Wayne another long time student attended his last class Friday at Sheridan. He's the one who often prayed for his little boy Dillon. Just this passed week I met a pastor from the Rockford area where Wayne is paroling to and is wanting Wayne to contact him for being a part of the church family and may have a job lead for Wayne in welding. Pray for Wayne and his little boy Dillon.  
Several new faces but sadly the same old evils; murder, addictions, estrangement from loved ones. Hearing of their trials and situations inspires me to a higher level of serving God.

I'm finding many despite what they believe they do not having a saving faith, do not know of God's sovereignty and forgiveness awaits those who believe in their hearts the blood of Christ Jesus on the cross.

Your prayers are so much needed and appreciated. Thank you.
To Him be the glory

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Joey - I like to give praise to the triune God may He receive all our glory as we worship and honor His Holiness. Amen! Amen! Amen! I like to pray for all the volunteers who faithfully sacrifice their valuable time and efforts bringing prisoners the word teaching of God educating us, transforming our hearts. Amen! Amen! Amen! I pray for Ronnie, Modesto, Victor, Ricky and so many others who are incarcerated seeking forgiveness and reconciliation in Christ. All our struggles to regain our liberties and live righteously among other true believers in Christ. Amen! Amen! Amen! I like to pray for all those dearest to my heart inside prison and outside. May God bless each and everyone with comfort, health and happiness. Amen! Amen! Amen! I like to pray for all those advocates, lawyers and family volunteers fighting on behalf of juvenile lifers. May God bring an end to the harsh sentencing of natural life and bring these seeking liberty an end soon/ Amen! Amen! Amen!

Modesto - Let us pray for godly wisdom that we may seek God's face for direction end guidance in all our decisions making sure that we may always act according to God's will. Pray that God gives us discernment to follow the Spirit and not the flesh. Let us pray for the parents, children, spouse and siblings of the incarcerated, that God comforts their soul and strengthen them so that they may have peace and joy in their hearts; that their loved ones incarceration does not depress or causes them anxiety. Let us pray for the peace, joy, comfort and strength of all victims of crimes. Pray that they may forgive the person who brought them any pain, sorrow or suffering. And there be reconciliation. Let us pray for all the men and woman who have been sentenced to natural life without parole, that God moves the lawmakers with compassion and has them reform the sentencing laws that those who can remorse and change for good in their life may be allowed to go before a judge or panel to reconsider the sentence.

Doug - Pray that my whole entire family comes back into my life in my family would stay out of harms way and pray they all try their best to try to have great attitudes. The way that things have been going on these days even there all bad things that have been going these days. Either they're all bad or negative things.

Richard - Please remember me in prayer as you know my release date is 2/18/16 (discharge not parole). The 17th will be my last class. I'll be in class on that day please pray the Lord will use me to spread his word and bring others to Christ. Prayer of thanks for Scott for being a part of my life. I really learned a lot from him in my walk with the Lord. Pray that he keeps up the good work. It's been a long road for me and I give thanks for his being there.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Joseph M. - Pray God continues to protect Brianna from evil men, spirits, women and thoughts. Please provide a job for her so she can start working this month (February). Give April, Owna and Latonya the fruits of God's righteousness and God's spirit. Pray God bless Dorn with great health and peace and give Puicco wisdom so he can be the best can be. Plus Robert, Shala, Maryann, Dion, Kia, Wayne, Tony, Felisha, baby girl and her daughter, Pastor and First Lady Johnson and Pastor and First Lady McSwain with the fullness of God's love.

Peter - pray for my mom and dad who have problems with money often and that they stay strong dealing with me in prison. Please pray for me that I go home May 22 not to a halfway house and when I do go home I do not forget that God has been there for me and that I stay out of trouble and put the things that matter first please pray that I can get through the rest of my treatment with a positive attitude and a grateful heart. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

John - I pray for my friend Nick and his wife Mary. Last week Nick had to put his wife Mary into a nursing home. Please comfort them during this difficult time. I pray that Nick finds the proper care for his wife Mary.

Stephen - Please pray for my family and that they have strength and safety and for my forgiveness!

Julio - Please pray for my family, friends and loved ones. For the people who died from violence, and drugs etc. I also would kindly appreciate for your prayers for me that God forgives me of my sins and offenses. I sent a special prayer for that family who was just slain on 57th and California. Five adults and one child, all killed from violence. May God have them all in his hands.

Curtis- Good day. Please pray for the family who was killed the other day on 57th and California. Period six people were killed. Also please pray for my mother and that her health remains great. Her mind is at peace concerning me. That I have God's protection keeping me safe and healthy. Please pray for Sheridan correctional Center. Thank you.

 Issac - please pray for myself and his daughter. She's 15 everybody is and has many issues of being antisocial. My cellmate stress worry and depression pray for him. Pray for Mike Rowe plans to be approved.

Thomas - Health, safety and prosperity for myself and loved ones. Reconciled relationships with my children. To exhibit a healthy, humble relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior. That my parole site in Kentucky will be approved ASAP. Continued peace, safety and health for myself and family. Faith, love and hope! Thank you.

Roberto - Prayer for Tonya who has back problems. Mario and James and my father Augustin. To keep family together and strong faith through all the obstacles put in their lives.

Joseph - I ask that you all continue to pray for my family and me. I am dealing with some inside problems so please keep me and my family safe.

Joseph - Please may I have a prayer for my son Peyton I haven't been able to speak with him. Because of my situation. He is five years old and was born with cerebral palsy and he is a beautiful child in every way. Please pray that we will speak again and I will have another opportunity to be a part of his life. Also pray for my family and their health. Jesus Christ muscles all. Amen.

Wayne - This is my last class I am very anxious to be free from this place but I am also very nervous and scared of life awaiting me outside of here. It is going to be great and I know I am ready but please pray for me that my head stays pointed in the direction God has planned for me and that I don't get lost on the paths of adversary ever again. That I do good for myself first, my son, my family and everyone else who needs me. Please pray that I am excepted back into my family, Community in my new church. Please pray that I continue on my journey with Christ and I don't have him at the gate. Please just pray that I never fall into the grasp of my addictions ever again. Thank you all very much for your prayers.

Martin - this week I want to play for my oldest son to reach out to me. He won't write back to me. I don't know why, so I will have to pray for it so that needs us here this to prayer request.

Paco - Please pray that I can return home without any problems. Please pray that instead of going home April 16th I go home instead on Friday the 15th. Amen, please. Please pray that my children and family will forgive me and I can get on with my life and son as well and God too and my grand-kids as well. Please pray that I get flooded with customers that need fixing repairs in their homes. Please pray that I get the finances I need to my tools automobile for the job. Amen.


Dixon Correctional Center

Jose - Can you please put my family into your prayers so God keeps them safe and my wife in a special prayer that she could get a job. My wife's name is Socorro. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Michael - I want prayer for change. For chances for those who need them. I pray for trust for people including my fiancé to trust, to believe and have faith in me. I pray for change and ability to keep changing. No more backsliding. I pray I can trust and let go of control. I pray to put everything in God's hands. I pray He takes over and I lived in his will and path.

JD - My family, lost souls, missionaries, homeless, men here at Sheridan, authority - president, military.

Jamie - Prayer have three months lifts God's will ??? and provision. Please pray for my daughter Vanessa she's 16 years old and having attitude problems. Please pray for all my kids at Edwin, Betty, Jayden and Vanessa. Please pray for my wife she's doing everything outside. Please pray for our moms and fathers and all our brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews and all our family. Thank you God bless you.

Brad - I want to pray for my mom, Lauren who is still stuck in addiction to crack. I also pray for help with my patients and anger. I need help to love others as the Bible says. I go home in two-and- a-half-months and it seems like my temper is on a short fuse lately. I pray for peace of mind and sincerity. Lastly, I pray for my grandpa's health and the rest of my family and kids.

Jeff - I requested prayer for my son's mother name Jessica. She hasn't seen our son in over three years. Please pray for her to overcome her addiction to alcohol and drugs. Please pray for our son named Ezra. Play for Ezra to get through these tough times. Thank you your brother in Christ.

Stephen - please pray for me. I have a sitter fixing my life. But I still need to fix something's. Please pray for the safety of my family and strength. The Lord bless my appeal in life sentence. Thank you and I pray that you have a blessed day.

SOCPM Student Alumni

(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ
RO - Re-Offended,  VP - Violated Parole


Terrance PV
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 03/2013 thru 05/2013
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 02/01/2016

Austin PV
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 05/2015 thru 12/2015
Admitted to R&CC Menard 02/02/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Dixon 010/2015
Deceased 02/02/2016 - Age 59 (incarcerated)

David PV
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 03/203 thru 09/2013
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 02/04/2016

Rasul PV
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Dixon; 02/2012 thru 08/2012
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 02/05/2016

James RO
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 08/2014 thru 12/2014
Transferred to Robinson 02/05/2016


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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministry
Dixon; 10/2015 thru 11/2015
Discharged 02/03/2016