An encouraging week despite many challenges. I see all the challenges as opportunities for God to be glorified and have faith with prayer and obedience He will.

I wrote a prayer on behalf of Joshua, Sheridan evening class. He is a young believer struggling with a lot of remorse and fears but so strongly seeks Christ. I ask that you would seek the Holy Spirit's guidance in praying for him.

Also a reminder to please keep my friend Tom, his wife Laurie and his loved ones in prayer.

To Him be the glory
Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

The Gospel in Knowing Christ Jesus & All That He Did

Dixon Correctional Center

Douglas - Pray for my dad that he'll slowdown on working in my mom and my dads yard. Pray that my whole family comes back to me and we can reunite back together, especially my young brother and also pray for Scott's son that he'll keep going forward and he won't turn to alcohol and drugs when times get tough for him.

James - Prayers please to praise and thank God for continuous miraculous help in this trial and thanks for teaching He will complete what He has begun to restore my life.

Bruce - I pray that the State of Illinois get together and pass the budget. So that the many people that rely upon the state for means to survive, do not struggle to live right and healthy. I know that the Father's will, will supply spiritual food, yet there's a lot of people that depend upon state funding and let the government and the people of IDOC come up with a resolution and bring forward a solution to bring back good-time for nonviolent offenders and others to be released to programs that are designed to help them them not bring them back. Thank you.

Jesus - Pray for my loved ones, especially my ex-wife Corina, to help her on her addiction. God bless you!!

Juan - Can you please continue to pray for the brothers and sisters in Christ, that our Father in heaven give them the strength that they need for the day. Can you also pray for the brothers and sisters in Christ that are in prison that God may mold us like Christ. Can you also pray for me with my lustful desires and pray for my family that our heavenly Father may protect them.

Ignacio - Pray for my family's health, safety, happiness and faith; Antonia, Kathleen, Enriquete, Ignacio, Veronica, Anthony, Gabby, Peter and Libby and kids, Gracey, Cabe. Free for forgiveness from any and all of those I have wrong feel negatively towards me; Xochi, Rebecca,  Judge Sax, DA, ADA, etc.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Michael - Please pray for the health of my family and loved ones and also that I can make good choices for the days to come.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Isaac - Pray for my parole site to be approved to live with my brother in Texas. Pray for family.

Curtis - My friend who died in a car crash funeral is tomorrow 5/28. I pray she is with God. So please pray that God takes care of her. Also pray for the State of Illinois that they may come together for us. Pray for the innocent people that have been killed by gun violence. And as I get closer to going home, that my spirit remains uplifted and that my eyes continue to search for God. That I ask for God for the strength to continue on the path that he wants me on.

Mark - I want you to pray for my family especially my grandma and her back. My son and niece, all my family and friends, especially my grandparents and son thanks.

No name - I would like to pray for all those even myself to have a better understanding of ourselves and to better ourselves to help ourselves and others who may need to be helped. Also for my family and friends, May they remain healthy and of sound mind. I would like to pray for all of those in Sheridan and that they find the strength to go through this hard time. Amen.

Julio - Please pray for "Julio" that God forgives him for his sins and that my daughter let me be a part of my unborn grandchild's life. That He protect my entire family and for world peace, world leaders, homelessness, people dying of starvation. I love Jesus! Alleluia! I really appreciate all of you. God bless you.

JD - Renfro family and Mitchell family, both went to a treatment center and died from heroin overdose, one or both left a son, Renfro's mom is on heroin too. Person who gave them the heroin overdose and lived but now is in Cook County awaiting charges. Pray for my mom's health, my whole family and my placement at wayside Cross.

Joshua - Please pray for God's healing, peace and comfort for the many emotional pains deep in his heart. Pray he is guided to a place to parole to come August, my personal hope is Wayside Cross as he has asked about one that is all about the Lord. He like many, but unlike many, has personally expressed to me his fears once he is paroled; finding a safe place to live, finding a job, sobriety but mostly just staying on the path of living a life that glorifies God. He has no family and friends. In short my heart swells in a special love that comes from God towards Joshua and pray that God would place the same love in your hearts towards Joshua.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer request submitted.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Dwayne - I would like to pray for my family and that they are all taken care of, all of my kids and step-kids; Deven, Allie, Kaylee, Xander and Ashlee and and Carrie taking care of them. Thank you.

Edward - Pray for my son and me, that we be together and for his protection.

Larry - Pray for Larry and Michelle, for God to keep us in his grace and mercy and always be that Rock where we can find salvation. Also please help me in prayer that I get a better relationship with my daughters.

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