Quite often God puts one of my students in my heart. Such is the case with Michael. As in "Hello how are you doing? My name is Michael." If you've followed Michael's prayer requests, they were pretty consistent in asking for him to 'get out of here.' Well, the gate hasn't opened just yet, but Michael is scheduled to go home next Friday. He's had a couple of other home dates come but a few days before that go home, it is rescinded. Please keep it in prayer that he indeed does get to go home.

I too have prayer requests for the chaplaincies at both Dixon and Sheridan. Sheridan's chaplain resigned, her last day being yesterday (10/19/1). Dixon's chaplain will be leaving come October 31. Please pray that God fills these chaplaincies with chaplains who first and foremost have are indeed saved and have sound doctrine and theology. Additionally that they full of grace, mercy, compassion for the inmates and are an encouragement and accommodating to all the volunteers.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship - Studying, Interpreting, & Trusting the Bible

Dixon Correctional Center

Juan - can you please pray for me. I am having an issue with sexual desires I would like to have a better pray life also.

Wes - Pray for me to be able to talk to my friend again and have a good relationship with her.

A. C. - Dear heavenly Father, thank you for this day, and the provisions You've given to us. I ask you to continue watching over me, my wife, kids, and family. Please be with my brothers here at Dixon and their families. Be with Scott and his family. Maybe all the beacon hope your world for others to come to you. In Jesus name, amen!

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Gregory - prayer for my kids, family, and friends and me. And others.

Jackie - I'm asking for this prayer request for my mother, Linda. She just had brain surgery cause of bleeding on the brain the surgery went well but she was bleeding internally and her organs are feeling her. So, please pray for her health to be restored so I can see her when I go home. Please and thank you. God bless yours sincerely.

Brother Jeffrey Ray - My prayer with my prayer team. We thank you, Lord Jesus Christ our Savior as we praise You and ask for Your mercy and grace as we are forgiven by You to intercede for us. Lord, I asked that you continue to bless the prayer team with strength and endurance. Lord protect them and watch over their families as they go out into the prisons, hospitals, nursing homes and byways to serve You to do Your will. Lord touch and heal the men and women in prisons separated from their families so that they all can reunite together to serve Your will in their lives. Lord I asked this prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

No name - Please protect me, my family and those around me. Keep evil away. Show me how to do it spiritually.

No name - God thank you for helping me with good-time. Please watch over my family and me. Please show me the right way. Please help with six months.

Jason - I'm feeling worn out and discouraged. Please pray for God to strengthen me. Also, for him to pave the way for my return to society. Thanks.

Paul - I would be asking for prayer for my wife, kids and far off family. I'll be asking for prayer for my cellie and his health, staff, my coworker and his health. Prayer for Scott and his son Cameron and wife Michelle. Help us all to believe in Jesus as our Savior. Prayer for Scott's and my son (Cameron and Shaun) to know and believe in Jesus Christ!

Mike - I am having serious problems with someone on my hall. I have responsibilities on the hall that nessesctiate our interaction. He takes advantage of people, and I feel obligated to stand up for myself and others, for what is fair and right. Please pray for me, that I may do what is right and not allow him to get to me. I need help with these feelings. Thank you.

William - I would like to pray for my family's health and that if it is God's will that I may receive any type of good-time. I am on 85% and I'm praying every day that I and the rest of us that do Westcare and get no tickets to get at least what we earn.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Frank - My weariness, anxiousness, impatience open my mind up to His will and His way be done in me. Guide me and show me his way. Also, my wife and kids, we need Him.

Louis - I would like you to continue praying for me, that I will keep growing in knowledge, understanding. Also, to help me work with my tongue, that I get better in my speech, less swearing.

Michael - Hello, my name is Michael. First I want to say thank you for praying for me. I would like you to pray for me that I can find a great job when I get out. Thank you. God bless you.

Michael - Hello, how are you doing. First I want to say thank you for everything. Every prayer that I have asked you for. My name is Michael, can you please pray for me and my family. Also, can you pray that I can get out and do great? And be with my Little family again. Thanks so much. God bless you and your family.

Frank - I need prayer for my family wife and kids to get closer to God to keep them covered out of harm's way. Help me and my wife help me and my wife put God first love him wholeheartedly help me my mother help me, my mother and siblings, to get closer and help each other and also let our kids know God just gives all of us knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Man

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer requests submitted

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Family Restoration

Robert- Please pray for my health and that of Granny Lauretta. Also, I struggle with self-control relating to my diet. I'm a participant in Malachi dance at Sheridan C. C. Amen.

Allen - Can you please pray for my fiancé's father and his sickness and health. And May you pray that my family my kids, the homeless, sick and the rich and poor for safety and for all of us who are incarceration in that good Lord continue to shower us with his mighty blessings. And may He continue to lead us in the right direction to be right in today's society in a more positive constructive manner and to be right by our significant others! Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Late

Byrant - "Ask and you shall receive." Father, God I come to You with hopes of being in a relationship. I learn through the Word that you are a patient and caring God. I want to learn how to be patient in caring for my family and the people that are strategically placed in front of me. Your Will Lord, Amen.

John - I would like to ask her for my family and everyone around me that they are blessed.

Willam - I would like God to continue to provide me with the guidance that I need to be prosperous in this life. I also would like God to keep his arms around my family and other loved ones. Amen.

SOCPM Alumni

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 01/2017 thru 05/2018
Paroled 10/15/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 05/2015 thru 12/2015
Discharged 10/15/2018

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Dixon; 06/2018 thru 08/2018
Transferred Graham 10/17/2018

New Life Corrections
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Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 12/2016 thru 05/2017
Discharged 10/19/2018

Wesley Ministries

Illinois River Correctional Center

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