The break was nice but it was as always good to be back in the classroom and all things considered, it was a good first week.

The end of the first week also saw a prayer answered. Sean, a student of SOCPM's very first class in August 2009, sadly was readmitted to Stateville R&CC on May 24th. I had two fellow prison ministry peers visit Sean and it was uplifting to him that I remembered him and his prayer was to return to Sheridan. I had planned to see Sean this coming Thursday on my own visit to Stateville, but when I got home last night an e-mail informed me Sean had been transferred to Sheridan.

It is bittersweet, to see a student parole. Bitter to half to say goodbye but sweet they indeed are going home. It is bittersweet to see them be admitted to IDOC. Bitter that they're back but sweet when they end up back in Sheridan.

Next week I hope to have two returning students. In addition to Sean, Leroy a student from 01/2015 to 07/2016 and having been readmitted back into IDOC submitted a request to be enrolled in SOPCM's  PM discipleship class.

I ask you to pray that as they return all of us can live out 2 Timothy 3:16-27.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship - Defending Your Faith Part 2

Dixon Correctional Center

Wayne - please pray that God gives me the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, strain, and courage along with humility to be the Christian Brothers my housing unit and the ways of the Lord. In Jesus name. Amen! Thank you.

No name - our heavenly father, let your grace, mercy, and loving healing powers fall on the Scott Kayla's family. Free their son from drug addiction.

Randy - Matthew Bradley deployed overseas to Afghanistan for protection, safety, and guidance and to come home safe. Pray for my family's for salvation. Scott and Michelle's health and Ministry. Cameron's salvation and addiction. Dixon Correctional Center for wardens and COs to have an understanding. Pray for Hawaii destruction and death to the community due to the volcano.

Bruce - My wonderful Lord and Savior, I pray for world peace, this sinful planet to become from ungodly to richly godly. In your beautiful name Jesus.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Max - Prayer request for reconciliation for divorce my divorce case. Acts 2:17-21, Ephesians 3:20, Philippians 4:19, Mark 11:22-24, Matthew 18:18-20. confessing for supernatural divine activity confessing for supernatural divine activity with this case between myself and wife. That the courts will favor my request for an extended date to January 2019 to present myself with proper legal counseling representation to confront issues of divorce. Not in agreement with tactics of my wife's lawyer while I'm incarcerated doing right and following God's commands/principles God will stop any injustices and I will get an opportunity to face in person in court. I get released this year. The court date is set for June 18, 2018.

Jason - I would love to have a friend stepped into my life, that holds me accountable pushes me in the right directions. I need prayer for a genuine intimate friend that is healthy in my life and my families God would grant me this, please.

Brian - Prayer for strength and continued focus.

 Paul - I would like prayer for my wife's health. My son Sean it's called courage to face is own responsibilities. I asked the judge have mercy on him. Prayer for Scott and his family, son Cameron; that he comes to Jesus Christ.

No name - Please pray for my family out there. I pray that God helps me get home as soon as possible. Work release, double contracts of six-month good-time credit!!

Jeff - I would like to pray that I continue to be aware of my sarcasm and be more graceful and kind to people. I would like to live for God and be more like Jesus.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Micheal - Hello, how are you doing, first I want to thank you for praying for me and my family.  My name is Michael name can you please pray for me that I can get out this. Also, can you please pray for my son Michael and my wife, Katora. That they can be safe out there, thank you. God bless you and your family. Thank you.

Michael - hello, how are you doing. First I want to say thank you for praying for me and my family. My name is Michael, can you please pray for me that I can go home in July, please. I'm tired of this. I'm ready to go home. Thank you so much I bless you and your family.

Hilton - Can you pray for my aunt she's having surgery next week, does that all may go well for her. Thank you.

I pray for your continued guidance learning to live in your light. Also, to strengthen my faith, as I do want to live with the Holy Spirit in me. Also, for my parents, children, family, and friends, For CalseyTracy and Cameron that they all overcome their, Tracy and Cameron that they all overcome their addictions. All the men in Sheridan can find salvation In You through Jesus. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Blessed Man

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer request submitted.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Man

Sheridan Correctional Center Early

Lozano - Please pray for the health and safety of my kids Amelia and Noah. Please pray that everyone that qualifies for six months good time receives the good, and put myself to receive the six months good time. Please pray that men in this prison ope, Please pray that men in this prison open their hearts to God and allow God to work within them.

Jason - I have a son named Jax, and I need prayer to say the right things to gain respect from the mother I could be fruitful and see my son. I also have two daughters Emma, Maddy their mother has an unhealthy lifestyle isn't there, and I put resentment in their hearts. Please help me to do the right things by them as well I need to guidance and awareness. Thank you.

Jason - I need prayer to resolve this back and forth resentment between my mother in me have towards each other and gain true forgiveness and gain true forgiveness and have a forward relationship. We truly have a problem, and I love her.

Jason -  I need prayer for facing temptation alone without family support. They truly have no understanding of my addictions in my heart in it. They all truly resent me so much they really don't care right now. I need to strain I need to strength to stay sharp and smart. Please, thank you.

Jason - I need prayer to really see my calling and get on track on what my calling is from God.

Jason - I also need prayers I leave in 30 days July 13. And I need guidance and support to gain my families respect again and to bring my daughters back under my wing again. I want to amend all my hurt I have done and still maintain my self-esteem for myself. I know I am going to be lonely.

Jason - prayer for my teacher Scott and his son for their health an intervention an intervention with you God just to allow God to intervene in his son's heart and create a better atmosphere for their family. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Late

Robert - Please say a prayer for my health and that of grannie Loretta. As well as release any fears (false evidence appearing real) that are holding me back.

SOCPM Alumni

New Life Corrections
Dixon; 09/2017
Discharged 06/04/2018
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Sheridan; 08/2014 thru 08/2014
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Sheridan; 03/2013 thru 05/2013
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New Life Corrections

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer request received from ministry partner.

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