A challenging week; with the administrative secretary now gone at Dixon passes were not issued and a very disruptive class in the afternoon class of discipleship with more students conversing among themselves as opposed to watching the lesson.

I am thankful for the correctional office at Dixon who attempted to get the men released to attend the classes and Timothy a student from the afternoon discipleship class at Sheridan who gave me words of encouragement at the conclusion of the class.

I do ask for prayer nonetheless that God give me the perseverance needed.  
To Him be the glory
Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

James - Prayers please for God's miraculous help continuing in the appellate court as he brings victory in the significant seventh year. Many thanks and blessings.

Joseph - I like to give all the praise and glory to our Creator, our Father - holy, holy, holy to His greatness - amen! Amen! Amen! Please heavenly Father hear my prayers and the prayers all your believers/followers that yearn Your guidance and need Your support in our petitions if You deem we are worthy. Please take care of all the volunteers/clergy members who dedicate their visits for Your teachings by bringing us Your word continually, amen! Lord, please take care of my niece Ronica who recently went through a kidney transplant - you know your circumstances, her needs Lord. I asked that You oversee her conditions and bring her to full recovery stage and restore her a life of comfort and renewal - amen! I pray that you bless all the individuals who are working on the juvenile lifers issue in restoring our liberties - all the lawyers, advocatesand family members extra strength and knowledge to conquer all the obstacles we, they face - amen! Amen! Amen!

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Timothy - been having trouble with getting into school here at Sheridan very interested in a class called warehousing which teaches me how to drive forklifts which is ideal to go home and get a job doing. Please pray that I get a hold ASAP, I only have six months left before I am released. Thank you God bless!

Clyde - Praying for all families of those around me and giving thanks to God for all who pray for our families. Thanks for the days pass and the days ahead. Keep my family in your prayers as I pray for all of yours with hope, faith and love through the Spirit, the Son and the Father for all that is done for me for the presence that is with me daily. Thank you again and God bless.

Peter - Please pray that I get out in May and when I do get out I keep growing in the Word and don't stop because of all the temptations of the world. Please pray that me and my family stay strong through all these hard times and never let them break us apart and be thankful for all the good things we do have. Please pray for my dad, he is trying to get a back in the ministry, he had an interview February 28. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Issac - For my family to have good health in provision. My parole was approved with no stipulations. Praise God. Pray that my brother send the paperwork with his new address to field services. Pray for the young man I minister to here at Sheridan.

Curtis - Good day. I like to thank God for just letting me see another day and letting me have control of senses and limbs. Please pray for the servitude of fellow Christians who bring God's Word to the people seeking Him. Thank you, but pray that I allow God's word to to flow in me that I can glorify His name. Pray for my family and loved ones and that they will accept me, the new me, not bringing up my pass, I will need to show them what God is doing in me. If that makes sense! Thank you.

Paco - pray that Paco son Daniel Ricky is safe and out of harms way and financially secure. Please pray that Paco's fiancé Shirley drop the order of protection against Paco. Please pray that the state visit all the prison and hear all the inmates complaints. Please pray that Paco gets the financial help he needs to get his drivers license and a vehicle to transport materials to and from work. Please pray that Paco achieve his goal and gets his three pinball machines for his home.

Jamie - Please pray for my wife she has a new job. Please pray for our kids because they take the public transportation to get home. Please pray for my daughter Vanessa to do well as a personal in general. Please pray for Ivan, Edwin, Betty, Jayden, Vanessa and my wife Alma. Please pray for me of going home on 5/24/16. Please pray for my mom and stepfather. Please pray for my brothers and sisters all my family and all my wife's family. Thank you, God bless you.

No name - Lord God help Pam to forgive me for offending and hurting her emotionally. God give that to her for her sake. Giver her that ability to forgive so her life will be less stressful and she herself can be forgiven.

Brad - I pray for patience in dealing with people I live and work with here. Also pray for my mom who will not stop smoking crack. Last, I pray for motivation to keep on doing the right thing so I can do good when I leave here and be a good father.

Mark - Please! Pray for my grandparents they are coming home on Tuesday Arizona. I just want them to be in great health and safe flight from Arizona. Also play for my niece, son, sister, dad and kid's mom. Please! Pray for my friend who was shot and whose lungs are affected. Thank you.

Michael - My dad Ken, is in rehab for MRSA infection in his knee, that they fix this infection are able to repair his leg soon. He has not walked in 15 months. I have had a very trying couple weeks, please pray that my patience hold out and I am able to just grin and bear it so I can just go home. Thank you.

Martin - My prayer request is that I just want to thank the Lord for everything He has done for me in my life. I am so happy these days just knowing He is always with me changing me for the better for me and my community because without Him I couldn't be who I am today. So, thank you Jesus, I love you so much Father. Your son.

Julio - Please pray for my family, friends in the entire world. For world peace. I would like to pray for my daughter she's now pregnant with her first child. That she included me in my grandbaby's life. That God touch her heart and soften it to forgive me for my mistakes, offenses and my sins. Thank you God bless.

John - Please pray that I will be able to parole to hold it out have to go to a halfway house. I crave my friend Nick and Mary with her health. I thank you for prayers answered.

JD - My family, open door or close Wayside Cross. My brother Michael coming out of Galesburg in June,. My cousin Oswaldo coming out 2018 after serving 48 years for guidance. My brother Pablo, staying clean, he has a job, good living place, that he will give his life to Christ.


Dixon Correctional Center

James - My son is in the custody of DCFS Safe Families. His mother is in a 28 day rehabilitation program. I haven't seen my son since November 3, 2013. Please pray that the situation will allow me to reunite with my son through a visit by DCFS while he is in their custody. Please pray that my letter to DCFS will find its way to the right person in a timely manner, fulfill my request for a visit. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center

No prayer requests submitted

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