It is always a joy return to both Dixon and Sheridan and be reunited with returning students and to welcome new students.

The joy was dulled some in Dixon where it appears the issuing of passes or other means allowing students to come to class remains an issue. There were eleven students who re-enrolled in Discipleship but were not in attendance and I was told by the Chaplin's Clerk that thirty plus men enrolled in the fatherhood class but there were only eight in attendance.

I met the new Chaplin Vincent Marrandino during lunch. He has a strong heart for Jesus Christ and many years of experience which will be a blessing. He did admit that the computer system that enters the students names into for passes was cumbersome. I'm not sure if that was the cause for missing students but please pray that what ever issues are the cause of the students not attending is resolved and pray for Chaplain Marrandino that he settles in and gets caught up on all the paperwork and has a good amount of time to do chaplaincy to the glory of God.

To Him be the glory

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: Exploring the Holy Spirit

Dixon Correctional Center

Charles - I am requesting that you please pray for me that I continue to grow in my relationship with God and become a better man and father. God bless.

Bruce - Praises and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray that for every man or woman seeking a freedom for justice when they walk into the room where the prison review board is holding the meeting to determine whether or not they are to be released for home monitoring or any means or any means for them to be released. I pray that peace and compassion be inside the people's hearts and mercy for their release. In Jesus mighty name amen!

Juan - Can you please pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering from their sinful desires. Pray for the brothers and sisters in Christ who are in countries who are having wars. Continue to pray for me with my sinful lust over women.

Jesus - Please pray for my friend, Rogelio, he was here but was transferred to Lincoln after he was given an MRI and they found spinal cancer.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Donald - Pray for Mr. Harvey's brother, CEO of Westcare. Charles passed away a few weeks ago. Pray for their family and the time of grief. Keep them in good health and keep them safe maybe re-dedication back to Christ or maybe salvation and deliverance. That the warden who is a born again Christian, grant the approval of my religious diet food tray. Pray for my mental being to stay firm in Christ Jesus word.

Overath - Pray for my soon to be safe ex-wife for salvation and for my two sons Overath Jr. and Alexander. Thank you may God bless you!

Barney - Please pray for my mother-in-law, that her health improve she is going through a lot. but God can remove any mountain. Please pray for my wife Rev. Stephanie that her health improve as well. Pray for me as well,

Julio - Please pray for my family and myself. I like for you to send a special prayer for those people who just died Italy from the earthquake that just took place. Pray for their families and that they received the help they need from other countries and the world leaders. Thank you. God bless, amen, allelujah!

Joe - Pray for God continues to work in my life. Help me work on pride by not allowing pride to affect my life with Jesus. Please pray for my handsome son, Peyton Lee, he has cerebral palsy. Pray for his help and health, to allow someone to bring Jesus into his life. No matter my the circumstances I am in. Please ask Jesus to protect my family and me. I pray for my brother Steve to get help and to get a chance to clean off drugs. God bless!

Miguel - Please pray for my children in their mother that they are safe that God watches over them. Also to ask God to protect my children and help them out now that they started school, especially my youngest child David. He's having a hard time adjusting to school. He's in kindergarten and I want to pray to God that my son David can get comfortable going to school and that he doesn't cry anymore because he has to to Go to school. Please and thank you!

David - I just want to change I have changed a little from the person I was. I would want to do a 180 change of everything for the better, bettering myself and try to be successful in everything I put my mind too. Please pray for me two prayers are better than one. Maybe the Lord will see how much I really want this thank you. I haven't seen my daughter in over a year, I've been praying to see her and get in good tunes with my baby's mother. Just wondering if someone could pray with me. Thank you!

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Joshua - Please pray for my walk to get stronger and I will pray for you and your families.

John - Please pray for me I need God to help me. I need my body healed. They say I have congested heart and an infection in my lung. I am not getting any help. These people are playing with my life. Please anyone out there please pray for me that I will get better. I am asking God to please help my family and my grandkids and my future wife, that I can parole to my stepdaughter's house I want to be around my grandkids.

JD - Job, a new one, I will be working for my sister's install. My family is reunited. Lord's will for my life.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer requests submitted

Sheridan Correctional Center

Jessie - Pray for my family and me. Pray for my situation here at Sheridan and that my motion goes through for me as far as my time reduction.

No name - I pray for my friends and family and for those who need guidance and love in their heart. May You lead them to understanding in life. I pray for my well-being and my mom's health two. Amen.

Stephen - Please pray for us inmates and please pray for my wife and kids to be safe, blessed and protected. Thank you and please have a blessed day.

No name - I pray for strength, guidance, hope, peace and love for all of our families and loved ones. I pray for a good time and to be reunited with loved ones as soon as humanly possible. I pray for all to come to know and love Jesus Christ and accept him as our Savior and Redeemer.

Lamont - Please pray for my family and me and that we continue to be blessed and have good health and for all those I know and love. Thank you.

SOCPM Student Alumni


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