With Easter upon them being separated from loved ones makes incarceration that more difficult and the desire to be forgiven by loved ones even more strong desire. Please remember my guys in prayer as you and your loved ones celebrate our risen Lord.

I was unaware of Dushanti's son Dushanti Jr. having been murdered, a victim of senseless violence. A grim reminder that for many if not most of the these men the murder of a loved one is just another day in the streets of an evil world they call home. Gives me pause to think how blessed I am.

May we all who confess Christ as Lord sand Savior truly know the what He saved us from as celebrate His death and resurrection. 

To Him be the glory

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Rod - Pray for each member of my family will truly be led by the Holy Spirit. We need His truth, teaching, comfort, conviction and empowerment toward Him putting our family back together. Today we study the agape love of God in class. Pray the lord will fill us with this kind gracious, forgiving love. Ask him to remove pain, anger, disorientation that continues to linger three years after I let home pray an open invitation to work through things will be received by by two members of my family. Some of my family relationships have been reconciled for which I am grateful. But praying for remaining to come about even if just to bring some baby steps this year. The truth is, I am weary. Pray God's love and humility sustained me and help me to keep reaching out even when efforts are not reciprocated.

Joseph - I have to give great praise to almighty God for giving us life and allowing us prosper under His guidance - may we who behave never falter honoring His glory. Amen I pray for all those who bring us the Word and volunteer their precious time away from loved ones. May God always give them abilities to teach those who yearn to know our heavenly Father. Amen. I pray for all the advocates, lawyers, politicians who favor giving juveniles sentenced to life terms a second chance at life. May God grant all those worthy their freedom and guide them accordingly. Amen. I pray for my dearest daughter Monique and grandson, all my family and friends- may God always keep them safe and be by their side directing them in a righteous path of living. Amen

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Peter - Please pray for my mom and dad. They were coming to visit me the other day but they never came. Please pray that they are okay and nothing is wrong and that I stay calm. Please pray that I go home in May and stay home and do not fall into the bad temptations of the world. Please pray for me and my three brothers in are growth of becoming godly men and that we focus on getting to that point. Please pray for me and my cellie. Pray that we get along and I stay calm when he is being annoying in please pray that I could get the knowledge to talk to him about God and not negative things. Please pray that me and my family grow closer closer to each other and to God, that we do not let the little things of life break us apart. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

John - I pray that my parole sight will be approved and I will be able to go home when I'm released. I pray for my friend and his family with the loss of his aunt and dog. I pray that I may get involved in the jail ministry at McHenry county jail when I get released.

Paco - Please pray that Paco returns to his house without any problems. Please pray that Paco's son Daniel is safe and returns to do Paco's life for ever, amen. Please pray that God helps Paco financially to open my business with the vehicle I need. Please pray, that God helps Paco pass his drivers exam. Pray that God sends a good woman to Paco. amen. Please pray for me, Scott and family. Please pray I go home in three weeks.

Jamie - Please pray for my wife and our kids. Please pray for all our families. Please pray for me I'm going home in eight weeks. Please pray for all the inmates and their families. Please pray for Jimmy, Fausto and everybody that attends these classes. Thank you.

Douglas - Thanks for the prayers for my parole plans to be approved. God granted our request and I was approved with no stipulations, thanks! Keep my sister Tyria in prayer, for wisdom and decision making and for health to serve others in her family. Pray for my children Ricki and Tawana that they will resolve their issues with each other, and not let their sister relationship be destroyed by the devil.

Curtis - Good day. Please pray for my family and me. That as the days draw near, that we continue to draw close to one another through the love of God and We can build on our relationship in Jesus name. That we can let bygones be bygones. That they won't hold my past against me, but let them see that I've become a new creature in God's family. Please pray for Sheridan Correctional Center and please pray for the children who lose their lives in senseless violence., Thank you. It's not about me! God please do what you want in my life. I need to work on my prayers. Sorry.

Julio - Please pray for Julio's family and for my daughter, she's finally pregnant with her first child which will be my first grandchild. Pray for me that she forgives me for my sins in my offenses, pass mistakes while she was growing up. I need for God to help me to touch her heart and include me in the babies life for me to be a great grandfather. Thank you. God bless.


Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer request submitted.

Sheridan Correctional Center

No name - Pray for my mom and kids.

Jimmy - Open-door's where to go when I get out. My mom and her health. My brothers Pablo salvation, Michael George Baltazar. My sisters Jacquie, Lucille, Daisy, Maria and Judy salvation. Corrections officers, authority, our country soldiers, my son Noah marine.

No name - Pray for the families in the recent bombing!! Can you pray for my children/family? Pray for strength and more understanding for me. Also I want to become a mission person to keep my Lord on the peace of mind. Pray for Tera and her family. Keep her in prayer/strengthen, show her the way Lord.

Steven - Can you please pray for all of us who are locked up!! Please pray that all of our families are safe. Please pray for my wife and kids, keep them safe and my wife strong in her faith. And that the Lord blesses my sentence! Thank you and have a blessed day!

No name - Father please watch over my wife Rachel and my little girls Layla and Lillian. Help Rachel to be the best mommy, daughter, sister and wife that she can be. Please Father guide direct and counsel her in her recovery and life. If it is your will, I pray that she finds You and in the meantime help me to be an example of your power, your love in your way of life. remove her desire to use and free her from her obsession to get high. Work it in and through me, speak through me so that I could be the man she needs me to be, to help guide her as you would have me. Grant that I may seek to understand then to be understood, to comfort then to be comforted, to love then to be loved. Help me put the needs in ones of my family before my own and to except then carry out your well.

Dushanti - Would like a special prayer for my family and Gartley and also the Fox family, while we embrace the one-year anniversary of my son Dushanti Jr. who was murdered March 22, 2015. I also would like to pray that my God continues to be exalted and praised by man, for he is worthy! Thank you in advance.

Brad - I pray for patience in my last few weeks in dealing with these people here. I also pray for my family and their well-being.

Shannon - God would bless me with a wife. God lead me to a church that teaches His truth. Bless me with a good job. My children and grandchildren would be saved and know Him. My siblings and relatives would be saved.

Fasuto - I would like to get back to my wife. I love her and my kids. Please pray for us that our marriage could be restored. Pray that my faith gets strengthened everyday I want to serve you Lord.

SOCPM Student Alumni

(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ
RO - Re-Offended,  VP - Violated Parole


Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2013 thru 05/213
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 03/19/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2015 thru 09/2015
Transferred to Graham 03/23/2016


Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 02/2012 thru 05/2012
Paroled 03/12/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 11/2015 thru 12/2015
Paroled 03/23/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 01/2015 thru 02/2015
Paroled 03/24/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 08/2014 thru 09/2012
Paroled 03/25/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 08/2015 thru 03/2016
Paroled 03/25/2016

New Life Corrections
Western Illinois 03/2013
Paroled 03/25/2016


Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 03/2013 thru 05/2013
Discharged 03/19/2016

Ministry Partners

Sycamore Baptist @ DeKalb County Jail

Jeremiah - Been struggling with accepting other peoples faults and the petty annoyances. I need help not to allow it to annoy me and for strength to pray for them.

Todd - Please pray for Ival who was found guilty on Friday he now feels that his life is over and nobody has any use for him. God gives us all life, so it must be precious to Him. Thank you God bless.

Tyler -I always feel like I'm bouncing back and forth between two extremes. Either turning my full attention to Christ and neglecting others completely. But If I try to invest some time into others wasn't just to build relationships or whatever, I end up getting overrun and overcome by own flesh. I don't know how to find the middle ground of maximum effectiveness for both, God and those around me. Plus, I am pierced when reading 2 Corinthians 7:9-10 because I'm afraid I never experience true godly sorrow or else why do I keep going back to those same old sins God delivered me from? Thank you for your prayers on these things.

Joshua - I feel like I have slipped off the ladder reaching to God. I am looking to reaffirm my faith. I would like a prayer to help me get back on track. Also, I would like it if you can pray for my five kids to hold on strong for my wife to remain strong is I will be home soon. Thank you for your prayers.

Henry - My prayer request is for friends and family and for the nonbelievers that the Lord would touch their hearts, so they would seek and search His word in way. I pray for our brothers that believe and are giving a good fight with the enemy, that the Lord would give us that spiritual armor and would stay strong in the word and keep our faith and hope strong. I pray for my lawyer that the Lord would give him the understanding and would finally get my freedom but it would be God's way. I pray for myself that the Lord would keep giving me the strength to keep going in my faith in my hope. Thank you and God bless.

Andrew - Please pray that there can be peace and healing among anyone who maybe(Sorry to sound like a broken record). Please pray for mercy and forgiveness, and for all to be able to know what's in my heart. We had a great message today. Please pray that I can be a cheerful giver and that I can give back to God's kingdom. Thank you! Amen.

Mark B. - Please pray that I will continue to search for and seek out God for the right reason. Please pray for my children Abby and Anthony that they will forgive me for my faults. Thank you!

Terranius - I would like for you to pray for me and my loved ones to get through are terrible times. Thank you and God bless.

John - I would like to pray for us all to get a second chance and for God to hear our prayers.

Lafayette - I pray for our hearts to be forever right with God. I pray to and us all to be with our family and church families soon.

Mark E. - I would like for you to pray for my mother's health and pray for favor not only for me but for the brothers around me. Pray over this jail and every other prison that the depression and stress be no more. Pray for all those who haven't accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Thank you.