It was a joy to participate with my brothers Kent and Ken from Harvest Bible Elgin and Steve Director of New Life Corrections at Dixon Saturday for the teaching of session 2 of 'Stepping Up' by Family Life Today's Dennis Rainey.

Last Fall SOCPM was asked by Kent if I was willing to help him, Ken and Dick start a men's Bible study at Dixon. Despite some delays, the study launched last month with 23 men. Since the Fall meeting, God has used Kent to recruit two additional volunteers, Craig and Steve, who as Director of New Life Corrections has added the Saturday Dixon program to New Life Correction's ministry programs.

Please keep this team of men in prayer as they seek to get deep roots and discernment in the continued stewardship of this Bible Study. Please pray that God will bring more incarcerated men to the Saturday class to grow in their Christian walk and develop the skills to 'step up' in the leading of a Christian family upon their parole.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: The Assurance of Salvation

Dixon Correctional Center

Omarr - I would like that special prayer from you please to please let the Lord bless me with what I need for as me going to Kewanee to better myself. Thank you! I need change in my life and with the Lord's help it can be done. Please hear my prayer Lord.

Randy - Family finding the Lord, uncle loss of his son, family loss of dad, Scott and Michelle health concerns.

Doug - Pray for Scott's wife and his son and his family and pray for my family that they will seek the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior and pray for our universe that people will stop killing one another.

Juan - Can you please pray for the Bible study that we are having in the housing unit 27 that God Almighty gives the brothers the understanding and knowledge of His Word. Pray for the brothers and sisters in this world that God can give them the strength they need, spiritual and physical food. Pray for myself with my sexual desires and lustful things.

Jesus - Pray for my 14-year-old son. That material things is not the answer. God is the answer!! God has answers my prayers, because my son Marco was back home, with his family. Amen.

George - Kelvin and Destiny drug addiction problems. I have a chance to go to Kewanee Correctional Center participate in something new. Do I go or don't go!? I'm undecided.

Bruce - Thank you Lord Jesus, for another gifted day. We all need you, I pray always for Scott and his wife and son to be strengthened and comforted and comforted by rebuking any and all illnesses that they may try to enter to their Holy Spirits. Amen and that President Trump gets it right by all the peoples and that the IDOC finds a way to release hopeless inmates to justice and freedom.

Ernest - I'm going back to court again. God nor the judge has said no yet. I'm still hopeful I will be released this year. I've done 14 years and they owe me two years credit for time I did on house arrest. They give me credit for it (it's the judge's discretion). But I owe them 16 years nine months I get that two years I will go home September 2017. Pray for me. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

No prayer request submitted.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Toby - Please pray for me, that God will grant me strength to love the unlovable and where love is not deserve it. Specifically, that God will give me strength to love my fiancé unconditionally. Extending mercy, compassion, and forgiveness always. God has given her to me and she's pleased with me. Until God communicates to me it's time to leave or part ways I need strength to be continuously love, be compassionate, merciful, and forgiving. Seeking prayer in a upcoming court date related to my eight month old son. praying that God will allow him to continue to stay with family friends and that they will be receptive to communicate with me relating to my son Toby jr.

Julio - please pray for the three kids in Chicago. We're kill this week due to tragedy of gangbangers. Especially the two-year-old baby. It's so sad. I also sent out a special prayer for my sins. Family, friends, enemies. I pray for world peace. The emigrants going through a tough time right now. For our world leaders that God softens their hearts. Thank you

Derrick - I need a wife Lord please help. Please pray for my kids and my wife. Please God give me a faithful wife please let it be Erin or who you want. Please pray for my family. Please pray for Scott and his family. Please pray that I read the Bible I will understand it better. Thank you. Amen.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

Aaron - To be a better, understanding, patient, and accepting person, son, brother, dad, friends and family loving member and forgiving man.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Father

Shaquille - Hi my name is Mr. McGee I would like to ask you to pray for me and my family pray that Jesus gives me the strength to truly forgive my children's mother and she forgive me for my wrong. Pray that God heals our relationship and make my family stronger and bless us with his favor. Please and thank you. Have a blessed day.

Andre - Please, I ask of prayer, that God keep the warmth and love, my grandkidsinstills in me!!! Also a special prayer for my mother, I don't know how come? But I feel her despair from afar. Thank you, Jesus Christ my Savior!!

Lamont - Can you please say a prayer for my family and I that we may continue to remain in good health along with everything working out for us and that I might make it home sooner than later. Also can you say a prayer for my cellmate Mr. Williams that thing might work themselves out between he and his wife. Thank you and god bless.

SOCPM Alumni

New Life Corrections
East Moline; 07/2016
Admitted RC&C Stateville 02/15/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 12/2016 thru 02/2017
Transferred to Stateville 02/15/2017

New Life Corrections
Danville; 07/2012
Admitted R&CC Stateville 02/16/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 02/2013 thru 03/2013
Discharged 02/17/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2016 thru 05/2016
Paroled 02/17/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2016 thru 02/2017
Paroled 02/17/2017

New Life Corrections
Taylorville 04/2012
Discharged 02/17/2017

Ministry Partners

New Life Corrections Stepping Up @ Dixon Correctional Center

Randy - Family guidance due to loss father, family to find the Lord, uncle lost of son, guidance of the Holy Spirit.

James - Prayers please for action in Federal Court in Chicago to get a favor in constitutional violations. God has blessed me with many. Thanks.
Robert - Please pray for me on behalf of my education with Christ. I'm really wanting to dig deeper than what's available here in prison. Really wanting more structure with some real meat. Also my father Dan and brother Nick are on the cusp of giving their life for Jesus. Please pray for them to push all the chips in and go all in. Thank you brothers and sisters.

Manuel - First thank you. Second I have a few prayer requests. I like prayer for my pride and that I can die to myself daily. Also so that my heart be transformed. Thank you and God bless.

Aaron - Pray for the welfare of my children who are far away Arilynn (11), Avaram (8). Pray for the health of my parents Christine and Tom. Pray for my ailing grandpa Red. Pray for the spiritual walk with my brothers Brian and Dylan and their leading of their families in God. Pray for Kaley and Logan and their family. My children's mother and my ex-wife especially, pray for her to come back to Christ and to do a better job for our children. Pray I can get home soon as possible to get back to my children, family, and my church family. Thank you.

Jason - Please pray for all the suffering, broken hearted people in the world; the sick and disease ridden, oppression, persecution, incarceration, physical or sexual abuse, drug addict addicted, and loneliness. Also for all our brothers and sisters in Christ. My enemies. All those who God has placed in position of authority. Please pray for my dad Kent Who is suffering from cancer. Also for all my loved ones and family and lastly for myself. That the Lord will shorten this period of captivity (Incarceration) for me so I can go home and care for my dad. Thank you!!! God bless!!!

Alex - Pray for the members of the Prison Review Board and the Governor in my clemency and see the change I have made and give me a second chance at freedom. And give me and my family the strength that we need to make it through those hard times. Thank you.