken through many of freedom and the hearing in time served with no registration or supervision. In Jesus name. Blessings and thanks.

No name - Can you put my family on your prayers so God keep them safe from evil and guide them to the right path and my mom' Enedina so God heals her and keeps her many years safe and healthy. Thank you, God bless your family.

Anton - I would like to pray for my family, friends, enemies, daughter, mom and everybody around the world to stay stronger and always believe that God is with them at all time. I would like to pray for Tasha, La-La and stay(?) kid to stay healthy in faith with God at all times and I also would like to pray that I hear from them one day. Like to pray for everybody in this prison to stay stronger and God and state health peace, love and may the Lord be with all of us. I would like to pray for Scott's wife to stay healthy and I pray that God will be with both of them at all times. I also pray that the Lord gives peace, will always bless them with peace. Middle Lord be with all of them his son and family. Thank you, take care and God bless you.

Ronnie - Pray for proper healing in the home Minister Scott, that all things work together for those who believe in and love Christ Jesus.

No Name - For everybody's family also for Scott' wife and him. For Modesto 's father and mother that are here from Florida and for Ronnie, that the Lord will give him the freedom that he deserves and get to live with his family in Puerto Rica. Thank you my Lord for giving me the salvation you have given me through my King, Jesus Christ

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

Anthony - Pray for Scott and his wisdom on next class, material, resources and monetary blessings. Also for other ministries, prison and church objectives. I asked that you also pray for the elderly and handicapped in these days of heat and sun. Also for peace in the different penitentiaries and  jails. Good time for Anthony all those eligible for it and really looking to seek God's will, dominion and his blessings.

Clyde - At this moment in my life I ask all and any with the faith to pray for those with and without faith. that I ask for prayer for my wife and kids, for love and peace in the world for God's grace to be spread throughout the world I ask that you keep me and my loved ones in prayer through this time of trials and long suffering. We are facing is all away from them at the time keep them safe and holy. Pearl, Clyde, Empress, Deonta, Cedric, Tannejah, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts uncles, nieces, nephews.

Joseph - you for me to be filled with God's will in all spiritual understanding and pray for the followers of Christ around the world that they may have beauty for ashes.

Dontea - My name is Dantea and I am praying for my little girl, and that we will be connected once I am released.

Jerome - Just pray for me to come closer to the Lord and to understand his Word more.

Frank - I pray that Scott' do be delivered from drugs today in the name of Jesus, amen!

Jerame - Please pray that I and all of us make it to heaven. Pray that I find favor, grace, mercy love in God. Also pray that God will always walk with me and I stay walking with him.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Paco - Please pray for my fiancé Shirley Ann will forgive me when I am released to go home and start fresh again no drugs or brew. Amen. Please pray that my son Daniel get in touch with me soon. Amen.

Lawrence - I need more prayers that are brothers and sisters in Christ pray and meditate always, every day, constantly, every morning, every night, before every meal, amongst our family, and friends, unbelievers, anyone, and everyone for Christ to forgive our sins and share his love for, us to comfort us in all our problems. Pray for the men that leave prison and are put back around the bad influences of the outside world/Satan. That they find a good church and Christian mentor to help them succeed in life and in their Christianity. Pray that men/women seek Christ for salvation. Amen your brother in Christ.

Kenneth - Please pray for my son Kenny, he has drug problems three boys in a bad relationship thank you God bless you.

Jesus - I get out on August 17, can you all pray for me and my twin daughters. I've never met them, sobriety, patients and that I stay strong on the word. God bless you and your loved ones.

Julio - I would like for you to pray for my friend can Candido whose mother just passed away on Monday. That God has her in his glory and that he give his family the strength to go on a man God bless her. I don't know her name, sorry. I would like for you to pray for me and my family, for God to give us the strength to go on, to watch over us and to bless us in every way. I also would like for you to pray for my daughter Jasmine to write to me, to forgive me for all my wrongs. Thank you Jesus name hallelujah God bless.

Richard - I need prayer for healing of my family's relationship with me and my relationship with Carolyn to be made stronger. I need prayer to face my future bravely, my fears removed and doors open to my successful completion of parole. I need prayer support of my prayer life and leading me towards God's will in my . And I need prayer for a good job and support structure to help me stay addiction free. Thank you.

Eric - Please pray that my family kids are safe and healthy; Kasten, Bryten, Christian, Jersey, Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Harley, Karen, Todd, Aaron, Dani, Arianna, Aarion, Wendy, Ed. Please pray that I'll continue to build up my math!! Please pray that my mom's address will get approved to parole to. Please pray that I'll control my anger better. Please and thank you.

Cedric - In my heart Lord, Cedric comes to you, praying for a change in his life, let your Holy Spirit guide him, to become a better person for his kids and fiancé Jessie, to support her. Living a godly life continue to encourage her and strengthen her in what she needs in our time of separation until we reunite. Trusting you God in all our faith, through the blood of Jesus Christ. Jessie and I really are holding onto each other, let this relationship be blessed to provide for each other. Cedric really loves Jessie. Wisdom knowledge and understanding Prayer for Jessie and her client's health and finances also strength to stay in courage. Our elder's health and their family in this heat. Habick family safety more visits, jobs and kids. Scott and family better health, finance and his journey with God's will. Sheridan IDOC and Westcare staff. Families in Tennessee, pray for kids mother on AOD(?) my father and brothers and family in Jesus. Cedric and Jessie, parole site to get approved, phone line, Poole and miller family in Christ.  I ask these things in Jesus name.

Dominic- Hi there child of God. Touch and agree with me in prayer, I first pray for peace in Jerusalem, as well I pray for the US. In the hearts and minds of our countries leaders to have a touch of Christ in their lives to change them completely, I also pray for my mom and her marriage, my big brother and his marriage, my will(?) I can once again say my fiancé's mother who lives with her and driving her crazy, I pray for my little brother who is now a dad, also for my daughter to be a powerful person in the kingdom of God, while she's only five years old but that's what I pray for her. My fiancé Lori, please pray for her as well, for her to be in love with Christ, for our relationship to be restored, also for Scott, his wife's leg and his son's progress to do the right thing and heart to be change for Christ's heart and for Scott to continue to allow himself to be used by the kingdom of God. Also for me, my relationship with Christ to strengthen, to be a father, husband and obedient servant of Christ.

Martin - I feel like my wife didn't sign the divorce papers. I've been thinking I really want to stay married to her. So, now I'm asking for more prayers from everywhere. Her name is Lily. the love of my life since I was 16 years old. So, please pray for this cause.

Michael - I've been struggling with some hateful and hostile feelings towards Jenny, my daughter's mother. I have let it bother me to a point that I am taking it out on other people and letting it affect my relationship with God. Please help me not to feel that way, no matter what she has done to me. Please pray for the morals of our country which I feel are in sharp decline.

J.D. - No prayer. He shared with me me, want me to know, there are five in his hall who are doing the Bible memorization method given in class earlier. He is memorizing Deuteronomy, Julio another student in class is memorizing James. Praise God for their seeking in to know His Word.


Dixon Correctional Center

Class is scheduled to resume August 19th

Sheridan Correctional Center

Jaime - Please pray for the stomach problems that I had. Please pray for my wife and kids. Please pray for my mom and brothers and sister. Please pray everything goes well tomorrow on the Jailden Patty (?) Thank you.

Brad - I pray that God can give me the courage to talk to other people about Jesus and I also pray that God will show me His will for me so that I can follow the right path and be a good father.

Travis - Please help me to not worry about my family, but to put my trust in Him.

Matthew - Please pray for me. I am having difficulty with keeping faith sometimes. I feel like I have been too weak. Please also pray for my mother Sharon, father Clarence, wife Veronica, daughter Haley, son Gabriel, step son Nathan, stepdaughters Divia and Viva. Pray for all of their health, safety and well-being. My father's continued recovery from his COPD and alcoholism. I get out in seven months and have faith that this will be my last term in prison. Pray for God to continue to work in me and through me. Pray for my relationship to grow better with my family, wife and kids. Thank you, for all this is my final prayer request it all has been helping. God bless all and thanks
(several smiley faces)

Felix - Pray for my family. Pray for the peace in the world. Pray for Santiago family to stay strong through their struggles. Pray for me that I stay strong in the faith.

Jerame - Pray for me, my mother, kids, God's will to be done in my life, pray that I'd be content in all things and know that the steps of good man are ordered(?) by the Lord. So, I should not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow has enough to worry, I should worry about today, amen.

Ferdinand - Prayer for my family and a little prayer for me for some work release in good time.

SOCPM Student Alumni

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