A personal prayer request for my wife Michelle, please prayer for her overall health and being relieved of the pain she is suffering. Thank you.

To Him be the glory

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Dixon Correctional Center

Jesus - Pray for the whole class, COs, and my loved ones.

Randy - Pray for dad stage four cancer, Larry's daughter for approved adoption, Michelle for her health, Family for the salvation of Christ.

James - Favor in Northern Illinois Federal Court so I can save God more fully in a restored life. Many thanks

Rod - Prayers of praise for a recent unexpected visit with my wife and two of my sons. I haven't seen them since June. Pray for communication will occur with my wife and a softening of her heart, pray she will initiate as God moves in her heart. Pray, the chaplain will offer special services for Christmas and Easter. Muslims celebrate Ramadan for a month here and Jews celebrate Hanukkah with special services and meals. Pray we have equal time to celebrate the core events of our faith traditions.

Bruce - Good morning Christ, thank you for another gifted day that we have to do our Father's will by praising You daily. I pray that no matter what we all stand by faith repenting all of our sins and that You Lord truly bless us all and that Dixon, the jails, other institutions and the courts state and federal be open with compassionate verdicts upon all inmates by moving forward for good changes that allow room for merciful blessings and inmates be released and prayers go out to the election and they show mercy.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Don - Pray for Chaplin Phillips, for her health and Jesus Christ keeps her to continue His work in the choir and programs in the church. Pray for brother Scott and his wife, may God keep them in good health. And all things work through the hands of the doctors to help. Pray for the Westcare counselors and all correctional officers at Sheridan. For their salvation and deliverance. Pray for my son and his mother for their salvation and deliverance to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

Julio - Please pray for my mother Maria. She needs the Lord strength and blessings. She is having a hard time trying to find an apartment. Also for my new grandson who was just born I also pray for the forgiveness of my sins. God bless amen!

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Stephen - Please pray for all of us here that we allow Jesus, heart. Please pray for my wife and four for kids and for my release on December 2 and for God to really be a part of my life and may God bless Scott and his family and their health and who reads these prayer requests. Thank you.

Joseph - I asked that you all continue to pray for my family and me, as I will continue to pray for The families of this world. Thank you all and may God bless you all that pray for us here in this prison. Thank you, amen.

John - I am asking God to open up my understanding when I read His wordand to be a soul winner. I'm Asking God to give me wisdom. I am asking God for me to be a witness to my sons, daughter and wife and friends. I'm asking God permission to marry Lyner. I'm asking God to give me a Christian parole officer. I'm asking God's parole to my daughter's house so I can be around my grandchildren. I'm asking God to supply all of my needed money on my books and for me to be in Malachi Dads. I'm asking God to heal me because I'm going to UIC this month.

No name - Please keep my love in your prayers, that God may strengthen her, love her, support her, and heal her. Amen.

Andre - I'm asking God to draw my cellmate to Jesus for salvation and filling of the Holy Spirit. And for me to be able to withstand being in close quarter space in a cell with him.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

Orlando - Dear Lord who is in heaven, I want to thank you for giving me life on earth, for blessing me with a good family, good kids, a good woman. Thank you for all my blessings. Also, Lord of asking that you grant me my prayers for my kids and wife stay in good health, stay out of trouble and be around positive people into keep me away from trouble And keep me close to God. I pray in Jesus name, amen.

Clevon - Please pray for my wife and family! For my mother, father, stepmother who went home to the Lord. My friends and foes, the staff here and officers. The inmates, the world and its safety. All my nine kids and their families. My marriage and relationship with my wife and I myself being and to remain focused in the Word of truth of God!! Thank you and god bless.

Ryan - I like prayer for Joe and Cindy of Oklahoma City. Joe 80 years old suffers from Alzheimer's and deteriorating health and strength. Cindy 65-year-old is to undergo surgery in the next few weeks hopefully as the last major step in her cancer treatments. Currently, both Joe and Cindy have more good days than bad. I pray that Joe continues to have good days as his wife Cindy goes through her procedure and recovery and that their daughter and very good friend of mine, Margaret, have the feeling of burden and stress from helping Joe and Cindy be lifted as Cindy progresses to be cancer free and Joe continues to have better days than bad.

Sheridan Correctional Center

No name - Would you pray for my brother that he would find himself a stable place to live and also pray for my son and me that the judge would give him back to me.

Miguel - Please pray for my loved ones that they can come to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and they can be saved. Please, and thank you.

Brandon - Pray for my family two daughters and their mothers. Also, would like to pray for the sick and suffering. Also Sheridan Correctional Center and the brothers and sisters lost in the spirit.

Michael - I would like to pray for the world come together in love and have faith in our Lord God, so we can live in peace. Also for my daughter and me to get to know each other. Thank you, Lord, in Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Lamont - Can you please say a prayer for my family and me, that we may continue to have good health and remain blessed. Also, can you keep my cellmate Williams in prayer as well he is going through some tough times right now? Thank you, God bless.

Don - Pray for my cellmate Ezra, for his salvation and deliverance. That the counselors can hold a one-on-one conversation between this mess of his hygiene and cleaning up after himself. Please pray for my medical boots and clean, new clothing after being at Sheridan Correctional Center for nine months, boxers, socks, and T-shirts. Pray for my family's health and deliverance. Also for my testing of thyroid diseases and cancer goes smooth in the next few weeks.

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