A rather quiet week all things considered. Let me take this quiet time to thank you for you prayers and support.

To Him be the glory.



Dixon Correctional Center

Modesto - Pray for the heart of the Illinois state representatives that the Holy Spirit softens their heart and gives them the stirring, courage, boldness and strength to stand together with Gov. Rauner in the push for change and reform of the Illinois judicial and prison reform to have a heart of restoration and forgiveness. Pray for the new administration at Dixon correctional center that they operate and lead with a heart of compassion and edification. That they look at the prisoner with the intent to build them up, educate them to live better lives and prepare them through programs to go out and be productive citizens. Pray for the parents, children and family members of the incarcerated that God comforts their heart and gives them the peace as they also suffer the consequences of a loved one's perspiration.

Richard - Please remember my family and me in prayer this week we all are preparing for my release which will be 2/18/16. Pray the Lord will help me to get back on my feet I have faith He will. Thank you.

Ronnie - Pray over the current administrators who are speaking restorative change. It is a great task to accomplish when decades have passed where the concept was to look at a prisoner as a mere offender. Pray for those who cannot get past the thought that a prisoner (offender) cannot be redeemed.

James - I would like for the brothers and sisters to pray for the people who have lost their home in the fire where the fire is in LA. Also pray for my battle against sin and pray that Dixon Correctional Center get a chaplain soon. Thank you and God bless you all.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

No name - I'm tired and have been sick. Dr. has been using me for experiment with my thyroid medication. I gained 30 pounds, 20% of my weight. I now weigh 180 pounds. I'm sick now. I'm nodding out of conscience right now. Please ask the Lord for health and happiness for my daughters Emily and aunt Helen give me strength Lord.

Alomando - That my family is doing well, that he protects them covers them in His love!! Olivia, Alamondo Junior, Tony, Erica, Fanymay. Thank you.

Clyde - Praying that God bless you all and your family and your walk in the light thanking you all for your blessings and ask for you to keep us all in prayer both inmates and staff and Scott for his help and insight that he has given us all. Thank you for praying with us, for us, as we all pray for you. Thanks be to God in all His glory, that his love is eternal. I ask that you pray for the health, safety and well-being of my wife and my children through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior I pray, amen.

No name - dear Lord God and God's chosen people, I'm in a need a fair bit of date is October 7, 2015 I have not seen my kids for at least a year and a half in the year before that I have not spoken to them for a long time. Let me be their dad. Dear God help me up to prosper so I could be a good dad in a child of God amen. PS please take the hate away from me.

Jerame - Dear Lord, dear prayer people, my name is Jerame, my out date is October 7th or 9th please set me up for prosperous life please pray extra hard for me to stay with God when I get out and I need to have a very clear relationship with God so I know how to be a good dad it's. I have not talk to them in like five months. Help pray amen.

No name - Praying for the various ministries that are out there teaching, practicing in. The message of God. Asking for resources, finances and discipline to commit. Also asking prayer for Carl and his employment Wells. He's out of work and getting weary, Chelsea for healing because she just had throat surgery. Strength for them both and restoration.

Frank - Pray for my girl's pastor, Pastor JoAnn. She has been in the hospital for two weeks. I don't know what she has been hospitalized for, but I pray that God heals her in the name of Jesus, amen.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

No Name - I want to pray for brother Derek and his family as he returns home this coming Tuesday. I pray that he becomes the spiritual head of this household. I pray for the conversion of his family members that have gone astray. I pray for Scott that the door shall be open and the opportunity to preach to the inmates at all various jails and prisons.

Paco - Please pray that Paco's son Daniel Ricky makes it to his grandparents house safe and sound. Pray that Paco's restriction be dissolved by the time his time is up come April. Please thank you and God bless you Scott and family. Please pray that my fiancé Shirley will find it in her heart to forgive Paco. Please pray that Paco's family is safe and sound and financially secure Amen.

Julio - Please pray for my family, friends, enemies, the entire world. The people who are running this country and the sick and suffering, the people who took their last breath and the people who died from violence. May they be in God's presence and spirits. I also would like for you to pray me, I trust passes, defenses in my sins. God bless you, amen.

Martin - This weeks prayer request is for a friend of mine named Cochrine my old celley. He is going back to court to get time taken off his sentence but it's a risky thing also, because he might even get more time. So let's pray he gets off. Also I want prayer for my brother Jose and my mother Marta for them to come to Christ. Thanks.

Jamie - Please pray for my wife that everything goes well in her new job. Please pray for our kids when they come out from school and they go home. Please pray for Vanessa, Edwin, Betty, Yayden and Alma. Please pray for my mom and her husband. Please pray for my sisters, brother, niece and nephew's. Please pray for mother's love sister's love and brothers' love and godson and friends thank you,

JD - , Nick, Scott, Harvey, Cameron, my mom, missionaries, soldiers, authority, lost souls, nursing homes, homeless and prison ministries.

Michael - My dog of 14 years Bugzy is approaching the end of her time and I pray that she does not suffer and that my mom's love for her does not make her prolong Bugzy's suffering. I pray for my mom, Diane, who in losing the dog will be losing her best friend. Pray for my dad, Ken, who has his knee operated on again and is now having complications and infection issues again. Pray for the Christians around the world who are not afraid to stand up to the evil forces trying to force Christ out of every day life and make us except sin and immorality.

Thomas - Peace, understanding, growth, honor, love and protection for all. The health and financial blessings be granted to all those seeking. That all my family seek the Lord and that we can reunite in his name and all the glories of family love. That my path for parole begins to be revealed to me,  for support faith. All of us remember to pray for each other and our spiritual growth, awareness and discernment of His will for us. Thank you Godspeed.

Eric - Please pray for my mom's old man John, because he found out that he has lung cancer. So him and my mom need prayer (Reeda and John). Please pray for all my children and family Gaston, Bryten, Christian, Jersey, Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Todd, Harley, Karen, Aaron, Dani, Arianna, Aarion, Ed, Wendy, Cheanna, Dustyn for their health and safety. Please pray that I'll learn take in all the schoolwork so that I can be able to get my GED I get out in the November. Please pray for all of the men here at Sheridan and all of their families. Please pray over all the never ending changes here at Sheridan. Please and thank you.

Ryan - Pray that my last 45 days go by as good as the past time has been for me and pray when I get out I could find a job as soon as I can and I don't come back to this place and my walk with God will keep going.


Dixon Correctional Center

Class cancelled resumed date 10/07/2015

Sheridan Correctional Center

Brad - I pray that God continues to give me opportunities to share my faith and i pray for my grandpa's health. I also pray that I get this teachers aid job for the CNC program here, so I can get more experience and have a better chance of doing something productive with my life upon my release.

Steven - For my kids family and I. Help with my motions. Help to get my kids back and be a part of their lives. Help for my family that are unsaved and dealing with everyday struggles. Also help for myself for my motions so I can get back to my family soon as possible and also some financial help for when I get out so I'm not so tempted to go back to robbing and selling. Thanks for your time and prayers.

SOCPM Student Alumni

(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ
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Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
One to One Discipleship - 10/2012 thru 02/2013 (G)
Know Proper Bible Interpretation - 03/2013 thru 05/2013 (G)
Know God's Holiness - 07/2013 thru 09/2013 (G)
Know, Understand & Share the Gospel (G)
Admitted to NRC Stateville 09/15/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Unlock the Bible's Story - 05/2015 thru 07/2015 (G)
Know How to Study the Bible - 08/2015 thru 09/2015 (T)
Transferred to Centralia 09/16/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Trust God at All Times - 06/2012 thru 09/2012 (G)
One to One Discipleship - 10/2012 thru 02/2013 (G)
Know Proper Bible Interpretation - 03/2013 - 05/2013 (G)
Know God's Holiness - 07/2013 thru 09/2013 (G)
Admitted to NRC Stateville 09/17/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Renewing Fatherhood - 10/2012 thru 02/2013 (G)
Transferred to Western Illinois 09/18/2015


Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Know God's Holiness - 07/2013 thru 09/2013 (G)
Know, Understand & Share the Gospel - 12/2013 thru 12/2013 (R)
Seek Biblical Counsel - 05/09/2014 thru 06/27/214 (G)
Know Sound Doctrine - 07/2015 thru 07/2014 (I)
Defend His Faith Part 1 - 08/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Renewing Fatherhood - 01/2015 thru 04/2015 (G)
Defend His Faith Part 2 - 01/2015 thru 03/2015 (G)
Unlock the Bible's Story - 06/2015 thru 06/2015 (G)
Know How to Study the Bible - 08/2015 thru 09/2015 (P)
Paroled 09/15/2015

Lawrence; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 03/2014 (G)
Paroled 09/15/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Defend His Faith Part 1 - 08/2014 thru 12/2014 (G)
Renewing Fatherhood - 01/2015 thru 04/2015 (G)
Defend His Faith Part 2 - 01/2015 thru 03/2015 (D)
Unlock the Bible's Story - 06/2015 thru 06/2015 (D)
Paroled 09/11/2015

Sheridan; A Soldier's Call to...
Know, Understand & Share the Gospel - 12/2013 thru 12/2013 (R)
Paroled 09/17/2015

Lawrence; New Life Corrections
Transforming Incarcerated Dads - 08/2013 (G)
Paroled 09/17/2015


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