One of those weeks that the Holy Spirit's perseverance was called upon. For the third week straight I had to cancel Dixon's Renewing Fatherhood class, Some students in Sheridan's evening class were not being respectful of their fellow students by carrying on conversations.

It was frustrating but when I read all that Paul went through, my week was a walk in the park on a bright sunny day.

To Him be the glory.


Dixon Correctional Center

Ronnie - Keep in prayer the youth "new" employees that their spirit know the philosophy that corrections is about restoring prisoners back to useful citizenship, not to adopt spirit of oppression until it becomes their lust; to destroy rather than build its citizenry.

Modesto - Please pray for Yolanda and Joe's healing and strength. Please pray for Diana that she accommodates and settles well at her new employment and that God uses her for His glory at this company. Please pray for Melissa that God convicts her heart and brings her to truly godly sorrow that leads to repentance that leads to salvation. Pray for God's mercy and protection over her during her incarceration. Pray for the growth, maturity, and unity of the church at Dixon C. C. Pray for Governor Rauner that God continues to give him wisdom and courage to stand firm for true moral and restoration change to the prison and judicial system. Friday for Harry's heart returns from his willful sin, and reconciled with his wife and the church.

Anton - I would like to pray for my enemies, friends, family and everybody around the world to stay faith in God and believe that he is going to take good care of them. I would like to pray for Tasha, La,la, Shantell, Lisa, Lind, Miko, Anton and everybody in this class. Thank uou and God bless.

Jose - Dear God, I ask you to take care of Scott's family and heal his son so he follow your path and he come here with joy like he's always been. Thank you for another day, thank you for taking care of my family. I know you always been by their side. I love you Jesus. I love you dear God. Thank you again.

Richard - Please remember me in prayer this week and please remember my family. I am hoping they will come for a visit. It's been a month since I got a letter from them. And as for me I am getting my mind right for my release. I now have 165 days left on my sentence. Praise God for that, it sure has been a long haul. Thank you, in Him.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Afternoon Class

Frank - pray that as I get close to my outdate November 24, 2015 that I will continue to stay focused on and in God's word, amen!

Jerame - Hello kids, Harmony Kenyon. I wish I could be the dad I want to be, the dad you guys deserve. I think, dream of the day I could look you guys in the face. The face of beautiful angels, but as of now I pray to our God to bless and look after you and know if I could I would never leave home. I miss you both. God be with you. Amen. Dear Lord God and or God's chosen people. I'm in the need of prayer, my out-date is October 7, 2015 I have not seen my kids for at least a year and a half and a year before that. I have not spoken to them for a long time! Help me! Up to prosper, so I could be a good dad and a child of God. Amen. Please take the hate toward me or in me away. God says 'ask and it should be given to you." Ask, amen.

Travis - Pray that God will give my family the strength to get through this time while I'm gone. My wife is sending me divorce papers, so please pray for us.

No name - for those that don't pray. Estimate they open the door to their heart that God may go in and dine with them. Also for favor in the softening heart of whoever is in charge of good time and is disbursement. Also pray for better treatment research and their living conditions. Also God's will to be done in what ever, whoever and wherever Scott pupils to be more disciplined and respectful in class and during his teachings.

Cliff - Thank you for your prayers. I have spoken to my elderly Aunt Helen and she is alive and well. Please continue praying for her and my daughter's well-being. Patience, acceptance, and mental strength for me. Please. Home in 135 days. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center - Evening Class

Fausto - Please pray for me. I want my marriage to be reestablished. I don't want to lie anymore. I want to practice my faith.

Joseph - I ask that you all continue to pray for my family and me, Robin, Joseph. I pray that my God soften's the Warden's heart to allow my wife to come to visit me. Thank you, God bless.

Eric - Please pray that I'll learn how to let God handle all my wants and needs. Please pray for my kids and family that they're safe and healthy Reeda, John, Judith, Harold, Harley, Karen, Todd, Aaron, Dani, Arianna, Aarion, Kasten, Bryten, Christian, Jersey, Ed, Cheyenne. Please pray for the new girl that's in my life Wendy, Cheyanna,Dystin. Please pray that I'll continue to study hard and learn this school work I've got to learn to get my GED before I get out November 6, 2015. Please pray for C26/C-Hall and the rest of the men here and their families. Please pray that these C/Os and staff here at Sheridan will stop treating us like kids and talking to us like kids and that they will start treating us like men. Please and thank you.

Richard - I need prayer for my future to be strengthened in the Word and to be able to apply it to my daily walk. I need to be placed next to the proper people, good Christian people so I can build a proper responsible relationship. I need prayer for my liver and Hep-C to be cured. Thanks.

Michael - Please pray for my Ken to recover quickly from his surgery. That the County Clerk in Kentucky who is refusing to issue marriage license will stay steadfast in her Christian resolve and that she her sacrifice and her courageous act will inspire others to follow her lead. That my daughter Abby will have a good school year and that she not only have a good school year but be a positive role model other children. There are state compelled to agreement on a budget that benefits the every day man.

No name - Pray that my son is doing good in school and his mom is doing good with her work. I hope that my mom and stepdad are doing good with the work with the house and that my mom's arm is getting better and blood sugar is getting better.

No Name - Please pray for my wife and our kids. Wife Alma, kids; Betty, Edwin, Jayden and Vanessa. Please Lord I ask you to help me with my attitude and focus on positive things. Please Lord take away these demons from my mind and around my family. Please pray for my mom. Stepdad, sister, brothers, niece and nephews.

No Name - Pray that my brother is doing good out there with his walk with God and that he's has what he needs to get by. Hope to get to talk with him soon and that he gets a job soon.

Julio - I would like for you to send out a special prayer for the sick and suffering, the homeless and the people dying from starvation all over the world. I also would like to send my love and devotion for taking time out of your busy schedule to keep my prayers and requests going strong and forward. Thank you, God bless, amen.

Paco - pray for my son Daniel Ricky makes it all the way to his fathers home in Hammond Indiana safe and sound. Please pray for me that I may return to my fiancé back home in Hammond Indiana without any problems from TASC. Amen, thank you.


Dixon Correctional Center

Class cancelled

Sheridan Correctional Center

Brad - that God will continue to guide me in the right direction. I also pray for my grandpa's health.

Michael - I would like you to pray for my family and loved ones as well as myself. I pray that we are all safe and make it back together soon as possible.

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