SOCPM started the new Discipleship teaching series "The Sermon on the Mount" with Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, but the highlight was the work f God in three men's lives.

The return of Randall to the classroom. Last fall Randall was diagnosed with throat cancer. It was the highlight of my week was at Sheridan at the start of the evening's Discipleship class when Randall walked up to me as the students were filing and saying simply 'Hey' and extending his hand, which I took to pull him to me for an embrace to give God a praise of glory.

Another praise comes from Manuel in Dixon discipleship class sharing a 16-year-old girl he knows who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. But through prayer by all of you and others when she had a doctor visit yesterday the doctors could not find any indication of leukemia. God is indeed an awesome God.

Lastly but by no means the least, Rod also of Dixon's discipleship class mentions in his prayer request of the first significant steps by his wife in the reconciliation of their marriage. God is faithful!

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: The Sermon on the Mount

Dixon Correctional Center

Steven - To pray for my family to stay strong in the faith and His love, and to pray for me to go in the ministry God has call to be an evangelist.

Chad - Request prayer for relief of pain in ear. Request prayer for strength during this hardship. Request prayer for wisdom and understanding of God's word. Request prayer for a lawyer.

Benny - I asked that you pray for the mother of my kids, Samantha, that she opens her heart to God and that he grants her peace of mind. And That you also pray for the relationship between me (Benny) and Samantha grows and blossoms so that we're able to co-parent and we build a strong foundation of trust, communication, patience, perseverance, faith, hope, and love. And I ask that you pray for us that God removes all grudges, jealousy, envy, bitterness, resentment from our hearts and that he shows us and teaches us how to forgive and love. God bless and thank you.

Manuel - God is good. About a month ago I put in a prayer request about a 16-year-old girl named Brianna who was diagnosed with leukemia. Well yesterday she went to the doctor and they can't find anything anymore. They are still getting her chemo to finish treatments but thank you for your prayers.

Anthony - Please pray for Anthony and Heather and their son. That Anthony does not get discourage he wants to talk to Heather and see his son and Heather. And Heather will get the money to put on the phone so Anthony can talk to her and hopefully she will write and visit.

Randy - Family for salvation, sister for diabetes {borderline}, peaceful resolution in family members, and Scott's family and {health issues}.

Richard - I've been really struggling lately with loneliness- I don't have contact with my family so even though I'm surrounded by a lot of people, it's just not the same as being around family. I also need prayer for my problem with lost. Thank you.

George - Our President of the USA and the Governor of Illinois may they be fair in their rulings. Also the representatives and the senators. Make Kelvin, Destiny and all the addicts be freed.

Rod - I have solicited prayer for my wife's forgiveness for me for several years. His past week, God has begun use way to answer this prayer. God soften her heart while she was on a mission trip. She visited the day after she returned and shared a message of forgiveness and commitment to now work on a process of reconciliation and healing. Thank you to all who have prayed. Please carry on as we seek to move forward. With gratitude.

Benny - I ask that you pray for Priscilla. That she opens her heart to God and that God puts it in her heart to reach out to me. I ask that you pray that Priscilla seeks God for peace in her life and that God gives her the strength to stay strong mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. Pray for her family and that God blesses them in all their ways! God bless you and thank you.

Benny - I ask that you pray for my friends Victoria and Bonnie that they opened their hearts to God that their families open their hearts to God. That God grants Victoria and Bonnie the strength to overcome whatever comes their way and that God helps them to stay strong mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. I ask that you pray for the relationship - friendship we have to continue to grow on strong foundation of trust, communication, selflessness, patience, faith, hope and love. That God touches their hearts so they know I appreciate them and I'm thankful. No matter what comes their way they never forget me. God bless you and thank you.

Benny - Pray for those who are praying for me. Those that I know and those that I don't know that are praying for me. Pray that God blesses them and their families in all their ways and throughout their daily lives. Pray that God grants them the strength to overcome whatever comes their way. Thank you and God bless you!

Benny - Pray for my kids Mankus and Mia that they open their hearts to God and that God puts it in their hearts that I love them. Pray that you pray for the relationship between my kids and I to grow in faith, hope, and love.That it is built on trust, communication, patience, selflessness. Pray God gives me the words of encouragement, motivation to give my kids. I pray that you pray God puts it in Samantha's heart to come visit me with the kids so that we can grow and pray that God puts it in my kids Mankus and Mia's heart to see me more often. Thank you and God bless you!

Rafael - My prayer request is that my sister, Megan, returns to Christ. She knows the word of God. Also, I'm praying for a release of house arrest for or permanent party so I can be with my son, return to being a caregiver for my grandmother and doing the Lords work at Chicago Hope Christian.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Andre - Please!!! Pray for my brother Lionel he has throat cancer. Thank you special prayer for the entire world.

Miguel - Can you please pray for my friend Raul. He is currently in another prison doing a lot of time and he is not doing so good our friendship is kind of on the rocks right now and that breaks my heart. Can you please pray for him, that he finds God and accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior. Also that our friendship can be saved and that we can be back. In good terms. Please and thank you.

Lamont - Please say a prayer for my family and I would remain in good health along with all things going well and it is God's will I make it home this year. Thank you and God bless.

R. H. - I pray for my wife and my daughter. Four our relationship to be strengthened. For us all to be happy, Healthy, safe and sober.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Wilish - Pray for my family and friends and keep them safe. Thank God for everything he has done for me and Heather. I want to thank you for coming out for your class.

No name - I pray for my love ones and that they open their hearts to me.

Derrick - Please pray that I understand the Bible better. Please pray that Erin and Brayden and Derrick will be a strong family for the next 16 month pray please. Please pray for Scott and his family. Thank you Lord for brother Scott. Please pray for every man in these class and their family. Please pray for my wife and kids, pray that my wife Erin keeps praying and reading her Bible. Please pray that me and my wife makes it and I love her. Please pray for my family. Amen.

Frankie - Pray for my wife to get to know the Lord and to get off drugs. And for me to be a better reading and get my GED.

Brandon - I asked that you pray for a child of God named Maurice and his family. His aunt just went home to Lord and his family is grieving over her death. God is good.

Brandon - Hello, my name is Brandon and am asking for your prayers. Please pray for my family and me upon my pre-release plan from Sheridan Correctional Center. I'm praying to go St. Leonard's ministries which is a transitional home. Please pray for that to happen by the grace and mercy of God thank you and god blessed.

Joseph - I would first like to give thanks to all the sisters and brothers of Christ for keeping me and my family in their prayer. I also asked that you all continue to keep us in your prayers as I will continue to keep you in all my prayers as I continue to pray for a better world. Amen.

Michael - I like to pray for my daughter and granddaughter that they will let me come back into their lives for I was not there for my daughter after she was born. Also help me to understand Your Word and teaching how to walk beside You my Father.

Ryan - Please pray for my family and loved ones and I to keep us safe, strong and healthy through these hard times while they're out there on their own with out me and bring me home to them all and keep us together for all eternity and help me stay clean and sober down this new journey of my life with my family and loved ones when I get home. Thank you so much.

Jeremy - My wife's safe travel and health condition with lupus. My health - MRI results. My sobriety, recovery and spiritual health upon My release in June. Finding a local church in my hometown of Woodstock.

James - I humbly say thanks for the gift of my children and asked to keep them safe and behaving along with the father. I pray their mother is sober and realizes she is a very special woman and Lord please help her in being a better more involved mother. Also, Lord lately I have become distant from the Bible and staying focused. Please Father give me the strength and focus back on You and Your Word.

James - I'd like to thank God for bringing me to Sheridan and allowing me the time to receive Christ. I'd like to pray for the health of Melissa who has cancer and struggling with alcoholism and addiction. Father I pray that you'll by her side and help her through this time and I pray for the cancer disease of addiction to disappear. I also ask the Father to remain on my sister's side and keep her doing well and she's in college and I pray doing well.

Julio - Please pray for Fife forgiveness of my sins as well as my families. For the people out there dying from gun violence and terrorist attacks. For our world's leaders. The people who die from violence and sick and suffering. I appreciate your time thank you. God bless, amen. Hallelujah.

David - I would like to pray for my father John, his home burnt down and he does not have a steady job for income. I pray for him to find housing and a steady job and for good health.

Christian Living: Renewing Fatherhood

Dixon Correctional Center

Aaron - For this ministry to continue and be a blessing to all who participate and allow God's character to become our character, and four a ripple effect to the lives of men and woman in prison as well as our families and friends on the outside. Thank you for your love and commitment to God.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Father

Sheridan Correctional Center

No prayer request submitted

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