Greetings Scott, 
The term has already hit a good stride, praise God.

I've been asked by Sheridan to teach Malachi Dad's, another fathering program. I very much want to do it but need to decide how to incorporate it into SOCPM's current programming. There are three options I need to decide from and if I pursue implementing Malachi Dads at Dixon too. Please pray for me to have discernment in my decision making in knowing God's will in how I can most glorify Him in my serving the SOCPM students, Dixon and Sheridan.

Your prayer support is truly a blessing, thank you.

To Him be the glory

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: Exploring the Holy Spirit

Dixon Correctional Center

Bruce - I pray that the prison review board have compassionate, love, joy and heart of remorseful understanding for each and every man and woman seeking their approval. When that person fills out an appointment slip to be released to home monitoring, when that person fills out an appointment slip to be released to home monitoring, which I will be one of them. I file this September for approval of it. Thank you, Lord, Jesus Christ amen.

Jesus - Pray for my loved ones and for the Presidents of Mexico and the United States for peace to come together without a wall.

Rod - Please pray for my wife to keep healing into ask for God's forgiveness for me. She has been stuck for a while and has been avoiding interaction towards a reconciliation process. Now that I have been gone from home for four years, there is a growing contingent of Christian family and friends pressing for my wife to start moving forward, especially because I have consistently sought forgiveness. All this is not about pointing a finger, but painting a picture of a real challenge and needed a breakthrough. It is All heartbreaking. The second request, Manny Mill has asked me to write a companion workbook to his most recent book, 'Radical Prayer'. Pray the Lord truly directs,  empowers and brings glory to Himself, whatever the end result of this effort.

Juan - Can you play pray for the brothers and sisters in Christ that are in prison in this world. Can you also pray for the brothers and sisters who are having problems with their sinful desires like myself. Pray for the lost souls in this world they may hear the Word of God and get saved.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Clyde - I would like to pray for the families of those that have fallen this year, that have come to the devils hands. I ask God guides the families and walks with them. I asked that you all pray for my wife and children, my parents and those around me both staff and inmates. Hold us together as children of God and keep us. Thank you.

Julio - I would like to send a special prayer for the people who die from violence on the streets of Chicago. People who suffer at The hands of terrorists, for my family, friends, enemies. The whole world. For the forgiveness of my sins. Thank you. God was you. Allelujah.

David - Please pray for my wife and two sons (Vanessa / Daniel and Nathan). We are separated and she wants a divorce, which I haven't received yet. I have surrendered my will and life to God, she is still as you we were when we are married 10 years ago, believers in Jesus in the Bible but not truly surrendered to him as Lord. May God's will be done. Thank you, be blessed.

Joe - Please keep my wife in prayer as she had to quit work for health reasons. She is waiting for her S. S. Disability claim and bills are due. We pray that God will make a way for her until I get there to help her. Another 30 to 60 something days to go. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

John - Pray for me, I am asking God for a favor that I want to parole to my step daughter. I want God's Spirit to wake up inside of me so I can help teach my grandkids, mom and sister and brother, my sons, stepson, stepdaughter, go and call niece and nephew about God. I want to ask Lynn Jones to marry me. I want God to give me his blessing.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

No name - That my W. C. F. S. court date turns out okay, and that I am granted visitation rights with my daughter down here at the prison and for my mom who has breast cancer and my daughter's well-being she is 18-months-old.

Clevon - Please pray for my family, they are living in Chicago and it's very dangerous times there. My son Ashton lost his mother 12/27/15, on the dangerous streets of Chicago, being shot 7 times in the back. He's 5, he just made 5 on 12/15/15 and lost his mom 12 days later. Thank you and God bless. Akira (wife), Sinque (son), Tierra (daughter), Desire (daughter), Tamisha (daughter), Devian (son), Camae (daughter), Ami-Jha (daughter), Srmani (daughter), Ashton (son).

Sheridan Correctional Center

Jessie - Please pray for myself as well as my family, to bless my wife, kids, and family with good health and to keep them out of harms way. Keep me strong, patient, focused, positive, and encouraged. Please touch the state's attorney's and the judge's hearts and show them that I am a good person and that I deserve a time deduction from the motion I'm putting in.

Donald - Prayer for medication and retake of x-rays. My religious diet food tray. Good time six months supplemental substance credit. Need a pillow and new boots. To be able to finish Berean ministry Bible lessons. To complete Westcare in October.

Joshua - I would like to have you pray for me to know where I will be going for God to show me where to go. It is on the south side of Chicago or back to Kankakee or to a Christian ministry, I don't want to put myself on hold for any longer, but I won't I want to be obedient to God and what He wants me to do. I just want to follow God and what he wants for me. I get out on December 30, 2016, I'm really unsure as to where I want to go I need some directions and guidance. I'm not too sure about going to the south side of Chicago, too many games and stupid people. Please pray that God sends me where I need to go or He wants me to be and not where I want to go.

Brandon - I'm asking for you to pray for my family and me and the inmates on D - hall at Sheridan Correctional Center. I am also asking for your prayer in my spiritual walk in faith in my higher power known as God my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mike - I would like to pray for my daughter and me that we can rebuild our relationship since I was not there for her after 25 years, now she found me, I would like to be a part of her and my granddaughter's life.

Charles - I would like to make a prayer request for the health and safety of my child, my lady, my mother and father and all of my family in general. As well as the health and safety for myself and everyone here in this facility. I pray for a better future for everyone. Thank you

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Sheridan; 09/2015 thru 10/2015
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New Life Corrections
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