Nearing the end of another term. Please pray for the last few weeks to open hears to the Gospel as the fatherhood classes hear how to be activelyinvolved in their children's lives while incarcerated and in the discipleship classes they hear in how to deal with suffering through the Cross to God's glory.

A prayer for a friend and colleague Bob in the going home of his wife Joyce.

A couple of prayers of praise. A program that offers dads to record themselves reading a book to their children is returning to Sheridan. Please pray it will return to Dixon and all IDOC prisons. Finally, my son Cameron is nearing six months sobriety and he was recently promoted in his job at the halfway house where he lives from Night Desk Manger to Director of Operations. Pray through these blessings that Cameron's heart will open to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

To Him be the glory

Scott Kalas

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

The Gospel in the Cross and Suffering

Dixon Correctional Center

Ignacio - Please pray for my family, especially my estranged daughter, may she find it in her heart to reconnect with me. Until then, may God watch over her and take care of her. Please pray for me in a successful appeal and expedited release so I returned my family and community. Thank you.

Ernest - Will you continue to pray for favor and God's will be done. Thank you!

Jesus - Pray for my loved ones, keep them safe and in health.

Richard - I need prayer for depression and loneliness. Please pray that my mother and son would start writing to me more. Thank you.

Bruce - My prayer is for comforting and inner peace to every man here in Dixon. That whatever situation, problem, ordeals they are going through be removed by the mighty blood of Jesus name. Amen.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Shannon - Pray for the Word to come to my siblings and children. I'm paroling to Rantoul on the 16th that God leads me to a good church home. That I find a good job, that I honor God in my marriage. Stay sober and protected. Thank you.

Michael - Please pray for the health of my family and loved ones. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

John - Prayer of thanksgiving, I praise Jesus that I will be paroling to a God-centered 12 step transitional in Woodstock Illinois. I pray for Bob M. and his family with the loss of his wife Joyce.

Steven - Please pray for us inmates. Please pray for all the officers and warden. Please pray that the Lord blesses my heart and mind and my family and my sentence. Thank you and I pray for you have a blessed day.

No name - I pray for my wife and my daughter to be happy, healthy, safe and loved. I pray to be home soon. Amen.

Isaac - Please pray for safe travel to El Paso, Texas. Pray over our programs and activities here at Sheridan Correctional Center, that the door will stay open. Pray for my sister Tyria and brother Melvin, that God will direct them on my life in the transition back into society and what I need.

John - I asked God to heal me. My name is John, I am asking God to heal my congestive heart and I am asking God to go home on November 21, before Thanksgiving and I like to get a letter from Latoya and Terri and I want my grandkids to write me to.

Mark - I wish to pray for my grandma and her back as well as my son and niece. All of my family, friends and enemies.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer request submitted.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Larry - Ask God to continue to watch over my family and me and to be making it in my recovery once I leave My wife's name is Michelle, my daughter's names are, Nikki, Moni, Savanna, Lashawnda.

Joshua - please keep praying for me and asking God to show me my shortcomings in life and where I need to step up and do better for him for myself thank you

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Sheridan; 08/2009 thru 10/2009
Admitted to R&CC Stateville 06/26/2016

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Sheridan; 12/2013 thru 07/2014
Transferred to East Moline 06/29/2016

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Dixon; 11/2011 thru 01/2012
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