Attendance is still an issue at Dixon do to passes, movement sheets, etc. I heard a full-time chaplain has been hired. Please pray that if that indeed is true the person would be a solid Christian and a passion to implement Christian programming at Dixon.

To Him be the glory
Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

The Gospel in Knowing Christ Jesus & All That He Did

Dixon Correctional Center

Ignacio - Ignacio, Enriqueta, Antonia, Antonio, Venica, Kathleen, Peter and Libby, Gabriel. For release in return to my family ASAP. For forgiveness from those I've wrong. For peace and love for my enemies.

Bruce - My prayer request goes to Dixon correctional's hard not understanding you Lord even in prison. To some of us us and by attending any Bible study group on church services Lord you have made lots of men to see how amazing your grace really is. I thank you Lord for working inside the men that do not understand you Lord, but that You Lord Jesus continue to work inside this prison and its officers. So that they can be more compassionate to inmates as your prison rule 504 suggested that.

Jesus - Pray for my ex-wife on her health and alcohol addiction.

Juan - I am still having problems with my lustful area. Can you please pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ in this world. That our him father in heaven supplied their daily needs. Can you also pray for the ministries that are coming in and out of the prison system in the world.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Michael - Please pray for me to get accepted into the work release program here in Illinois Department of corrections. Please pray for my family and loved ones to see that they are safe, healthy and happy. Also please pray that I can stay sober and live a responsible, honest and happy life.

Peter - Please pray that I get out next week, do good, stay out keep following God and do what is right. Please pray for my big brother he is in jail and has been drinking too much. Pray he sober up starts doing better. When I get out I have a job doing carpentry, please pray I do good at my job, go to work and don't lose my chance at work because I want to be lazy. Please pray that I gets along with my cellie for my last six days and don't do anything dumb. Please pray for my whole family that we stay strong through hard times and keep our eyes on God and have faith. Please pray that I stay calm my last six days I have had anxiety a lot. Pray that I have faith and trust God and know He has a plan. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Curtis - Good evening, thank you Lord for giving Scott the strength and courage to continue to come and bring me God's Word. Please pray that the kids in Chicago, that they may be touched by the Holy Spirit, that the senseless violence would come to an end. Please pray that I continue to have patience. It seems like the closer my out-date gets I'm getting frustrated by people's actions. Please pray that when I'm reunited with my family again that that can be day one with our lives to glorify God's name together. Amen thank you.

John - I continue to pray that my parole site gets approved I get to go home and not have to go to a transitional home. I pray that I will be able to help others that suffer from addiction especially inmates.

Issac - Pray for my family to be restored to me when I am released. Pray for my out of state parole to be approved. Pray that God will lead and direct the choir and band. Pray for the new warden that he has the mind of Christ when it comes to the wisdom and decisions he will make during his time here at this facility (Sheridan).

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

Class cancelled

Sheridan Correctional Center

Steven - Please pray that the other inmates and myself find refuge in the Lord and that I start praying more and start reading more of the Word. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Dwayne - I would like you to pray for me to get to the crystal meth program at Southwestern Correctional Center to help with my addiction. Thank you.

Joshua - I ask for prayers on my mind, so if you come into the action of Christ and Christ alone. I am going through a test and I am trying my hardest to be a follower of Christ and do what He wants me to be in this life. My mind sometimes it takes me back to a place where I do not want to go back to in this life. Please pray for me and my walk and my talk to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and in Him only do I live. God bless. Philippians 4:13, 2nd Corinthians 5:17.

Brown - Please pray for his children to have strength.

Will - Pray for my family, good health, to make me a better father, brother, son and man in general. Also pray for my relationship with my son's mother.

SOCPM Student Alumni


Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2015 thru 06/2015
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 05/12/2016


Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 05/2015 thru 07/2015
Paroled 05/12/2016


No Discharges

Ministry Partners

Sycamore Baptist @ DeKalb County Jail

Tyler - Please pray for me that my heart will be filled with the love of God. That His Spirit would consume me and that my heart would reflect Hisown especially as concerning others.

Todd - please pray that God will be done in my life. My sentencing is coming up on June 1.

Gary - Justice, for all parties involved.

Rich - Please pray that God's will is done in my life. Give thanks for Pastor Phil and Wright. Pray that God comes into the lives of all the inmates and removes the scales from their eyes so they see the Word and become the new creation God wants us to be.

Andrew - Happy Mother's Day to all moms today! Please pray that I can show Christ's love to others in thereby be a blessing to someone. Amen! Thank you.

Tad - Just say thank you to God for getting my wife back with my children. They are all home and back together only bye Him watching over them!!

Jeremiah - Praise to all the mothers on this day. I praise God for the mothers in my life. Prayer for my friend Stuart D. who goes to trial on the 10th of this month; His parents and him he need God's love and comfort as he is tested in this trial. Pray for my twins who are wondering if I'll ever come home. Thanks to Phil and Gary.

Henry - I pray for family and friends. I pray for our brothers who are non-believers that the Lord would touch their hearts and sing and praise his name. I pray for our brothers who are believers in Christ, that the Lord keep giving us that spiritual armor that we all need to keep striving forward in our walk, that hard walk but not difficult to do. I pray for all the mothers that on this day it would be a special day for them. I pray for my lawyer that the Lord would enlighten his mind and shine some light and this trial can finally come to an end. In Jesus mighty name. Thank you and god bless.

DeWayne - I'm praying that Carlutta will be strengthened by God to endure this bump in the road. I also pray that God gives me power over the enemy to serve him no matter what. In Jesus name.

Bryant - Pray that God won't give up on me and allow me to overcome all that I am going through. Pray that I will raise and be the mighty man oh God that I should be and that no weapon form against me should move forward. That my wife would get her life together whether it's with me or not. Bless my children and stepchildren.

Walter - Pray for the people that come to leave the Word and pray for those who want to learn and give us better knowledge to become better men when we leave here and pray for all the mothers on this day.

Keith - Please pray for the things I don't believe about you Lord Jesus. Amen, amen, amen.

Tyree - Please pray for better days and to watch for my family and for a blessing on my case and at court. Amen.

Andre - my spirit to wake up more in this flesh of mind dead for good. Amen

Christopher - Please pray for the Lord to give me strength in my times of weakness, to watch over my family, to bless us with good health. Amen.