The mystery of the missing dads at Dixon has been explained. The students on the roster were last term's students. The promo flyer for new class was apparently not posted, thus no students enrolled and the students from the last class were not removed. Since they had already completed the class they were not aware they were still listed as being enrolled.

I'm going have to review the calendar and see if I can begin and complete a class before fall/winter break.

To Him be the glory.


Dixon Correctional Center

Richard - Please remember my family in prayer, they are in the healing process do to losing our dad. It's been four months now passing, please pray for me as I prepare myself, to be released from this prison life for the Lord will keep me positive all things. Amen. Thank you.

Jose - Please can you put all people from all corners of the world on your prayer list. So God give them shelter, clothing, and food and the most important thing piece their health. My family, my sons Jose, Damian, Symen andIvan so God be with them and take care of them like always He does thank you God bless you.

Robert - I ask you pray for me and my family. Where I would be united with them earlier than the time that was said to be on paper.

James - I need prayer for my family. I pray that we become more closer to each other now that our parents are gone to glory and I pray for our health and to get closer to God and love everyone. Also I would like to lift up you who are praying for me and my family and I pray God keep your family in good health. Thank you and God bless you.

Larry - I pray to Jesus keep my mind on him. Praying for people that are in need of any kind of help. Thanks.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

Clyde - Praying for the well-being of staff, inmate and their families for the health, faith,I hope protection of my family as they take on the world and all its struggles without me with them and making do as they are without me. Praying that you see it fit to bless them with the means they need to survive till I return to provide more praying that you bind us and your mercy and grace and love keep me striving to do better for them. Thank you for all your prayers and the mighty hand of your Son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit to You the Father, amen.

Frank - Pray for world peace.

Jesus - Today is our Lord's day, He himself takes all of our needs. I pray to Christ Jesus because with his life he paid for our lives, us born sinners with his life. I have always believed in him. Whatever we pray for especially health, safety and welfare. It's already been taken care of. Today 9/11 is even more so a day in prayer. Terrorist then like and now are trying to rule God's world. Today man's greed is driving Christ children from the countries they were born and raised. Today we pray for our families, friends, co-workers and loved ones! Even people we just meet and see. As a Christian, I pray for all healthy and sick alike. Lord I pray for all your children amen!

William - I am so tired of my sleep disorders. I don't jumpy legs, snore, acid re-flux, all out of bed, yawn all day, fall asleep in the wrong places. Please Lord pick the sickness from me. For my daughter Emily and Aunt Helen for health, happiness and to for nothing. Please Lord made my home still be available for me when I am released from this retched place. Amen, thank you.

No Name - I would like to thank God for working out my driver license issues. Yet ask for the direct path and necessary resources to get them in my hands. Pray for those with self-esteem issues,lonely hearts, those in fear, anguish and anxiety. I also would like to pray for financial properties, resources and tangible means for my reenter back into society. I'm praying for my security deposit owed me and a check from a previous employer.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

JD - My mom, my son Noah how and what to say in a letter, lost souls, missionaries, authority, military, Scott salvation, Harvey salvation, Nick salvation, Harry salvation, homeless addicts.

Jamie - Thank you God for being in school. Thank you God for the job that i might have. Please pray for my wife, that today for her interview in the new job. Please pray for my kids Edwin, Betty, Jayden and Vanessa. Please pray for my mom and my mother's love Brothers and sisters niece and nephew. Thank you.

Fausto - Pray for my mornings. Pray to stay in God's will.

Ryan - Pray that when my day comes to go home I get out of the day that they have for me to get out on but hope that my walk with God will keep going and not fall off. Pray that when I get home I can find a job and that my working on cars for people will work out for now until I get a job.

Thomas - Pray for safety for family and loved ones and friends. That my parole release direction starts to surface. That my health continues to progress. That these other inmates choosing to be here recognize their opportunity for growth and respect the disciplines that others charity makes this possible. That my mother's illness ends in glory. I get an answer to my personal belongings. That the future continues growth of for God's great plan in our lives. Godspeed. Thanks.

Eric - Please pray for all of my kids and family that their safe and healthy. Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Todd, Aaron, Dani, Arrianna, Aarion, Kasten, Bryten, Christian, Jersey, Wendy, Cheyanna and Dustin. Please pray that I'll continue learning all of the schoolwork so that I'll be able to get my GED before I get out in November. Please pray for the new wing I am on in C - 26 A wing that the spirit moves through out the wing and that it will be calm and structured. Please pray for me and my mood swings because my moods are like a roller coaster. Pleas and thank you.

Cedric - Teacher and all kids in school for safety. Spiritual guidance, to be patient, also wisdom for a better relationship, love and understanding to Jessie, also her family's health and strength and finances to get better. Safety Holmes and Davis, health safety finance spirituality Jesse and Cedric, communication to improve, mail and phone, to hear from her. Jones and Poole family forgiveness protection and health. C - 17 staff and IDOC. In Jesus name.

Michael - Please pray for my dad Ken, his knee looks like it is getting infected again. My mom Dianne has also had surgery to repair a tube in her arm for her dialysis hook up. She needs to have a few more procedures to open it back up and she is getting little or no help from my family. For the ongoing debate to cease economic sanctions in Iran. Please wake up our politicians who want to give that evil Empire dollars and nuclear capabilities. Please at least pray are present will negotiate the release of Christian American prisoners being held for no reason.

Martin - I want to pray that I get a response on my oldest son it's been a while also that I get a letter from my mother that she is OK, also for my brother and mother to come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Julio - A special prayer for my family. Especially my mother Maria, for strength and patience with my nephews and my sister. My mom took it upon herself to raise them because she is on drugs and they are her kids, the boys disrespect my mother when she raised them the best way she could with lots of love. God bless her and you thank you. Amen.

Paco - Please pray for Paco's son Daniel Ricky that he makes it to his grandparents house safe and sound and also pray for me that my fiancé Shirley can find it in her heart to except my apology. Thank you.


Dixon Correctional Center

Class resumes October 7, 2015

Sheridan Correctional Center

Brad - That my wife can come to agreement on the custody of my daughter, Tessa, that is in her best interest. I also pray for the heart of my grandpa.

John - I pray I get through these rough times with my children and court date, I pray I get a response from my family and my friend Cori.

No Name - Prayer request for safety and guidance for my family and myself through the rest of this time and furthermore.

Brandon - Could you please pray for my wife Kristi and my brother Sam, they are coming to see me tomorrow and it is a little ways from here and my son is coming to see my pretty soon he and my brother live in Chicago. I want to pray for safe trips here and back home please.

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