Nothing of note, just another week serving our great God.

I do apologize for some mistakes in wording in Jamie's prayer request. He writes them in Spanish and though I use Google translate his writing sometimes is a challenge to read, thus some confusing words :-)

Thank you for your prayer support.

To Him be the glory
Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Steven - For my ministry to open up I believe that God has called me to the ministry. I continue to walk in the grace of God in my life.

Modesto - Please pray for Julian, Julia and Elena that God have mercy on them and deliver them from cancer. Also pray for all the multitude of men, women and children whom the devil has afflicted with diseases and illnesses. Please pray for the heart of our governor, state representatives and legislators that God fills their heart with compassion and turns their mindset from revenge and hatred to a mercy and restoration atmosphere. That forgiveness, mercy and restoration be the goal and model in the state of Illinois. Please pray for the body of Jesus Christ (church) around the world that is being persecuted, tortured, mocked and even killed for simply being a Christian. Pray the Lord raises a standard against the enemy that no weapon formed against our brothers and sisters prevails, that our God meets all their needs. Pray for the families (parents, children, wife, husband, siblings) of the incarcerated. That God comforts and encourages them each day. That His peace reign in their hearts. That our Lord Jesus always supplies all their needs. Pray for the prison ministry volunteers that God gives them wisdom and direction in their ministry teachings. That they seek God's guidance of biblical truth to correctly minister to the spiritual needs of the incarcerated. God blesses each volunteer supplying their every need (personal, martial, spiritual, emotional, ministerial, family and financial) according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Ronnie - Pray over the darkened hearts of people who need light in your life. This environment is full of darkened spirits, inmates as well as staff, man has a darkened spirit unless they're in a relationship with God to allow the light of Christ in. Pray that the blood bought Christians that they rise the occasion to stay in prayer so revelation from God can guide them.

Jose - Please can you put my wife said Socorro in your prayers so that she find a job so she can feed and care for my four boys Jose, Damien, Symon and Ivan. She lives in Springdale Arkansas. She moved recently from California. Thank you. Dear God I know you are watching over them because I put them in your hands thank you. Dear mighty God thank you for your mercy and please guide them in your path.

Bruce - Good morning Jesus! My love for your words are so understanding that my prayer request is that I ask only for mercy for the human beings that are totally acting in disbelief of your laws and teaching that we all must trust and believe in, so that we all as your children live righteous and meaningful. Because as I look around each day I see the total destructing and mayhem this planet and human beings are causing death to each other. May your will help us all.

Douglas - Pray that my dad's foot wouldn't stay in enormously great pain and pray that my whole entire family will come back into my life especially my younger brother Gene.

Juan - Can you and the ministries please pray for the brother and sister in Christ around the world. Can you please pray for me with my lustful desires and my masturbation problems.

Jesus -  Prayer for my son Alfonzo to fight for his addiction of alcohol.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Clyde - To the prayer group I want to thank God for you and your prayers. Thank you for taking time out of your day to pray for me and others around. I would also like to pray for the sick and suffering, the windows and the children without parents for God's loving mercy that He shows us dearly. I humbly ask that you keep me and my family and the families of my fellow prisoners and also the staff working in the prison and their families and to all of you and your family. May God's love endure forever in all of our lives, hearts and soul. God bless, thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Steven - Prayer for my wife to help her not anger so fast and hold onto that anger (family members). I ask that you pray that He blesses us and brings me home soon to her and our kids! Thank you and please have a blessed day!

Julio - Please send a special prayer for my entire family. World peace and for the hungry and shelter for the needed. A prayer for my daughter Jasmine to forgive your father Julio for his mistakes and to one day get in contact with him, please thank you so much. God bless! Amen.

Randy - Please forgive me for failing to live by your commandments. Instruct me Lord in your way to be as Your Son Jesus. Bless my family to know Christ to know You in order to be gifted with the Holy Spirit.

Martin - This weeks prayer request is that my son sends me a letter. I haven't heard from him in a while also may his mother my wife also reach out to me I miss her a lot it has been a while since we talked.

Thomas & family - That health, peace, safety and prosperity for my family and me continue. That my parole site be finalized to my sister Jennifer's in Kentucky. That my mother is peaceful. That my health continues to increase with strength.

Issac - Pray for my children, that Issac Jr. get in touch with his Aunt Tyria and that God provide and supply the needs and protect his children. Pray that my parole plans are approved.

Curtis - God bless you. Please pray for my family, that they may forgive me. That once I get out we can start off fresh with one another. God can lead me and I actually follow his path. So please pray that I may learn courage and strength. Amen. Thank you.

John - I pray for an entry-level job in substance-abuse counseling when I get released. I pray to be healed of my hepatitis C virus and other addiction. I prayed to be able to get involved in the jail ministry in the county jail when I get released.

Wayne - Please pray for my family, that they are doing great on out there and are will prepared to receive me back home, that I don't disrupt their lives too much. Please pray that they except the new and improved Wayne and don't expect me to be the old Wayne. Please pray that my son Dillon is truly happy to have his dad back in his life. Please pray for me that I am able to adjust well back into society, that I am able to find a job quickly so I can support myself and get back on my feet, but I make the right decisions to succeed in life. Please pray that I go hall in actively seek out find the Bible teaching church to continue in my Christian faith and growth in Jesus Christ. Thank you for your time and patience with me.

Joseph - I would like to pray for my son, he is five years old and has cerebral palsy. He is being raised by his mother, and also has a brother that is nine, that helps him daily. My son's name is Peyton Lee, just asking for a prayer for his strength and also for him to continue to have joy in his life. Thank you.


Dixon Correctional Center

No name - My prayer is that I need prayer for a place to live. I am homeless right now, and I leave here real soon, I am praying for myself as well. This is the homeless guy. God bless you.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Brad - I want to pray for my mom, Lorin, stuck in her addiction to crack. I also pray for my grandpa Frank's house for my sister Lindsey and her kids Lily and Jax. Last I pray that God continue to work in my life and guide me on the right path so that I may be a better father and be able to help and encourage others.

Michael - I pray and ask for prayer for Kaitlyn Noel, Mason our son and I Michael cannot only be broughttogether again as a family through the courts to be granted our right to become a family once again. I pray we progress and flourish in love, health and happiness. That we can't truly except that yesterday is yesterday, the past is the past and tomorrow is tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day! In Jesus mighty name, amen thank you sincerely.

JD - My mom, Nick salvation, Harvey salvation, Daisy grieving the loss of her son, God to open or close doors as approaching my out-date, lost souls, missionaries, nursing homes, homeless, and prison ministries.

No name - Father bring glory to your name. Bless my family with reconciliation and restoration,. Pray for me to have loving communication with them. Create in me a clean heart and renew in me a right spirit Psalm 51:10. In Jesus mighty name do we pray.

Levolia - I would like to have God grant me patience, humility, faith, gratitude, awareness and good decision-making. I would like Him to bless my wife, children, their mothers, my family and my peers. I would like a good job (the best I've ever had), to do a study and a new Kathy. I also want the ability to help and clear the away to improve their life. Please pray for me.

Jeff - I requested prayer for my whole family. But it just passed away is a sad time. I hope they keep their spirits up. Your brother in Christ.

Jamie - Lord I pray that my relationship with my wife and children and have much better communication and puedamos Enten ern in everything we do and tell us. Lord I ask Jesus name you may have better relationship with my mom and her husband when he gets out. Lord I ask Jesus name pair you may have a better relationship with my brothers and Hemanas and all my nephews when you leave. Also with my 4 children, Vanessa, Eqwin, Betty and Jayden. Senor want to ask do I want to change heart I want to be a humble, responsible person, like a real man. Mr. pediv you want in your own name Jesus these tresanos I was at these pressures as Haija understood that the alcohol stove and drugs na me or my ecito much damage to me and my family. Senor want pedivte and to pray that everything goes well when you leave I want to be another please toner want a better healthy and responsible life with my wife and our children through Jesus pudimio

SOCPM Student Alumni

(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ
RO - Re-Offended,  VP - Violated Parole


Kenneth RO
Sheridan; Worked in C-3 Building (classroom)
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 01/25/2016

Scott RO
Sheridan 03/2013 thru 06/2014
Transferred to Pinckneyville 01/27/2016

New Life Corrections
Centralia; 11/2012
Transferred to Lawrence 01/20/2016


New Life Corrections
Vandalia; 10/2013
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Sheridan; 01/2015 thru 01/2016
Paroled 01/25/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Dixon; 11/2015 thru 12/2015
Paroled 01/26/2016

Roger RO
New Life Corrections
Big Muddy River; 05/2012
Paroled 01/27/2016

Kenneth RO    
New Life Corrections
Southwestern Illinois; 10/2012
Paroled 01/27/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Sheridan; 05/2015 thru 12/2015
Paroled 01/28/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Sheridan; 08/2014 thru 01/2016
Paroled 01/29/2016


Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Sheridan; 03/2013 thru 05/2013
Discharged 01/19/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Sheridan; 10/2012 thru 02/2013
Discharged 01/19/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Sheridan; 08/2014 thru 12/2014
Discharged 01/20/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Sheridan; 03/2012 thru 02/2013
Discharged 01/20/2016

New Life Corrections
Vienna; 09/2012
Discharged 01/20/2016

Ministry Partners

Sycamore Baptist @ DeKalb County Jail

No prayer request received

Wesley Prison Ministries @ Illinois River Correctional Center

James - When the Lord decides to let me out on parole, I'll be happy.

Manny - For God to help me understand about Him and His word and to tell me what He wants me to do. To take away my selfish heart.

Cecil - For us all to submit to God daily, stand together in obedience to become usable vessels
to bring glory to God. for my my family, my sister and her boyfriend to come back to our family.

John - I ask for God to increase my journey and for my girlfriend and my grand kids to as well as they've done recently in Christ.

No name - For my health, feeling poorly for a while and for a letter from my son and that doc let him (21 yrs old) come to visit me here.

Larry - For my family back in Chicago to be sustained by God, while I'm away.

Elgin - For restoration of my family and that they will follow Him who saves, to bring glory to God.

No name - I ask for the men and women of God to pray for our country to wake up and return to Jesus( 2nd Chron.7:14-19) and for us who're locked up physically or in our minds. pray for our church here behind the wall and for me and my mother to be restored in our faith and trust in each other and she will be saved.

No name - That my son will visit me.

Paul - For some reduction for my time in prison, i would praise the Lord if He helps!

Jormane - That God would bless the whole world, every person and every thing. Amen

Merrick - God's blessing on us locked up in prison. thanks and God bless. For Daisey too.

Isaiah - I'm leaving here soon and need prayer to stay focused on those positive things from God and for restoration of my dad's side of the family. That I fulfill my purpose in life.

Tyrice - For peace love and unity in our lives.

De Norris - For the Father to keep using my brother Aaron and I to make gospel music.