It was not God's will to close out the term, at least not at Dixon, where for the 2nd week in a row a lockdown cancelled both the discipleship and fatherhood class. The discipleship classes did conclude at Sheridan where 46 men received certificates.

A couple of prayer of requests in addition to those of the students. Mark, colleague, and friend of mine who serves in Illinois Youth Center Saint Charles shared with me there has been major unrest by the youth incarcerated at IYCSC the past two weeks where he and his team have not been able to enter the facility. Please pray for the unrest to end; pray for safety for both the staff and youth, pray for Mark and other volunteers bring the message of Christ to be able to return and be used by God to turn the hearts of both the staff and youth to Christ.

As I mentioned previously Tom Beatty, also a fellow colleague and friend, has terminal cancer and his health has declined recently. Please pray for the Lord to call Tom home soon to end the suffering and to be in the presence of Jesus and to continue praying for his wife Laura and family.

To Him be the glory
Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

The Gospel in the Cross and Suffering

Dixon Correctional Center

Class Cancelled.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Donald - Prayer of praise Habeas Corpus, change of venue for immediate release from Johnson County to LaSalle County or Cook County

Matthew - My families and my health, for God to deliver my family and me from strongholds and bondage. A closer relationship with Christ for healing in my body from hemorrhoids, financial blessings in my life, for healing in my families lives, I pray that God sends someone in my life to help me do my prison time.

Terry - Pray for us all and praying for all my family and friends and pray that I will get some good time. God bless you always.

Overath - Prayer for wisdom according to God, same for the authorities.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

John - I am asking God for eight things; to bless me with some money on my book. I need to hear from my mother Hattie. I need to hear from my grandkids, at least a letter. I want to know if Lyner is in good health and to write me. I am praying for my sister Teresa, I haven't heard from her. I am praying to God to help me to get my mouth fixed. I'm Asking God to heal my heart, they said I have congestive heart failure.

Martin - Please pray for me to keep my strength against temptation.

Douglas - Pray that God will direct and lead my life for His glory.

Julio - Please pray for my nephew Michael, that God takes him away from his destruction path of drugs and trying to take his own life as well as his own brother. Pray for my mother Maria to give her strength in dealing with her grandson's problems as well as her own. Pray for God to forgive them for their sins also my own God bless.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

Class Canceled.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Class resumes August 26th

SOCPM Student Alumni


Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 03/2012 thru 03/2012
Transferred to Lincoln 07/20/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2016 thru 05/2016
Transferred to Pinckneyville 07/20/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 02/2015 thru 02/2015
Transferred to Danville 07/20/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2015 thru 06/2015
Transferred to Shawnee 07/21/2016


Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 08/2015 thru 10/2015
Paroled 07/18/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2014 thru 04/2016
Paroled 07/21/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 07/2012 thru 11/2012
Paroled 07/22/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2016 thru 05/2016
Paroled 07/22/2016


Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 07/2013 thru 11/2013
Discharged 07/19/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 10/2014 thru 12/2014
Discharged 07/19/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 12/2013 thru 01/2014
Discharged 07/19/2016

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 12/2013 thru 12/2013
Discharged 07/22/2016

Ministry Partners

Wesley Prison Ministries @ Illinois River Correctional Center

No name - For reconciliation w/ me and my son.

No name - I need prayer to not be wayward in my actions so God can use me for His kingdom purposes and that my family will receive and keep Christ, also that i stay out of prison/jails.

Michael - For our world where there's so much killing, We, as the body of the bride of Christ, must lift up the lost. Our King came for us to set us free to love one and other, Help us Lord to remember Your message of love and forgiveness.

No name - Pray for me and Ms Shaw and Mr. Butler and the babies.

No name - That God would watch over our family's and this lost world.

No name -  For a break through in the world and in my situation. Amen

Monroe - Strength for those who've lost loved ones to the violence in this world today and that they turn from their sin to the Lord's service and for my cell mate.

Bro Jackson - For reconciliation w/ my family, also love, peace and unity in the Body
of believers, keep me in His guidance through out my life.