SOCPM has had a desire to do more pastoral ministries and a reminder of need for those pastoral needs was seen again this week in Joshua's prayer requests as it has been for a couple of weeks.

He is struggling with what many Christians struggle especially those who are young in their walk, as is Joshua, feeling they're being persecuted, while the non-believer appears to be the one who is being blessed (2 Timothy 3:12-13). I got to spend a couple of minutes with Joshua before the correctional office called him away but I could see in his eyes he was desperately seeking more.

I share this asking you to keep Joshua in your prayers and the he receives the pastoral care he needs. But I also want to share while at the Dixon volunteer banquet, we were reminded as volunteers the restriction against visits unless an exception has been approved. This is the first I have heard about the exception but am hoping to find out more. Please pray that this may be a door opening for SOCPM to have pastoral visits with the Joshuas. There are many!

Also Rod a long time student at Dixon shares the struggles his wife is having in raising support in her job as a missionary for One Way Ministries. I know that area of ministry all to well. Please be certain to pray for Rod and her. Her name is Cathy and she is a missionary at One Way Ministries. 

To Him be the glory

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

James - Prayers please for victory in the appellate court and praise for the latest miracle of His holding back the state in their inability to answer constitutional violations. Many thanks and blessings.

Rod - Finances are in a tough spot for my family. My wife is doing missionary work with Onw Way Ministry based in Illinois. Her monthly support is low this month two thirds low to be exact. She meets with CEO of ministry and CFO to discuss options. Please pray God will provide someway, somehow what rent is due soon and she is not ready at the moment.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Peter - Please pray for me I have been doing my drug groups and it has been hard for me not to just get up and quit. Please just pray I stay strong. Please pray that when I go home May 20th I stay out of negativity and do what is right and keep working on my walk with God and don't come back to prison. Please pray for my family. I have not heard much from them in a few weeks, just pray they are okay and I hear more from them soon. Please pray we grow closer in these hard times not farther apart and that we all just trust in God and let him do his work. Please pray for my family, they have been having problems with money. Pray that it all works out. Thank you.

No name - Please Father watch over, guide, direct and console my wife Rachel. I pray that she may find you. Fill her heart and soul with the Holy Spirit. Give her all she needs to stay clean. Free her from the desire to use and remove her obsession. Help her to be the best mommy, daughter, sister and wife she can possibly be. Work in and through me so I may be an example of your power, your love and your way of life. Give me all I need to be the man who you would have me be; the best father, husband, son and brother. I pray for your will and your will alone and reveal to me the footwork required of me as well as the power and strength to carry it all out. Free me from worry, my jealous and suspicious ways, all my fears, difficulties and pain. Help me just stay in the moment and live just for today, to accept that you'll let me go home once I am ready.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Pablo - please pray that Paco returns home in Hammond Indiana with his son Daniel Ricky and live a life with God blessings and Grace, amen to that.

John - I pray that my parole site will be approved and I will be able to parole at home and not have to go to transitional home. I pray for my brothers in Christ who will be on their Cursillo retreat next weekend. I pray that I may minister to inmates at the McHenry county jail when I get out.

Julio - Please pray for Julio's family and for the forgiveness of my sins. For world peace, for the people dying from starvation, the homeless, and the people who died from violence. Please also send a special prayer for the sick and suffering. God bless you.

Douglas - Pray for my sister Tyria and my brother Melvin that God watch over them them and provide and keep them away harm from them. Pray for the wardens and the guards here that God will give them the wisdom to watch over us. I'm in agreement with your prayer with Cameron that God will clean him up and bless your relationship with your son.

Curtis - Good day, please pray for your ministry and for all volunteers coming to Sheridan Correctional Center and into places like this that we may learn more about God's word and for taking the time out of their schedule to bring God's Word to sinners like me. Please pray for me in that my parole site gets approved. That I have patience in letting God's will be done, not mine. Pray for my family that they may give me another chance to be a part of the family. Thank you and amen.

Joshua - I don't understand why I feel like everything I am doing is for nothing, that all my time spent trying to get a relationship with the Lord, why do I always feel that everything and everyone is against me? I pray that the Lord will help me get through this and truly make me a disciple and a worker of Hid. Please pray for me to become a follower and stop doubting my salvation. I sit back and watch people that are so disrespectful to God and people but get all the good things in here I am trying to serve God and put my heart into it but get burned all the time, why? I am confused what why do or should I keep trying to do God's work and keep up all my studies I do. Please pray I get an understanding of this thing I don't understand. Thank you.


Dixon Correctional Center

Randy - Lord, thank you for the gift of your son. Father, I love you and I glorify you and I am asking you to open the lines of communication with me and my children, my brothers and sisters, my wife and my friends. I thank you for blessing me with them and allowing me to receive a letter from Lisha and be able to talk to Ernie, thank you Lord. I am asking you to make it so I can write the kids. In the name of Jesus.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Brad - I pray for patience in these last few weeks I have to spend here and I also pray for my family. My mom who is still stuck in addiction and is about to lose her home and my grandpa whose health is not doing so good.

No name - Father, thank you for being so merciful. Please call and bless the hearts of all men and speak to Mr. Powell and Mr. Patten, let them know that Jesus loves them. In Jesus name.

Michael - I pray that I stay on God's path and His will for me. I pray for clarity of the situation I'm going through with the mother of my child and love of my life. I pray God keeps His promises and mends my relationship like he did for my Mary and Joseph, I think it was. I praise You for everything I'm going through because Lord I know and believe this is just a small piece or part in my life of something much bigger you're constructing. Amen.

JD - My mom's health, my brothers Michael, Pablo, Baltazar, George, my sisters Maria, Daisy, Jacque, Lucille, and Judy. My nephews and nieces Michael and Angeline, Bryan, Evy, Felicia, Bacilla, Matthew, David, Marco, Noah, Frankie for salvation. Open doors as where to go upon release.

Jamie - Please pray for my wife and kids. Please pray for my mom and my wife's mom. Please pray for all our family mine and my wife's. Please pray for me I am going home in eight weeks. Please pray that things go well when I go home.

Dushanti - I would like to give all praise to the only one true God! I want to think Him in advance for sending his Son to die for my sins and to deliver me from an eternal life in hell!! All glory to God!! In Jesus name amen! Thank you for keeping my family while I am away, amen!

No name - I do believe that because of grace given from God I am in no way to continue to practice my old ways of thinking. I thank God for our instruction, who is committed to ensuring those ears that are open to receive your Word Father it also reaches their hearts. God bless Scott's family and whatever his heart desires. I pray that your answers are heart felt as well. In Jesus name, amen. God bless us all.

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