A smile came upon me and joy filled my heart to get notice two SOCPM students have been discharged.

Joe, I've been told through his mentor that since his release Joe is attending church, has good employment, got married, bought a house and has been blessed with a baby daughter.  Praise God indeed!!

Richard, did not have to serve parole. He completed his sentence this past week and has gone to live with his brother in Rock Island. I hope to stay connected with Richard. I'm working on getting him connected to a church and I hope to hear stories similar to Joe's of God's blessing in Richard's life.

We're midway through the class of 'The Attributes of God', most definitely one of the most challenging classes to teach as the students are hearing doctrine that counters teachings they have previously heard. Teachings that teach a God created in man's image.

"God is sovereign except..., God is all knowing, except..., etc." A good number are choosing not to be open to teachings that reflect the true character of God versus the prideful "I control..." So it was a moment of humility and encouragement when I read a note I received from JD this week. 

In part "... As you teach the character of God, I'm learning more.... To know why you believe what you believe has made so much sense in your class, the best part is you let us form our opinions and let God do His work in us. You are a good teacher just want to say thank you for all that you do in service of his Majesty on high"

Thanks JD, those words come at a good time. Joe and Richard may God's blessings be bountiful. 
To Him be the glory
Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Doug - Pray for my dad's back and for his foot to have no pain when he walks and his back won't be in pain too. Pray that my dad's cousins depression leaves her and pray for Scott's son that he'll stay clean from liquor and drugs and he gets saved gets to know our Creator in heaven. Amen.

Joey - I like to give praise and glory to the Almighty highest Father. I thank Him for creating me, giving me life and blessing me with family and friends who care for me. Amen! I pray for all those wonderful volunteers who bring us the Word of God, sacrifice their time away from their loved ones. May God bless them all in special ways granting their needs. Amen! I pray for all those lawyers, activist, clergy, politicians and judges who are fighting for the release of juveniles who are serving life substances. May God grant all our petitions for relief soon. Amen! I pray for all my family members, friends, may God bless each single person with their request. The heavenly Father knows what we need before we ask. I pray by sharing our prayers worshiping, honoring His glory, our petitions will be answered. Amen! May the Holy Spirit enter all our hearts keep us safe in our daily lives. Amen!

James - Prayers please for God's favor in the appellate court. That He will continue His miracles to restore my life to serve Him more fully.

Rod - Pray for my wife and I making a decision that we disagree on. Pray we can honor each other and see win-win and not a win lose scenario. If I need to submit, pray I have grace to do so and give up something I need and desire. If Lord have my wife submit, helper to do so

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Brandon - Pray for God to take away my selfishness. Help me also with my humility, patience and anger. Also for the strength of our marriage to stay strong.

Clyde - I ask today for the prayer for my wife and her health to get well. I ask that you all pray that God heals her and give her the strength to push through in the mighty name of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior amen. Thank you, God bless.

Peter - Please pray for my big brother he has been struggling with alcohol and he is trying to get sober and a half white house now. Please pray for my dad he is trying to become a pastor at a church the Vermont area he has an interview coming up on February 28. Please pray for me I am down to my last three months in prison and I need to be strong when I get out so I don't come back and that I am ready for May 20 no matter what. Please pray for my family they have been having money problems, they have been better lately. Please just pray they stay that way and thank God they are now. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Joseph - I ask that you continue to keep me and my family in your prayers. I also asked that you pray for my best friend Robin. Amen that she continues to stay the course.

Curtis - Good day. I want to thank you were just coming into places like this to share and spread God's word. Also for the willingness to pray for someone you don't know. Please pray for families that lost loved ones through since with violence. Please pray for Sheridan, that they treat everyone in a humane way. Please pray for my family, friends, loved ones that God keeps them safe and healthy. Also that God puts a forgiveness inside of them for my past wrong doings. Amen, thank you.

Issac - I'm in agreement with Pastor Scott, and praying for his son Cameron, for him to know Jesus and relief from his addiction and renew his relationship as a new man in Christ with his father. Pray for my parole to be approved for out-of-state. Continue to pray for my son, Isaac Junior, to get in touch with his family because nobody knows where he is in California.

Steven - Please pray that many more invites fine price to live through the word. Please also pray for our families wives and children.

Joshua - pray for my mouth and attitude to get right in following God.

No name - God I pray that you will transform me to be a better person. Slow to anger to speak from the heart and be able to forgive those who have offended or wronged me. Also ??? please help those who I have defended/sinned against to forgive me for their sake.

Michael - Please pray for my dad Ken, that he will heal from his recent surgery for his knee and that the affection will heal and he can finally get everything fixed so he will be able to walk again. I'm trying to get back into horticultural class please pray that it will work out. Thanks.

Paco - Please pray that was Westcare gives me a second chance to put me back into the program and gives me my "Inside Outside Dad"  certificate which they owe me after two years and eleven months that I invested in the program. Please pray that Paco's son Daniel Ricky is safe.

John - Pray for my friend Nick and his wife who was put into a nursing home. Pray for my friend Nick's wife was in the nursing home for her comfort. Pray for my friend Nick that all his needs will be met financial, emotional spiritual.

Kenneth - Thank you for your prayers, for my son Kenneth Junior. He has kicked his drug habit and doing well. Thank you Jesus, amen.

Mark - I would like to say prayer for my son, Chance and niece Chi-chi. I also would like to pray for my grandparents Rosalia and Owen have a safe flight on Tuesday 2/23/16. Thanks and have a blessed day.

Brad - I pray for patience and motivation in my last two months here. Also pay for my mom who won't stop smoking crack.

Dwayne - I pray for my fiancé and kids and my mother. I pray that God can show her the way and me the way also.

Thomas - Prayer for continued health, safety, peace and prosperity. Prayer for healing of my current illness, that I will feel better. That I get confirmation of my parole site to my sister's in Kentucky. Nothing gets in my way of going to Kentucky on 3/25. Hooray! Thank you.


Dixon Correctional Center

Elliott - Pray for my family to come and see me.

Sheridan Correctional Center

No prayer request submitted

SOCPM Student Alumni

(G) Graduate, (P) Paroled, (R) Removed, (T) Transfer, (D) Drop, (I) Incomplete (W) Writ
RO - Re-Offended,  VP - Violated Parole


James (RO)
Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 03/2012 thru 01/2013
Transferred to Western Illinois 02/16/2016

William (PV)
Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 12/2013 thru 12/2013
Transferred to Illinois River 02/18/2016


Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 08/2014 thru 08/2014
Paroled 02/16/16

Terrance PV
Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 03/2013 thru 05/2013
Paroled 02/16/16

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 01/2015 thru 02/2016
Paroled 02/19/16

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 08/2015 thru 02/2016
Paroled 02/19/16

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan 01/2016 thru 02/2016
Paroled 02/19/16

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon 05/2015 thru 07/2015
Paroled 02/19/16


Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 10/2010 thru 08/2011
Discharged 02/16/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 07/2013 thru 07/2013
Discharged 02/16/2016

New Life Corrections
Robinson; 05/2013 thru 05/2013
Discharged 02/16/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 09/2013 thru 11/2013
Discharged 02/17/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Dixon; 07/2013 thru 02/2016
Discharged 02/17/2016

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
Sheridan; 10/2012 thru 02/2014
Discharged 02/17/2016

Ministry Partners

Sycamore Baptist @ DeKalb County Jail

Reggie - I would like prayer for strength during my times of weakness. I would also like for her for help with all my negative situations I am going through.

Andrew - Please pray for peace for me and my family and for anyone affected by my situation. Also, as per Mr. Wright's message today, please pray that we in this jail may have love for one another just as Jesus has loved us. Amen.

Rick - Please pray that God provides the wisdom in knowledge to my attorney to provide the will of God in my case. Pray that Jesus comes into my children's lives. Give thanks for the fellowship with Pastor Phil and Wright. Pray that Jesus helps me learn to love even though some do me wrong. Please bless all my brothers in orange too. Amen.

Mark - Please pray that I can become the father that my children, Anthony and Abby deserve it and can be proud of. Thank you.

Christian - Please pray for my soul and grab a piece for I feel weak and soulless. Please pray that I get strength in what I'm about to face. Thank you my brothers may God look after you in your life. Amen.

K'Ron - Pray that God continues to have mercy on us, He forgives us for our sins past present and future, but I continue to keep blessing all of His children and that we all as His children receive the spiritual wisdom knowledge and understanding.

Tyren - Pray for everybody in this jail to make it home to their family in a short amount time, I pray for forgiveness for my sins. I pray for the judge and the state attorney to show compassion in Morse and forgiveness for their sin. And I pray for my family and thank God for His Holy Spirit.

John - Pray for me that I can come out of this probation. I know that my sins are forgiven, but I'm just so afraid of the situation. I would just like to know that God hears my cry for mercy that He hears my prayer and that he touches these people hearts to give me a second chance.

Todd -  Pray for those who have not fully committed themselves to God and Jesus Christ yet. They are still teetering between the old person and the new person.

Tyler - I want to start moving in a new direction but presently there are some very destructive attitudes that are really infectious. I find myself pretty pulled in at times and feeling bad about it later. I've been debating moving to a new location but I want to do the right thing not just the easy/comfortable thing. Pray that God will guide me into His will. Also my dad has gone to the doctor for some swelling around his liver. I don't know what to ask for to pray for that, so please pray as the Spirit moves you. Thank you!

Justin - I want to start looking into a new direction with my faith. I found myself once again falling back into my old ways. So please pray for me that I can get my faith back. Also please pray for my family as the mother of my youngest children found out she was sick. But pray for her and that my children will help her as she once helped them. Thank you.

Jeremiah - I need prayer for focus I have been so unfocused and just feeling blah lately. I need help to show love to others despite their differences. Amen.

Julian - Pray for me that I go home soon. Also for my court date 30 days. Hope it goes OK for me, prayers for Brandon who died in jail prayer for his family, bless them.

Henry - My prayer request is for all the brothers and sisters in Christ that the Lord would give them the strength to keep striving forward in the walk, that the Lord would give them the strength and armor to fight a good battle. I pray for non-believers that the Lord would reach out and touch their heart in a way that they get to know Him. I pray for family and friends for the Lord to keep them safe and to put His hand of protection over them. I pray to the Lord that He would bless me in getting my freedom soon. Thank you and God bless.