Next week is the start of a new session of classes, classes 131 through 136. God has blessed me with many students through those classes, and further blessed me with your prayer support, thank you as we begin the 1st session of 2019.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship - Studying, Interpreting, & Trusting the Bible

Dixon Correctional Center

George - Pray for City First Church(Rockford) Legacy program that is raising funds to support their mission program over in Thailand. Pray for their ministry also. Pray that I will be getting housing to serve my parole out to 2/22/19 pray for the Scott Kalas family.

A. C. - Thank you, Lord, for the blessed days given to us. May Your great loving grace and mercy reign upon us. Lord, I ask you to be with Lea’s family during the loss of her. Maybe they comforted knowing she is with you in Your Kingdom. Please bless and watch over my kids and my wife, Anika. May they be safe while I’m away. In Jesus name, amen!

No name - Pray for Scott's son, Cameron. May he be safe and out of harms reach. When you take hold of his addictions and cleanse him of the evils that are controlling him, pray that he sees Your light of loving grace given to him by Your Son, Jesus. We now lift his addictions in Your name so that they can be overcome. Pray this in Jesus name, amen!

George - Our heavenly father we pray for Michelle that she will find another client. Keep Cameron in Your hands, help him to be strong and courageous as he fights his drug addiction. Be with Scott's family as they struggle with many problems. None that you can't solve.

Bruce - Another wonderful, glorious day, You Lord, have given us to do Your will with authority to pray for all humankind. Lord, it is this day, which you have given Scott great health, position his site on You, so that he came to Dixon to share his godly views with all of us Christian fellow to worship You and only You Lord. Thank you for today and every day after so that we may continue to have a great relationship with You forever, and ever amen. Our Father who art in heaven hallow be Your name Your will thank you! Blessings to all the young and elderly women in prison throughout America and this world.

Randy - Pray for my nephew Bradley for protection and guidance to come home safe due to deployment and military overseas. Pray for myself and guidance daily by the Holy Spirit. Pray for the reconciliation of family and their salvation, Scott's ministry, Scott’s and Michelle's health.

Richard - Pray for my struggle with lust. My son Brian's addiction to drugs and his salvation. My mother Lorene’s salvation. That God will increase my desire to pray to Him and cause my love for Him to grow. Pray for my friend Jerry who is a Muslim to come to the truth about who Jesus Christ is.

Wesley - Pray for Sheridan to get a new chaplain. And for Scott's son to get cleaned and stay clean. And for Scott's wife to get the job away from home but work from home and pray for me to stay strong in the Lord and my family to stay strong in the Lord and my mom can get the woman that is asking about me to have my address and be able to write me. T thank you.

George - May God's grace and mercy be with you. I need housing. My parole is 2/22/19. I am hoping and praying that I will have an address to present to the parole board. I pray that my prayer will be answered.

Zale - My name is Zale, and I would be blessed if you would stand in prayer with me. I've been with my wife Sylvia for 32 years, 33 years this February 21st, 2019. She's a wonderful Christian woman. We have been going through a storm where it’s been pulling us apart, and it's hitting us hard. And we are in a 21 day fast with our church that ends January 27, 2019. A lot of falls on me, the problems we are facing. We need healing “my lust problems.” Also, healing in my relationship with my oldest daughter Erica. One of five children with my wife Sylvia all Christians, thank God. Also, my case is supposed to be back in court this year 2019. I am praying for the favor in court with my case and be back home with my wife and children soon. Thank you very much. This fight for the last five years being locked up is really starting to take a toll on me. Thank you from myself and my family. I pray blessings over the person or people taking time out to pray for our needs. Thank you so much.

Wayne - Please pray that my State's Attorney drops charges on me and sets me free as soon as possible. Just filed my actual innocence petition. Thank you.

Jason - Pray for my continued growth in Christ and the blessings of His Holy Spirit upon me to fight through those evil spirits of anger, frustration, lust, impatience. Also, for the healing of this issue I had with my head and the pressure I feel it's caused me some stress for quite some time. Also for Ashley give her peace and strength to persevere through the struggles, even just in her mind and second-guessing herself. Finally, pray for my family's health and salvation. Thank you! God bless!

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Gregory – Prayer for my family, children and friends and myself.

David - Safety for Sheridan no flights/drama. Provisions for my family. Pray for Scott that he gets the best printer for his needs and funding for his class.

J. A. - Prayers keep me on the right path. Please keep my family and me safe from harm's way and evil. Health for my dogs. Help me with my depression and ADHD. I'm struggling.

Reed - Please pray for my family and that 85% gets some sort of good-time. All of the letters I sent get a great response. Let the judge finds God's heart and helps me get my chargeback from 85% to 50%. Amen.

Ronald - Please pray for my mom and her health. Also, for my walk with Christ as the devil is trying to attack me the closer I get to God. Thank you.

Paul - I would like prayer for my wife, children, friends, and enemies, Grant them grace and mercy, health, protection and peace only God can grant us! I will also be asking for prayer for Scott and his family, strength to endure and patience for others. I ask that the Holy Spirit be with me and others!! In my Savior's name Jesus Christ, amen.

Manual - Could you please pray for my wife Tere, her sometimes fall asleep, and she is the only one at home. She is going through a lot of hardship and trials while I am in prison.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Michael - I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ Savior of all call upon an of Him the Father God has given the authority of this world in which He has judgment thereof. I ask my Teacher to have pity on me knowing I am not worthy for Your glory. Forgive me as I constantly pray to You my Father, teach me to understand and remember Your Word placing it in my heart and that I may keep my hopes in the things I ask for in which will help others.

Alex - Just wanted some prayer for the mother of my sons, Melanie, that her relationship and everything is going well she's pregnant right now. Just pray that her baby comes out healthy. Pray that she forgives me lets meet be in my sons’ life. Pray for her family and pray that I keep track of doing God’s Will and keep my faith strong. God bless amen.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Man

Dixon Correctional Center

Terrance - I ask that the church to please pray that I get out of jail A.S.A.P. so that I could rescue my six-year-old daughter Latoria from her negative family members and allow me to teach her about Jesus and what He has done for us. I also asked that the church prays for my one-year-old son Terrence Junior. We have never met, but the DNA test revealed that he is my son. And pray for my 16-year-old daughter, so that she continues to get A’s and B's in high school and successfully graduate.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Family Restoration

Sheridan Correctional Center Early

Donte - Pray for my mother, Lisa. Ask God to give her strength to overcome her drug addiction. Pray for my little brother Tamanes and my little sister Nisha. They struggle with mental illness.

David - Please pray for my kids, good-time, school and family relationships. Thank you.

Aaron - I have a prayer request for my mother's health and spiritual guidance for her. Also, I am struggling with my temper and thoughts of shame and guilt even though I know God has forgiven me. Thank you prayer team!

Burkett - Can you please pray for my family and me? Pray for all the brothers incarcerated here in DOC. Can you pray that God places someone special in my life and pray that God brings my kids and me closer together and pray for me that God gives me strength and continue to keep me covered and focused? Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Late

Bob - Please pray for self in regards for placement in courses relating to self-help for my release. As well, randy Loretta, her health. Thank you.

No name - Heavenly Father, I learned through the book of Jonah and the other profits that because you promised something doesn't mean the next man is entitled to this promise. A personal relationship must be established. Father this is my request. I am not Abraham and not Jonah. I trust that I am important in the plans of Christ. Please, Father. Amen.

SOCPM Alumni

New Life Corrections
Taylorville; 04/2012
Discharged 01/07/2019 

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 12/2016 thru 03/2017
Paroled 01/14/2019 

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 07/2018 thru 12/2018
Paroled 01/14/2019 

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 07/2013 thru 08/2013
Transferred Pinkneyville 01/15/2019 

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 08/2017 thru 03/2018
Transferred Taylorville 01/16/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 08/2018 thru 12/2018
Paroled 01/16/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 10/2010 thru 01/2011
Discharged 01/16/2019           

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 03/2018 thru 03/2018
Admitted R&CC Stateville 01/17/2019   

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 11/2015 thru 12/2015
Discharged 01/17/2019  

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 12/2017 thru 03/2018
Paroled 01/18/2019   

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 02/2018 thru 12/2018
Paroled 01/18/2018   

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 03/2018 thru 05/2018
Paroled  01/18/2019 

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 01/2015 thru 02/2015
Discharged 01/18/2018  

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 01/2016 thru 11/2016
Transferred Centralia  01/18/2019

Wesley Ministries

Illinois River Correctional Center

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